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  1. @allislove Thank you for so much for this! I appreciate the analogies, they were very, very helpful. Thank you <3
  2. @allislove I have to admit that I am a bit confused. A month or so ago I read a thread on here where they were dicussing how when "I" experience "my" pov, the "people" that "I" interact with are not because all that exists in the present is the one pov, but "their" pov will also be experienced, but when it does, "my" pov won't be happening. Their pov and my pov are really the same pov experiencing at a different "time" (I don't know how else to describe it)
  3. @allislove Okay, so just be 100% clear... Me as "flim" is just an illusion, but that illusion is being played out. Are the "people" that "I" interact with also playing out separate illusions (even though we are one source)?
  4. @allislove Yeah, so even being aware that I am everything - does a "person" that "I" am interacting with have a "pov" with "thoughts"? Or can there only ever be one "ego pov" with "thoughts" at a given "time"?
  5. @Mason Riggle I mean, does anything matter? Still curious, tho... In this reality/dream that God is creating, are the "people" that my ego encounter thinking their own thoughts? Or am "I" being fooled by a very inticately presented illusion of otherness?
  6. When I was meditating yesterday, I started to feel a pleasant pulsating sensation in my head that would come about every 10 seconds. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and knows what it is?
  7. Interesting. I was deep in my meditation when it started happening. My whole body felt floaty and I could feel the boundary that seperates my body from the space around me start to fizzle out as if my sensations had no end. I don't really know how to describe it well, but it was like every tingle in my body wasn't confined to my body, it kind of became the room around me..
  8. This part of your post has triggered a significant shift in my consciousness. Anyone who is reading this: you are all that exists at this very moment. Holy fucking shit. I love you.
  9. So, God is everything and is infinite, me typing this comment right now is God making itself believe it is a "human" in a "room" "typing" on a "computer". This is just one out of an infinte number of perceptions it is creating. So my question is, is God simultaneously observing itself outside of the illusion of itself being a human in another domain?
  10. As someone who is trying to become a full-time vegan but still eats meat now and then, this is a question that I think about often I would like to know what you guys have to say.
  11. @Forestluv Awesome! Thanks for sharing that. I could watch ants all day and it was informative too. It makes you appreciate nature's creativity.
  12. @neovox Without the human mind to give you context of the illusory human experience against the infinite, does God in any way "remember" that it tricked itself into being a person with an identity after the persons "death" and appreciate the contrast?
  13. Ahh cool! When I was a child I really enjoyed watching insects go about their lives. To this day I still watch insects go about their lives and even photograph and make videos about them. If someone were to ask me "why I enjoy watching them" I wouldn't know how to reply. It's just beautiful.
  14. @neovox "What isn't so common is the peaceful bliss that is experienced upon release of form. The pain the physical body endures leading up to the moment of death is not pleasant obviously,. but the release of consciousness is a divine transfer. Consciousness time physical bodies is the more difficult. unlimited consciousness taking up residence in the experience of a limited physical form." But how do you know this?
  15. I'm so glad I started this topic. I cannot negate anything you're saying here. "I want you to notice how it can only be meaningless from a human survival perspective; a perspective which only sees meaning in the perpetuation of its own agenda" Right. "You're looking at the phenomena of "animal" from a gross surface level and forgetting the immense density of stuff happening at the micro and meta-macro levels. You're not looking at the vast web of relationships in reality and how each part is dependent on the other. There is a necessity of everything being as it is, right now, yesterday and forever." Something I've got to work on.
  16. @Carl-Richard My ego is stubborn and stuggles to see such an existence of "a bunch of cells killing another bunch of cells" as anything other than pure nihilism. Have you heard of the term "optimistic nihilism"? What do you think of it?
  17. @Forestluv Great point. That's something to think about for sure. So, what I'm getting from people's replies is that I'm putting a negative label on the nature of survival, because it threatens my ego. Is this accurate anyone who is reading?
  18. @fridjonk So, what I think you're saying is that what I percieve as suffering isn't actually suffering, but the ego not letting go and accepting... accepting what?