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  1. Is a mother that enjoys making her son afraid, ashamed, angry, sad, depressed, etc. a bad mother that does not love her son? A mother that in her child's upbringing encouraged the physical abuse as well as emotional abuse and even did it herself? And now she continues. If she is actually feeding him, does that mean that she loves him when she does all these other things like scapegoating him, letting him be abused and abusing him, etc. (feeding him, but not with her own money) How do I know if I'm right about my mother not loving me at all and not being able to love me? Why would a mother not love her son from early on? Is it possible to make your mother love you? How to cope with the fact that you didn't get anything right in your life and that you're basically as good as a bum on the street and soon that might end up being your reality. I know I should move out from my family, but it's a bit too complicated. I don't know how to and what to do.
  2. Is hydrogenated oil from plastic bottles worse for your health than bread and sugar?
  3. Industrially hydrogenated fats like margarine, mayonnaise, hydrogenated oil for frying which is always stored in plastic bottles, etc. The fact that they're stored in plastic makes it an even bigger health concern.
  4. Oh my God and here I was all these years worrying about gluten while eating salads and even rice with hydrogenated oil. So it basically is the first thing to exclude from your diet if you want to be healthy.
  5. @Gabith I feel the same way... Wish you all the best.
  6. This week's questions are gonna be superstitious and unreasonable, so let's get over with that... 1. I want to know if it is reasonable to look at people's birth charts to see if they can tell something accurate about them, their character, personality, etc.? 2. Spiral dynamics is probably the best way we have of seeing if we are compatible with others, but I'm interested if there is even a slight probability that you can compare your dominant elements in your birth chart with someone else's to see how well you two can get along? 3. If I have an air and fire dominated birth chart, and I meet someone else that has an almost identical one, are we gonna be like twins?
  7. I will ask 1-3 questions a week and if someone answers something, I will read it, but I won't answer. Unfortunately, my questions might get a bit personal. I will probably want to thank you, but I cannot answer.
  8. So this week's questions are: 1. People say that Karma exists. I think that Karma cannot be fair without reincarnation existing, because it's just a fact that when things go wrong and you experience injustices for no reason early in your life, you don't deserve it, and the people that do the injustices, they basically get away with it and then tell you that you got it because you deserved it and you choose it, etc. So Karma is is not some universal law that gives justice if there is only one life. Joseph Campbell said that it is not good to believe in reincarnation. The spiral dynamics book also that things can go wrong when purple believes in reincarnation, or red. But it won't hurt if I believed in it. Can you somehow show me the proof? If I do not exist, if I exist as an infinite number of possibilities and forms that get actualized or not, how can I get reincarnated? What am I? OR What is the ''I'' that gets reincarnated? The only way Karma could exist without reincarnation and bring justice is if we were all one and when someone else does something wrong and Karma punishes someone other than that person, then it's actually just punishing that person. So does reincarnation exist and how can I validate it? Don't tell me to die. 2. God exists or God doesn't exist. Does God exist as a powerful and omnipotent being who is aware of everything, does he have a form and a personality like Zews or Jesus or Shiva? Or is God just infinite energy, a dream like enrgy that really doesn't exist? Because the world exists, and it is either a dream, or it is a real place with God who is in the form of a conscious being or just dream like, magical energy that is like the mind in the brain. The mind is not in the brain though. 3. What is the world going to be like in 3000 years?
  9. I like the look of the church and the formal culture in it. It is sad that they don't make libraries and museums like this. I wanted to go to church as part of my personal development Stage Blue. It would be fun. But I was afraid they will kick me out or gossip how I don't really believe in God, angels, hell, heaven, afterlife, and the judgement day that will punish the bad and save the good, etc. No, I don't believe God is a super powerful man. Plus, I'm not straight, but neither are they, so that shouldn't be a problem. The solution is to build beautiful schools and libraries. But yeah, all religious institutions have that abuse of power problem. But just think how much worse the medical system can be that can label an innocent child worse than a sinful person who does not believe in God as some man who is omnipotent and omniscient and who will be a judge in the afterlife or for being gay, and by labeling the kid like worse than that, you destroy his dignity, value and his deams in life, his potential, you make him even more a victim and wound him even more, the abusers can continue to do injustices, while also opening a big security threat for everyone who some day comes and does not like the guy and has something to gain from his defeat or envies him or whatever. Well, that was my experience. While going to some monestery on a mountain, that was the best day I had in my life. It was amazing. The roses, trees, gardens, images and architecture. Beautiful and amazing. People sitting together to eat and priests giving advice to everyone individually afterwards. Family institutions can also be bad and corruption exists on every level. Look at the British royalty. Not Kate. Now about religion. There is no Hindu or Buddhist church here. I wish libraries were so beautiful and formal and nice and ordered and peaceful.
  10. There was a guy I went on canera with on snapchat and grinder and he was like some successful guy with a big dick in some luxurious apartment, tall, and on the cam he did a feminine thing eith his lips which turned me off, and then he did it over another account. Then he blocked me and deleted nessages on both. How do I deal with this? Is he like angry at me because I didn't want to have sex with him or is he literally gonna somehow destroy my reputation? Not that it is not already destroyed. But so what if I am wasting time, addicted on a stupid dating site and I want to have sex, but not if I'm gonna lose value, or get AIDS, or I don't know. The truth is, I cannot find a job. My arm hurts and so on.
  11. @Preety_India Can you tell me do you believe in reincarnation? If yes, then why? You are a Hindu expert. I think that Hindu religions are the least corrupt in the world, and that India has a special culture, that it is actually the most spiritual country and that it has the best religious practices, beliefs, rituals, etc. It is beautiful and I am sorry if I sounded like it is not important. It is very important and I would be glad to read Vedas and other Hindu holy books one day. Honestly, I didn't even read the Bible yet. Just a little bit and the New Testament I read in English, cause it was short. I don't have the book. The Hindu temple in Delhi is capital B times all churches on the planet Beautiful.
  12. Who is the father? I can believe in the Holy Spirit and Jesus, but not in the judgement day and the judgemental father. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for him to exist. I believed in the father in the past and in praying to him, but I went to church just once a year. ?? that's it
  13. @Leo Gura Why does America treat Russia unfairly? It also economically screwed up Argentina and other South American states. America is a wonderful country. But what? Why does make so many problems? Just stop the expansionist mentality and put all your missiles in America. Fix your medical, schooling and government system.
  14. Thank you Thank you. I will try to not post here in a really low emotional state from now on. But I have to put back the post I deleted in this state about beautiful architecture, and a nice community.
  15. I've noticed that this holds me back in life a lot. People close to me have been hurting me for years now, and I didn't even think that it is such a big problem that I cannot tolerate. I thought I can suffer through this. But the truth is that it is not possible. There is a wonderful quote I found: So now I could work on my independence, but there is this resentment in me and hurt I can't let go of. They would get away with all the damage they caused me and everything they took from me. Well, I am angry. PS: Please don't recommend a book on emotional mastery or something. I will read that somewhere in the future when I get older, etc. Right now, I'm just afraid of letting them go, because I feel damaged by them and because they are turning everything they did to me as rationalized self-defense or they are completely denying they harmed me so much. Honestly, I am not sure even a million follars would fix this. But it would help me go on with my life for sure.
  16. You most certainly can change human behaviour. It's easier than changing animal behaviour. Yes, I think they are doing something bad/evil, but not inherently bad or evil. You know how they say, Time heals all wounds. In a 2-3 hundred years, Infinity will make all the damage, summering, corruption and "evil" they caused disappear. But until then, I don't know what to do. Well, I might have judged them in a very negative way, but I judged you in a very positive way. There are many people in this world that I understand, they are one of them. But I feel resentment towards them and love towards other people such as yourself. It is not like they don't want to make me judge them. It's actually the thing they want the most, is for me to feel resentment and powerlessness. See? You certainly can control peoples behaviour, especially if you want to make then unhappy and miserable. There are a billion ways to go about doing that! And they're Stage BLUE masters at pressing these buttons and exploiting everything to gain more for themselves at the expense of otgers. I don't see empathy in them, they were never put down enough by life to do more than just understand another person. They must have the experience of it and not want it to happen to somebody else.
  17. But all my life bad people (or animals) have been bullying me to say the least, and they won't stop. I could think of forgivness but that won't change their actions or end the harm they caused and are causing to me and other people. No, they are seeking to do this to me and other people. I can easily forgive. That is not a problem for me at all!