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  1. There are laws, and then there is the subjective interpretation of them...just like the subjective interpretation of 'evidence'. Republicans and democrats no longer just disagree on the means to the ends only to end up sharing the result. They now instead disagree on the ends of the means. One sides believes there is 'a mountain of evidence', the other does not. You cannot even accuse the other side as being willful defiers when they themselves don't believe they are defying anything to begin with. There's a difference between being conscious of your wrongdoing while attempting to get away with it, and not seeing any wrongdoing at all, therefore forgoing the compulsion to 'get away with it'. Republicans and democrats do not agree on what evidence is. One side says there's a mountain of evidence, the other says there's a mountain of poor perception. The observer and observed are inextricably linked. I think it's best if the people decide rather than attempting to remove a candidate off the ballot out of fear of them winning. Both sides talk a big game enough as it is about how they are going to win, no questions asked. If you're so confident you will win, then what's the problem? Wouldn't people have even more faith in you than before, in what you have been saying all along after beating your opponent? Right now the Left is acting like the small guy in the bar looking to be held back by his bigger friend as he's yelling at a bigger dude, "Don't hold me back! Stop holding me back!".
  2. Minnesota Supreme Court just rejected to take Trump off the ballot. Even they realized it's not within their purview to decide. Got a strong feeling that everyone is going to think that only the SCOTUS has the ultimate say only for the SCOTUS to be like, "But wait, there's one other thing that has the final say instead." ..And then they kick it back to the people.
  3. When Trump first announced that he would be running again, the dems were blowing some hot smoke about how they would want him to beat all the other republican candidates so that once more, Trump can be put back in his place for the whole world to see. Now, they are attempting to misuse the 14th amendment to keep him off the ballot. So which is it? I have heard his rhetoric on Jan. 6 and I'll say it is much more ambiguous compared to the rhetoric of many other Dem leaders who shamelessly called for violence on live TV such as those like Maxine Waters. Trump denounced the supporters who stormed the capitol and whether you believe he was being sincere or not, he could have doubled-down instead, yet his denouncing is conveniently left out by the media. It doesn't matter that he denounced the storming of the capitol, what matters is that we keep the narrative of Trump instigating the insurrection strong. The more we repeat it, the more people will get on board with it, God bless the U.S.A.-the land of the free, and the home of the brave. I think it's going to backfire massively on the left. On one hand they say they are all for 'protecting democracy', and on another they want to prevent people from voting for Trump altogether. Not a good look at all. You can be sure it will all be appealed at the SCOTUS and I strongly doubt the SCOTUS will want to be the ones appearing as being against democracy to half the nation. It will definitely be much easier for the SCOTUS to not side with anyone on this issue and to leave it in the hands of the people come the 2024 election. If however, the SCOTUS rules in favor of the left to keep Trump off the ballot, then you can be sure that states in the future will be itching to spin any rhetoric or event as being 'insurrectionist' in an effort to keep whatever candidate they don't like off their ballot via the 14th. How will either half of the country then cope with the winning candidate that wasn't even on their ballot to begin with? It won't surprise me if massive movements break out across the country to repeal the 14th amendment or at the very least revise it so that a conviction is absolutely necessary. They're playing with fire so much so that we would see division like never before. Several secretaries of state already want nothing to do with it. "In the name of democracy, we will subvert democracy. If you thought Trump's attempt to subvert democracy was serious, you haven't seen anything yet." I don't think America would ever be able to be a model of democracy for any other countries, many of which America itself already criticizes as being undemocratic. We're going to soon need a general election, for the general election. Forget about who's counting the votes, that's amateur hour. Now it's about who's putting who on the ballot. If we don't put X on the ballot, we simply have no votes for X to count, and we will have the election results ready right away for anyone who's been waiting impatiently unlike previous times. When even Putin himself with a 90%+ approval rating starts weighing in on democracy, you know something is definitely fucked up. "Because democracy basically means government by the people, of the people, for the people. But the people are retarded" -Rajneesh Osho
  4. Trump has to win this election or he’s kaput, finito. They say each indictment is garnering him votes, but from who mostly? Right wing nut jobs? I’m actually interested in the extent that these indictments have affected his chances of getting reelected. Saying that the indictments will guarantee his election is already assumed because the right has no other choice but to capitalize on his indictments. If I was in his position, I would be doing the exact same thing to not lose support from my base.
  5. I feel like using psychedelics is too all over the place as far as experiences go. And downers actually push you more towards unconsciousness as Eckhart Tolle describes when talking about weed or alcohol. So let’s talk about stimulants for a minute here instead. I’m not necessarily referring to cocaine or meth since those have a high tendency to make you very egocentric. I am referring plain old, pharmaceutical amphetamines such as Vyvanse or Adderall. Euphoric dopamine rush aside, amphetamines are primarily known for improving focus and alertness. These benefits are related to the benefits of meditation or ‘abiding as awareness’. I am prescribed Vyvanse and I find that it really clears my head and makes it a lot easier to be ‘in the moment’. It’s not a silver bullet because I can still fall into the same traps of identifying with my thoughts like I do without it, but it sure makes it harder. I’ve actually had most of my glimpses of who I truly am while on my medication.
  7. I’ve got family members who support Trump and every time I ask them what it’s going to take for them to be convinced he’s a criminal, their response is that it’s purely a political play due to the democrats being scared of losing against Trump. So let me ask all the lefties here, how confident are you that Trump won’t win?
  8. There are studies done on this sort of thing where a link between homophobia and homosexuality was found. This is not to say that it is always the case, but should be a consideration to be taken into account.
  9. I think the main deciding factor for me is the side that is least for organized religion with the belief in a personal god. In that respect, I’ve gotta give it to the liberals. The driving force behind America’s independence was liberal in nature ever since the American Revolution and then everything else was just built on top of that. The Union was basically the democrat party of today and the South was today’s republican party. Even though both sides were pretty religious (unlike now), the more progressive one ended up winning the Civil War and of course Lincoln had to be assassinated because someone couldn’t stand his lionization of tolerance.
  10. So are we just prolonging their demise? There should be a point where any additional offensive assistance would involve a hot war between Russia and the U.S. I don’t see Russia backing off any time soon, they have nukes at the end of the day. If they lose badly enough, they can just drop a nuke to alleviate their loss.
  11. The problem is that everyone believes they’re voting ‘for the lesser evil’. Conservatives would agree with you that it’s about picking the better of the two. What then?
  12. Even Ted Cruz, along with Biden came out denouncing it.
  13. 20 years in prison for promoting LGBT, death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’.
  14. No, I was not on anything at the time of writing this. This is me expressing my true self. The mind or ego is like a bratty teenager-it wakes up in the morning taking existence for granted, pissed at how perfect everything is. Folks, we are and always have been, experiencing ecstasy and God moment-by-moment. We just refuse to wake up to it because we are preoccupied with trivial bullshit. It is right under our noses and we just pussyfoot around it until age 40, 50, 60..all the way up until we’re laying on our deathbed thinking “what the fuck”. It’s like being asleep while awake, except that in this context asleep means no mental activity or better put, no self-conscious activity going on. It’s literally like having that peace from any drug high, but sober. The good news is that unlike a drug, it isn’t going anywhere. It was here all along and you’re the one who left it behind. Accepting this moment as is, is interpreted by the mind as agreeing with it. This is a big mistake because the moment you agree with something, you can also disagree with it at the same time. Instead, it is not about agreeing, but allowing things to be. All thoughts and emotions ever want is to be. It is not about rationalizing, manipulating your own thoughts, and bullshitting yourself, as that leads to fake positivity. And if anyone has a problem with “letting things be”, I’ve got bad news for you. You’re already too late by the time you try to change that thought or that emotion because it’s already here. Fake positivity is an attempt to change a thought or emotion in order to replace it with something more palatable to the mind, or ego. All objects of awareness are imperfect, all thoughts, emotions, conjectures, rationalizations, interpretations….are half truths with their own opposites. You know when you’ve identified with the ego when you THINK you know something. The ego is cunning in that it masquerades like awareness. They are however, not the same and this is why: awareness is able to witness the ego-the ego can be noticed. The ego itself doesn’t notice anything, it doesn’t have awareness, it is dead. Notice all the tight spots throughout your body, you’ll be surprised how many you find. Every time you notice a tightness somewhere and loosen it, you free yourself just a little bit more. You know you’re abiding as awareness when there’s a sort of neutrality about everything. You’re not too joyful, but you’re also not miserable. The ego loves extremes so it chases either because it is itself, extreme. You also know you’re abiding as awareness when you’re completely spontaneous. You don’t have to think about what to do next because you already know what to do next. When awareness takes action, it is art. When ego takes action, it is work. There’s just this overwhelming feeling of spaciousness, it’s like being drunk yet sharp at the same time. Imagine taking a shower that’s neither too hot or too cold, instead it is just fresh that’s exactly what enlightenment or “being God” feels like. Just inhale, and exhale. You are here for the first time. Everything, I repeat, everything is a joke. And it’s not a joke in the retarded sense where nothing matters and everything else is dogshit. It’s a joke in the sense that it’s coming from a place of such deep compassion, such deep understanding, that everything just melts into love. There is nothing to understand because there is no other to understand. THAT is the understanding. Your suffering is your avoidance of love. Allow yourself to dissolve into this love, for that is your inevitable destination.
  15. Statute of limitations keeps getting throwing around as if too much time has passed, therefore rendering all charges invalid. The right is doing its damned best to turn this into a benefit for them. How likely is it that this will help Trump/found guilty on something?