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  1. You are the only one here. It is your creation, ultimately for you.
  2. It is called Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. I never game but I love human evolution so I am prob gonna buy it.
  3. What mistakes have you made? me: trying too hard to change myself after the trip and not allowing myself the space to process.
  4. I would use the dream board for Law of Attraction. The way it is taught on
  5. Maybe take a break from psychedelics and allow yourself to simply enjoy life is it is in this moment. like I mean right now, take your focus if of the idea of being stuck or that there is anywhere you can get through struggling. Do you see that whether you believe you can get anywhere or not, life still boils down to simple practical decisions and simple beingness. if you don’t think of what your life will mean when you die, there is no problem. You are projecting meaning onto the meaninglessness. you are trying to get things. Maybe try something different?
  6. I've never experienced this before Was the biggest trip I've had, about 1/3 of penis envy shroom chocolate bar from a dispensary was a bad trip, got stuck in a loop of reliving my fake life over again for eternity only lasted about 1.5 hours afterward, 24 hour+ headache brain still not functioning like before, feel stupid. Anyone else deal with this? I want to keep taking psychedelics but I don't want brain damage. I will avoid shrooms and take other chems if they won't do this.
  7. @NoSelfSelf @Carl-Richard dope. Will do.
  8. I’ve watched Leo’s Spiral series and want to further my understanding. What would you recommend?
  9. I’m a U.S. and E.U. Citizen. Trying to think of best places to live if I were to be a psychonaut in the future. what comes to mind is Canada Colorado Amsterdam any thoughts?
  10. @LSD-Rumi This has been a major sticking point for me.
  11. As soon as I’m around pretty girls, my growth is basically null. It is a low part in my development and no amount of meditation makes me mature around women. I become needy and I just want them to flirt with me, and to get attention. I tried pickup and it wasn’t for me. I need to find a healthier way to develop this low area of my life.
  12. It would be cool to see why Leo’s brain is so sensitive to things like weed and other psychedelics. There’s gotta be something interesting going on in there.
  13. As soon as I become more conscious, I end up suffering more. To even take two steps in the right direction is so difficult. Immediately I face cravings, another false identity that seems like a permanent trap of dissatisfaction. I see no way around the suffering. Just trying not to indulge in vices is a balancing act. On top of this is all the practical matters of living, like making money, chores, relationships, everything down to cleaning the dishes and brushing my teeth. I don't think the end is near. I am not close to enlightenment. I don't want to try and cover up the dissatisfaction by chasing women. It would just be so fake. I would seem like a cardboard cut out to them. I'm backed into a corner. What a strange situation. Pshh. I don't even know why I'm here, but here I am.
  14. I used to be so shy about my name I would try to avoid telling it to people. This may have helped me avoid forming a strong identity note that you mention.
  15. I created Bentinho to know you can be immature even when you’re super conscious. Ralston didn’t know he could use a toaster until he was 18 or something. The thought never occurred to him. maybe he just misses some things? that or he’s pretending/has some agenda.
  16. @Nilsi what were the top 10 books you read?
  17. Thanks all.
  18. If your friends lead you into habits like drinking, doing drugs or breaking the law, move away from them pronto. If not, see how you authentically feel deep down while you are with them. This will make it clear whether they are good for you.
  19. Is it really a need or is it just something we think we need or that props our ego? I ask because the nature of reality is purposeless, and enlightened people often say they don't believe in purpose, yet are still happy. If you had no purpose, couldn't you just sort of get over that?
  20. Nice! Asleep or awake, either way you are perfect. You give Me life. You are Me.
  21. feel how unsatisfying the above answers are to you haha. You already know who you want to be. You want to be real and whole, and what you see from the psychedelic community just isn’t doing it for you. if you wake up and prefer a woman over no women, you can’t be truly whole. You have to not prefer anything. I just don’t see the same awareness and happiness in psychedelic community as people who are classically enlightened. I’m considering waiting until I’m enlightened to do psychedelics hard. I did like 7 shroom trips (never more than 2.5 grams or so), and it honestly made it more difficult to navigate life and was a pretty big distraction. I saw plainly I was God every time and it helped a bit but not life changing. I certainly want to slam psychedelics, but I don’t want to risk the unnecessary nihilism they bring, which is way inbalanced with my current maturity and leads to things like devoting your life to banging girls, cuz why not, right? It’s all an illusion anyway. This effect is Not conducive to happiness in Long run. I am already pretty nihilistic without them and my maturity is able to keep up so I have a more balanced life and am STD Free baby! And have real will to love women not to treat the like my play dolls like some people do. they can also be distracting from solving real life problems. If it comes down to it and I really need them, they are always there. No rush.
  22. I think more grounding and integration and holistic view of merging point btw life and spirit so they seem ever more the same thing makes you more able to avoid vices. You simply don’t end up wanting so much. You feel like eating broccoli and eating cake are the same thing, just another experience. Porn or no porn, also the same. So you can “just say no” no sweat off your back. I find psychedelics to be incredibly unbalanced way of doing spirituality. Also even meditation retreats can be. Because they take your consciousness abnormally high. How do you then be that way in day to day? How do you then be aware and in control as you walk by hot girls. You weren’t exposed to that in the ashram. This is part of integration. This is shedding ego, learning to be here in the midst of it and be aware. It’s hard to be truly addicted to porn. Think about it, if suddenly the internet broke forever and every sexual image in the world was burned by the Jihadis, would you miss porn? No, you’d probably rejoice and be fine just using your imagination or whatever. the issue is mostly just needing to get what you want instead of wanting what you get- that is, being okay with anything- which is true freedom. if your consciousness is one of preference, and porn is dangled in front of your face 24/7, that’s not a good mix. idk your experience, just telling you mine.
  23. You’ll largely forget about the whole thing anyway if you don’t take more psychedelics. Go talk to women, that will put you back into duality real quick
  24. This thread shows what is not right about Actualized teachings. all necessary developmental forces are found in the nature of reality itself, in your de circumstances and in your genetic code. All you need to do is let them do their thing. If you focus on being more of yourself, you can forget about development because it will come more quickly than ever and in the ideal ways without you obstructing it.