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  1. My Insights After 10 Awakenings: Awaken Now!
    My Insights After 10 Awakenings: Awaken Now!
    Hope this post helps you on your journey. These insights and learnings have been gained through a lot of sweat and tears.
    Part I: What am I existentially?
    Close your eyes. Imagine having no vision at all. Not even the ability to perceive darkness. Just complete loss of vision. Yet you remain. Cover your ears. Imagine having no hearing at all. Not even the ability to perceive silence. Yet you remain. Now imagine having no body at all. Yet you remain.
    What you are, metaphysically, is a complete void. A zero. Infinite. You see, nothingness is uncreated, it is required. 
    Imagine nothing, since it is nothing, it needed no creator. It always was. Nothing is equal to zero, which equals infinite positive numbers paired with infinite negative numbers and infinite combinations. A system of balanced energy that always equals to zero. This is called frequency. All color, sound, touch is nothing but frequency, number.
    Nothingness is infinite in all degrees. Everything is mind.
    You may also replace mind with spirit.
    Part II: The Universe
    Complete fantasy. There is no physical, external universe with "space" in which you move. 
    The true universe is the present moment you are experiencing. It is a mindspace, not a physical box full of matter. 
    Part III: Time
    Time is actually running "backwards" but we perceive it inversely. 
    Watch the video below. The "matter" or "objects" seem to control the human, not the other way around. The matter or objects you see are just refractions of your infinite mind.
    It also renders gravity useless. Another invention.
    Part IV: What is reality?
    Reality is a VR experience created with infinite intelligence by nothingness itself, so that it could experience itself from a multiplicity of viewpoints for eternity.
    You see, reality is a possibility pool. Basically everything, every possibility has already happened outside of time and space.
    That means this very moment you are "living" has happened an infinite number of times, and will continue to happen as it is infinite.
    As you navigate your "life" and make choices, you are forking your POV, recalling these moments that have already happened outside of time and space, and they materialize as reality for you.
    The "universe" is rendered as needed by the POV. Much like in a dream.
    Part V: Other People
    This is going to be controversial, but I can assure you it is true. This right now, this instance of consciousness that is reading these words is the only POV in existence. This present moment is all there is. 
    Imagine that you record yourself for a full day playing a bunch of characters. You do 30 impressions and you record them on video.
    You then decide to wipe your memories of making the videos, and decide to watch one movie each day for 30 days, yet you don't know that it was you playing those characters. 
    All other people are unreal, because again, *everything* happened in eternity. Your life is the infinite forking of possibilities in this pool.
    In this case, your life is one of these movies, and once it's over, there is another movie to play.
    You and I are not conscious at the same time, it's an illusion.
    That means that this field that is conscious of these words, is the same field that held Jesus' life, Buddha's life, etc.
    You are walking in some big shoes.
    It is literally the same consciousness.
    Part VI: Your Senses
    You believe that you have a brain that renders colors, sound and touch to get you your "reality", but in true reality you are hallucinating everything around you.  Your imagination is so powerful that it is indistinguishable from "reality".
    Part VII: Magic
    I can personally attest to the fact that magic is real. I have had a NDE + multiple awakenings. Magic is a feature of nothingness as there is nothing to oppose nothingness.
    Part VI: Death
    Doesn't exist. Death has always been a first-person experience you are having of others "dying", but no one has died ever, because no one has lived, ever. Again, it's an illusion.
    When you "die", you are reborn as another POV.