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  1. @supremeyingyang i see. Yeah, I want to do that, sharpen my sword and then see where I can get with it. I’ll take it from there.
  2. Think about making that tiny improvement and getting it to stick, and then another tiny improvement. Focus on today and what you need to do to lift yourself that one inch. Make that commitment to yourself, that you are going to trust this, no matter what it brings. your task is not to make it to 60. Your task is to make those little improvements, and just keep your eye on that. Just do that simply because that is the duty you have given yourself.
  3. Right. The idea of a marketing job nauseates me, but I will keep an open mind. It can be good practice.
  4. @Philipp I agree. I actually tried telling my 2 favorite professors about spiral dynamics and they both brushed it off as pseudoscience and didn’t even give it a chance. One was a developmental psychologist, and this theory is one of the best dev. Theories out there. Another dev. Psychologist was just like oh, that’s nice.
  5. I’ve begun taking an online course to get a certificate for Data Analytics. I’m also considering learning python when I am done, since the course teaches some R, not Python. Current course will take about 1.5-2 months to complete
  6. @Nahm You may be onto something. I’ve considered This and career counseling as the only things I know of that I would get my masters for.
  7. @Philipp yeah, psychology education didn’t really scratch my curiosity itch, especially since getting into this stuff here. You are right that the psych research field is not in the greatest place right now. I was never so interested in therapy. for me, the biggest deterrent with HR is that you don’t seem to develop gratifying skills (correct me if I’m wrong) I’ve never felt optimistic about the work place. I was on track to be a biochemist before this and could have gotten hooked up with a nice job doing research in a lab but something just seemed so dead about it. I think I’m one of those people who really needs life purpose, it’s just a hell of a journey to get there. Even to find it isn’t easy. Prob the only thing I’d get a masters for that I know of is guidance or career counseling, like Nahm says😁, so I’ll keep that option in my back pocket.
  8. @supremeyingyang thanks for the info. Have you worked in a similar field?
  9. I like to think “looking back, what do I wish I had access to that would have made my life better?” and then give that to others
  10. @Federico del pueblo fa sho. Thx
  11. @Federico del pueblo If that’s true, I probably will stretch the masculine a bit. I mean, I can play the role for sure.
  12. I’m not sure, but maybe you could find some humor or lightness in listening to Louis CK. He makes light about “being a failure”, and maybe humor could help you. I don’t know, just something to look into don’t take what he says seriously, though, it’s just jokes. Most of his jokes are not based on evidence
  13. If I have somewhat feminine voice or mannerisms and a sort of childlike-ness, and also don’t have that much confidence, should I “be authentic” or use a deeper voice and act more confident than I feel, and use more masculine mannerisms? im more attracted to feminine women. would I have to keep up the act or just try to permanently become more masculine?
  14. I hear people like Eckhart Tolle say this a lot. Is this the same as saying there is no individual fee will? does it mean that we are “karmic windup toys” and that our real Self is sitting back and enjoying the show, even though we feel like we are making decisions through effortful thought? what is the intended communication in the phrase?
  15. While working construction I tried to just do any amount, even if it is 30 mins or less of LP work just to keep it going. On weekends I would try to do more. now my strategy is shifting. I’m planning rn to try to make a lot of money, in career, business or both and work my way over the top of wage slavery. if I don’t get rich I may resort to living cheaply off a substantial savings i will have built and trying to get my LP started that way. i still want to keep the habit going if possible