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  1. First you must understand what Enlightenment is, you do not even know what you are looking for, why do you think "Enlightened" gurus say it has nothing to do with nonsense you are trying to find? It is not about finding anything, it is about simply saying I don't need any of this, letting go of emotions, mind , everything, not being in need of anything. And it is all bs anyway , but you must at least know what you are looking for if it is your goal.
  2. God is God, he is not everything and he is not nothing. Ego is your whole experience and it does not matter if you are enlightened or not,
  3. It means if you believe that shit is gold, you will believe shit is gold He does not teach you anything besides being nice crack addict that only knows that it will give him good feels, well crack is more certain way to to give you good fells, with this stuff it all comes down to how much trust you have.
  4. Idk why he doesn't just teach how to handle body/mind properly, instead he sells dreams, like motivational videos sell dreams, there is no difference. Idk why he is doing this, it is little disturbing actually.
  5. I would believe that it is to create controversy and there are probably plenty who do it for that , or they are just told to do it, but signalling has been done long before there was any controversy about such topics , or rather long before there were that many people to even know about such stuff, so who knows why symbolism is being used since forever.
  6. I mean more of a directing positive feelings when you are thinking, reprogramming mind with positive thoughts is good idea in case if you have some strong negative feelings connected to something that are hard to overcome and it will require more then just directing positive feelings, it will require new positive thought process with strong positive feelings so your issue is gone.
  7. First you must make thought process positive after that it is just increasing it in which ever way you want.
  8. I wanted to write long rant about this, but what is said can't be taken back. Good luck
  9. I understand his listing, but I do have things that I don't really like about it, it seems kind of pointless to give points to anyone who still has ego, ofc there are some base state differences, but I don't think they matter, besides you can have same qualities in different states and as I said, I don't think that qualities matter at all ,as they are all bs anyway, just distraction. Also I don't think it really matter who had most points, it will not effect me fore sure, he put J Krishnamuri at mere 520 , but he has most accurate information for my brain.
  10. Ultimately just matter of how you see, do you see it as journey and beauty, or you see it as boring, nuisance .
  11. This is the problem, everyone thinks ego is only bad, suffering, but ego can take any shape, it can pretend to be all holy light, good compassionate, non judgemental. Just stroking itself.
  12. You are you, mind claiming to be god , funny. Mind thinking he understands god, , even more funny, scolding others about how he has acquired ultimate knowledge while he is just limited mind. What can go wrong.
  13. In my opinion what you are doing here playing games that you can't win.
  14. Is it bias, it could be, but seeing what you didn't see before does not make it bias . If you can see a law that actually works, then you just see one of laws governing this reality that you simply didn't see before, but it was there. Then there is other thing, actual change in events of your life, which is less of drawing conclusion of things happening around you, but things that do not happen to you usually, happening one after another, again it might be bias, but how many things you have to tick to make sure it is not a bias.
  15. Do you know how it is to be them, do you know elements they have to encounter that you don't?