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  1. Crazy. New footage shows, how coordinated the attack by Hamas was. They really just had one goal: kill as many civilians as possible.
  2. This Russian cartoon wolf, that you posted once on the blog?
  3. Exactly, the answer is no! This 5sense experience, although no other than the infinite itself, is the only experience accessible. So @Osaid how do you hold/view other POVs/experience packages? Where are they, if they are not accessible to you (as Awarness) right here/now? Are you, as the Infinite, playing a multi-player game or are you playing a single player game?
  4. Agreed. There can be nothing 'outside', as this here/now is already infinite, boundless Awarness (groundless ground) expressing itself as this particular manifestation (particular POV). Realizing this, it becomes cristal clear, that every other being, like all appearances taking place, are literally made out of the same essence, Your essence, as unbounded Awarness. Agreed. I never talked of any other Awarnesses being outside. I'm talking about the manifestation part (another beings life experience), being held 'somewhere else' in Your Absolute Awarness. This is nothing that can be directly accessed/realized, and still you say because you can realize that all manifestation is made of the same essence, that this proves that you, as Absolute Awarness, are having these experiences of other beings 'outside' of this very experience, that's taking place here/now. The only thing realized here/now, is the ground of all existence, as unbounded Awareness. Indiras net, and there being experiences of other beings held, in some non-euclidian way in your very own Awarness, is a belief structure held in mind.
  5. I agree with all what you say here, though I feel like you are still avoiding the elephant in the room. Although it's true that by realizing your True Nature, your POV has been recontextualized as having been the Absolute all along, 'other' 5 sense experiences (other beings POV's) do not take place for you simultaneously. I hear you, that Infinite Consciousness can perceive an infinite array of lives simultaneously (through non euclidian geometry/trans-logical mode of operating, like the picture tries to imply), like the eye of a fly can see many different frames at once (split-screen style). But as this is not directly accessible (sober state style), it can only be held as belief. Realizing the Absolute does not comes with realizing that other lives/5 sense experiences are taking place 'outside of space' for you. Btw, I hold a similar view, that these perspectives are all superimposed on each other, and accessible simultaneously by the one and only Infinite Consciousness, in a trans-logical/trans-geometrical way, incomprehensible from this 5 sense body/mind limitation (so we are on the same page here). But still, I am aware that the part with 'multiple POVs taking place outside', is held as belief, as there is no way of 'breaking out of' being the Absolute as one single perspective at a time, and suddenly experiencing multiple perspectives at once (at least not in the sober state).
  6. But the 'Interiority' would also have to include their mind stream, which you do not have access to, have you? Where do you derive this conclusion (other than from belief), that you have forgotten other perspectives in space, if you are not directly conscious of that?
  7. Well, in non-dual direct realization all sense percpetion are realized as impersonal, empty Awarness. When you say 'other beings', it's really just part of your visual field. How to you make the transition, that this aspect of the visual field, for example 'another being', is being experienced by (the same) infinite awarness at the same time, but 'outside' your visual field?
  8. Have you become conscious of being/having other POVs simultaneously to yours (as infinite awarness), like the image displays or do you hold this as belief?
  9. But the Absolute and the Manifest are one Totality, one Wholeness that cannot be seperated. How can you say then, that the Absolute is not also Unconditional Love, or that it is something that can be somehow reduced/turned off?
  10. @Water by the River What do you make out of teachings like 'The Course in Miracles', 'The Law of One' or 'Bashars Channelings', that state that Unconditional Love is the frequency of existence itself and that love is the essence and the fundamental force in All That Is, encompassing all aspects of existence itself?
  11. @Osaid Sincere question, not trying to bait you here: What is Unconditional Love?
  12. But even that 'switched off manifestation' is not permanent, because it never stays that way, the infinite Singularity always emerges back (or has never actually left). Like Bashar says, everything changes, except for the fact that everything changes. @Water by the River Out of curiosity, what is your realization on Metaphysical Love? If I understand you correctly, you view that as something that can be switched off / something that is not permanent, not fundamental to reality?
  13. The same way you can tune into your fullness aspect (becoming infinite), by having a cessation you 'tune in' (or tune out/unbecome) to the Nothingness that you already are. Why do you hold the Absolute, as in no manifestion/cessation type, superior to the Absolute as the Infinite Singularity? I understand your guidance here, to cut every concept until the mind itself collapses in on itself until reality (groundless, unbound, eternal, impersonal Consciousness) shines forth in its radiant splendor (as it always already was, just obstructed by mind/self-arisings). But the fullness aspect of your true nature is a not concept of unconditional love, it is pure energy. And the word that comes clostest to describing that energy in human language is unconditional love. And you are that infinite Power Source as much as you are Nothing at all.