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  1. I've not studied any of Maurice Nicolls work,,,,,the post you shared had such profound shuttle wisdom that speaks volumes to someone sincerely wanting to work on one's deficits and flaws of the character of the being we are.Very inspiring raising a curiosity to want to read more of his work.
  2. you didn't have to tear me down on this forum I ask for forgivness. I want to become strong and have courage to work.through my problems. To gain wisdom from.other intellect people global wide. I carry a full plate at this time in my life I'm not immature, just scared and experience pain most generally on a regular basis because of the fear of watching my parents slip further away each day
  3. @Zigzag Idiot Your mention of a book on letting go of shame. Caught my attention and am interested in checking into it. As you know I have read the phamplet on the superego I did purchase it. I refer to it often it. I do recommend to anyone working on theirselves