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  1. Yeah, look to get out of the house, either renting somewhere cheap with your money or getting a job, but you have some soul searching to do, finding more of your authentic expression, experimenting a lot more to see what you really like. I wouldn’t commit to anything long-term right out the gate. Your impulsiveness will diminish when you have 12 ideas that you impulsively chase and none of them end up being the one haha. Don’t please your parents and friends. if you worked hard at a purpose and self-education for the same amount of time it takes to get PhD, and executed on a well thought out plan, you could easily get people to listen to you, and then you would have better things to say on top of it. Just my opinion. (Of course, this takes huge commitment to discipline) if you choose to seek education, I’d do it with a very specific career outcome in mind, based off of self knowledge and experience, and definitely authenticity 100%. I wish you luck with the fam. Mine is Catholic, half are very serious about it and will not be happy when I reveal my beliefs, but I know Muslim family will probably take it much more seriously. Take courage my friend and follow what you believe in your heart is right. Maybe some pickup would help you with nice guy tendencies?
  2. What have you had to do for the sake of your life purpose that surprised you?
  3. There is an argument that coral does not exist because spiral dynamics and its distinctions are transcended at turquoise
  4. What’s your native language? Have native speakers got enough good dating advice? I imagine it’s difficult to break into the American dating advice market, you’ll probably find that it’s an extremely competitive market.
  5. I’ve had to ditch toxic friend groups twice. Both were emotionally difficult and looking back took too damn long for me to act on it. I recommend ensuring that they don’t have any negative influence on you period. That usually means cutting them off. It’s easier when you go and find healthier friends rather than just being a loner. Look into other lifestyles. Keep on shooting for the highest things. Let no one rob you of your most precious life. The time your soul has to experience it’s truest desires
  6. My current most frugal possibility: work construction for 1-2 months full time at $55/hour, move to Mexico and live for ~$500/month for 1-2 years while building skill in my art form, then use it to make money.
  7. Maybe try taking it in pieces maybe for purpose ask: what is the one feeling that if I had, I would be happy forever? And then ask what is that feeling connected to for me? Maybe for domain of mastery ask: what is my favorite way of pursuing that thing/feeling? Maybe for domain of mastery ask: what is a unique or exciting medium that would work with the above?
  8. It ain’t good for your brain. I avoid it entirely.
  9. He says he was gaming search engine algorithms back when that was possible. He no longer recommends being a devil tho.
  10. Go on also, that lays things out very succinctly to wrap your mind around this
  11. What is important to say is that each bubble is a perspective of God. God’s perspective is still a bubble, just the bubble of Absolute Infinity. Bubble is a metaphor for the totality of one’s perceived experience. no. You are not your bubble. You are God. The consciousness that birthed it all.
  12. the original question is not being seriously considered anyway, my best guess is: God is imagining a bubble known as your bubble. God is also imagining infinite bubbles, and not imagining them, at the same time, since is and is not are both parts of God’s nature. no bubble influences what is imagined in any other bubble, since God is infinity and infinity is everything that could happen, so every possible scenario will play out, infinite times (since time is illusory and everything is always being experienced), in infinite bubbles regardless of any hypothetical Inter-bubble influence. Each bubble is truly solipsistic in that no entities imagined in a bubble, including yourself, have any consciousness or substance. Consciousness is the bubble itself, and nothing else exists from that bubble’s perspective. ultimate reality is God’s view of itself, that all bubbles both exist (in their imagined form) and don’t (in their unimagined form). This imagination is used by God to experience what it is and love itself to infinity, and because God has to be what it is, Both Existence and Non-Existence, Life and Love. This is my best guess.
  13. There’s no evidence of others being conscious judging solely by your own bubble. You’d have to be conscious of their bubble to know that, but in ordinary consciousness you are not.
  14. I don’t think anyone whose posted yet knows the answer. I’m wondering the same thing. Like: Is the call to awaken the species and save the planet just another way to keep me engaged in the dream? Are others totally imaginary and nothing in my bubble is sentient except the bubble itself? I’m thinking the answer is yes, but I would want to be very sure of it. Like I don’t think my bubble actually effects any other bubble, currently, but I don’t know if Me as God imagines infinite bubbles or not. how can I know that I am interpreting a trip correctly to get to that conclusion? I assume I will need clearer, deeper awakenings.
  15. Get more in touch with your passion and you will feel better about these things, this is my experience, at least.