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  1. Why Suffering is Love, Pain is just the mechanism to wake up
    Why Suffering is Love, Pain is just the mechanism to wake up
    Pain, oh how we loathe thee. Pain oh how we avoid thee. Pain oh how you spoil everything. Pain oh how joyful I am when you are gone but how much I hate when you are near. Pain why can't you just leave me alone? You torture me, why are you even here? But then you notice, that wherever Pain is, it always follows a revelation. Pain always seems to be wherever there is a wrong turn, that Pain always seems to be connected to Ignorance.
    When you are sleeping if you experience a sharp pain in your body you awaken. When a person goes through a Dark Night of the Soul what follows is an "awakening." So the purpose of pain is to wake you up. To wake up to be taken from darkness, from the unconscious, and into the light of consciousness or what can be called "Enlightenment."
    Without Pain, the pathway to truth cannot be found. You cannot awaken without pain, you cannot raise in awareness without pain. Notice that all growth has always been forged through pain. Anyone who has ever succeeded in anything long enough has all dealt with pain. At a certain point, you need to accept pain as necessary. Pain is your alarm clock to wake up and pay attention. Its the alarm to say LOOK you are not seeing what is actually there. Pain also lets you know when you are projecting. If you are ever in pain emotionally psychologically it is all projection. Pain is there to let you know.
    Pain....it is a communicator, that is too often misunderstood. Pain is there to tell you....that is not real. Between every false belief is pain. You only learn of its falsehood because of the pain. Those who embrace pain, embrace expansion. Your entire life you have always desired to expand, but each time you try to, you experience pain. Pain is a necessary part of expansion. So embrace it, forgive pain and accept it. 
    If you can do this, you will awaken, if you awaken enough times you will discover you created pain, and that the pain was there to test how bad did you want to wake up?

  2. Share Your Favorite Movie or Tv Scenes
    Share Your Favorite Movie or Tv Scenes
    I wanted to start a mega thread where people can share movie/tv scenes that deeply move them. 
    Feel free to share a little blurb about why you find the scene so moving.
    I'll start with a few, but I have a bunch that i'll post.
    Also, some people might question why this is in the high consciousness resources section.
    If there is a scene that moves you, you know you are in contact with higherself/love. For some us, movies have been some of the greatest sources of meaning in our lives. I get a wave of bliss when I watch some of these scenes
    I love this movie. My favorite romance movie of all time.
    I love the Christian Bale batman series too. Bruce is on the heroes journey and confronts his shadow.
    This is probably my all time favorite scene in any movie. The music and expression of the characters is just so perfect.
    Another lord of the rings scene. I will post a bunch more haha.
    My favorite part is when Aragorn claims people of gondor as his people... you can see that Boromir is able to let go and accept death because Aragorn takes over the mantle of responsibility for Gondor

  3. Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    People seem to be getting into Kriya Yoga after my video, and lots of questions are coming up, so I thought it would be best to accumulate them all in one place.
    Post all your Kriya Yoga questions and tips here.
    Over time this should become a valuable resource for people. Similar to our monstrously large 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread.
    Feel free to share your advice, tricks, and progress reports. If we have a lot people doing Kriya, it would be cool to see how many people start experiencing gains and mystical experiences, and how quickly. It would be awesome if we had like 100 people post a progress report after 3, 6, and 12 months of practice. In the name of pseudo-science

  4. How do you test your spiritual progress?
    How do you test your spiritual progress?
    How do you make sure that you're actually an embodiment of God rather than the devil?
    How do you stay true to your insights and know that you are not just mentally masturbating?
    Are there specific ways/methods to test one's progress on the path?

  5. How do you test your spiritual progress?
    How do you test your spiritual progress?

    I find the relationship with the close people to be a litmus test. You can have a good relationship literally with everyone in the direct experience. Doesn't mean you don't express your preferences, it means you value the existence more than what happens thanks to existence: the fact of existence > opinion. Say, I was always spending time in arguing with my mom few years ago, now we're mostly just laughing and enjoying the time together when she's visiting me. And I am still expressing the preferences, but it's done from the realization that it's in fact "me <-> me" relationship.