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  1. https://everything-explained.org/library/literature/can-solipsism-be-disproven Interesting article. That would include but also transcend Leos view on pure subjectivity @Leo Gura Thoughts?
  2. Tom visited the transition realities between this life and the next. He explains nicely how consciousness reincarnates.
  3. How about interviewing Bashar then and asking him all the unanswered questions you still hold, e.g. why it's not possible to just alther reality through your imagination, although you are God.
  4. I share the same goal, bulding a stage yellow/turquoise community in Europe. At the moment, I am visiting other communities to inquire, how they set the project initially off in the past and what challenges they were facing. 3 month ago, I went to the Sat Yoga Ashram and sat down with Shunyamurti himself and asked him for his advice about community building. What he said was along the lines what @Leo Gura and @flume said: He said that from all people, you as the founder, must be rooted in God consciousness, upholding the highest level of integrity (Dharma) for the community. In order to function as a selfless vehicle for Truth, you need to be operating from a state of consciousness that is not obscured by your own ego, your selfish drives and motives and that is neither prone to the temptations life will present, nor to the devilry of other egos. Reason being, that the thing that breaks communities apart are always interrelational conflicts (ego games). You need to be aligning the members of the community to a shared vision, shared goals, act as a selfless role model that functions as an ethical compass, rooted in Truth and in Unconditional Love. And even then, there is no guarantee that your community will survive the powerfull ego games, that slowly erode communal structures from within. Shunya's wife told me, that community building is hell, and that if it wasn't for Shunya patience in regards to all the ego devilry they were facing, the community would have failed long time ago. The best advice is to go visit many other communities, that resonate with your vision and your core values, and see if you still like community building after having experienced these places first hand. Apart from the lessons you learn there, these place serve as good templates for the things you will want to copy and incorporate in your community and for the things you will want to create differently. It will definitely save you a lot of time and struggle and you might even find like-minded people that share your vision and join your cause. Also, be assured, any shadows that lurk in your closet (childhood traumas, family issues etc.), and anything you haven't mastered in your current life (leadership, finances, relationships, communication, health, etc. etc.) will come flying at you the moment you are dealing with other egos in a community based setting. By going to the Sat Yoga ashram, I learned a lot about myself and the reality of bulding and especially keeping a healthy community. Just by observing, I understood pretty quickly what works for them and what doesn't, when that many people share their survival needs in a coordinated manner. I learned where I need to adjust my fairy tale spiritual community expectations to the reality of gargantuan task that is at hand. Attached two good essay's by Shunya, that talk along the lines of conscious community buidling. The Creation of an Ashram.pdf Shunya Essay.pdf
  5. Yes, Berlin here
  6. Your trip reports are way too underrated imo, thx for sharing. The unlimitedness you are talking about goes a bit into the direction of what @Synchronicity is talking about, there being 'layers' beyond absolute infinity.
  7. @Michael569 Thx for the detailed explanation, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has a very similar approach, where eating warm meals in the morning, including quality essential carbs, proteins, fats and minerals is supposed to strenghten the the organ function and improve energy levels throughout the day and seasons. A year ago, compared to other eating styles, this nutrition style did work very well for me. I am a very athletic guy, who is physically active and also needs to meet his macros on a day to day base, fasting was rather left for lay days, where total energy expediture was low. It happens only a year ago, that a significant fatigue creeped into my life stlye, especially in the morning it become much more difficult to get up and going. And although a natural decrease in energy levels is to be expected in your 30's, for me it feels like something is off and my body is too energy depleted for the relatively (very) healthy life style I am having. Blood testing only showed that iron was a bit on the low side, but even with sufficient natural and artifical supplementation, the main issue of energy fatigue in the morning didn't get resolved. Before doing more blood testing and other work done, in order to figure where the energy loss come from, I thought it would be nice to further experiment with food, as this seems to me to be the biggest contributing factor on a day to day base that can be adjusted. Hence I was interested in Leo's breakfast routine, to try some of that stuff out and see if it also works for me. Anybody in the forum who's also struggeling with Hashimoto or energy fatigue in the morning and who has found good solution's, is welcome to share their method
  8. There is no typical for me, as I have gone through much trial and error and keep varrying on a day to day base, depending what I feel like. That can be - fasting - buckwheat, millet or oat porridge with low glycemic fruits and little healthy fats - scrambled or boiled eggs with vegetables and/or buckwheat - vegetable soup (with pumkin/sweet potatoe or buckwheat) - celery/tumeric/ginger juice (for cleansing) or raw cacao hot chocolate (as it's quite filling) If I go the carbs route, I can set the clock before falling into an energy low about an hour later. The good thing is that cravings throughout the later day are much less, if breakfast has sufficient carbs. Also, energy levels from evening onward are more stable if carbs have been take care of early on. If I go the protein/fat route, energy levels are a bit better in the morning, but I just postponed the carb meal for a later point in the day (including the energy low), cause my body will demand the carbs or answer with heavy cravings. If I fast or just drink celery juice or raw cacao, I have the best energy levels in the morning, no doubts. Nevertheless, rule of thumb is that my body will always demand the minimum caloric intake, as well as demand a shared ratio of carbs, protein and fat. Going with one without the other always end up in cravings. So after fasting in the morning, the lunch meal tends to be much bigger, as satiation takes much longer to be reached (also if I try with lots of protein and slow eating) and energy low after the morning fast is even greater after first lunch meal. Also, eating only a light meal after a morning fast does not work out, because my body will stay hungry after eating light and keep demanding the calories and carbs/proteins that are missing. All thoughs will revolve around caloric dense food, if I don't take care of meeting my macros and calories at some point around noon.
  9. I haven't Hashimoto diagnosed yet, but am struggling with energy levels in the morning since quite a while, especially after having my first meal. it did also get worse since the last year or so (I am 33 now). I have experiemtend with plently of food strategies, but so far didn't get the results I was hoping for. @Leo Gura maybe you could share what works for you in the morning, so I/we could learn from your insights. Thx ?
  10. @Leo Gura Powerful insights by Bashar. He is making the same 'film projector analogy' you were making, when talking about your 5-meo experiences. According to Bashar, every moment in time is a 'frozen reality frame' and consciousness is the projector to play these frames in motion. There are unlimited versions of earth, and by changing your vibration, you change the trajectory of the film real you (as God) are playing. So basically it is up to you if you want to experience a world that will destroy itself or one the can heal. All worlds are existing simultaneously and depending which parallel reality you tune into will result in which you will experience. So literally change yourself in order to change the world
  11. Shunyamurti gives an overview over the core traumas a child can suffer from and the survival mechanisms that are developed along the way
  12. This lady is a neuroscientist who had a stroke, after which her entire left hemisphere shuts down. With only her right hemisphere functioning, she explains in detail what sounds like a full merger into God consciousness.
  13. You can buy his booklist, there he lists his top 200 or so books + updates all the time