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  1. There is a limit to one’s faculty to answer everyone’s questions. Nobody has the time and the space enough to do so, even if he desires to. And, it is not necessary to answer everyone’s questions. Maybe, there are very few good questions in the world. Possibly, there is only one good question in this world, all others are not. Because there is only one truth, not 100 truths, therefore, there is only one question to ask. And with that question the answer will follow automatically. They say that there lies an answer inside every question, because there is no answer without a question to exist with from the beginning. We have so many idiots in this world and so often they run the world. They demand some children or an employee to answer their same idiotic question. They are not respectful or careful when asking. Often so, since they are idiots, they demand it. Often so, since they are idiots, they judge you if you don’t answer the way they want you to. Often, you know if someone is asking a good question just by their attitude towards you when they are asking. Are they demanding or are they respectful. Are they judging or are they willing to learn, whether your answer is right or not: their disdain for learning will show you their idiocies anyway. The school system, the surveys, the companies love asking stupid questions. My problem isn’t with questions itself. My problem is with people who are asking questions not really to learn, but they are to judge. They aren’t asking in order to gain knowledge or help you, they are asking to assess you. Who are they? Are they my father? My mother? My problem with these idiots is that they aren’t really asking questions in the first place. To truly ask a question implies you are here to learn about existence. To truly ask a question implies you aren’t here to judge the universe by your own biases. To truly ask a question implies you love yourself and the other enough in order to gain true knowledge of the Earth. First people must stop feeling the social pressure to answer stupid questions. Unless the question truly disturbs you in the deep sense, I insist there is no use. If the question is an annoyance, then the question has no use. Annoyance and disturbance is a different phenomenon. Annoyance is an attack on the senses, which is fatal. Disturbance is an attack on the ego, which is beneficial. Second, true questions arises not from the other, but from oneself. One must first learn to ask his own questions, not rely on others to ask it for them. Because in the true sense, the other doesn’t really exist in life. The world consist of mind, it is never the other or the ‘me’. Therefore, to rely answering questions on either of the two, ‘thou’ or the ‘I’ becomes irrelevant to our daily reality. When both ‘thou’ and ‘I’ collide down, the true existence arises which is the True self. Only there can we ask true questions! And that only arises not from the other, but from oneself! It is not that we should not answer other people’s questions. We answer them when there is relevance to the situation. I advise to anyone reading, not to answer irrelevant questions on this Earth. Once Pilates had asked Jesus ‘What is Truth?’, and it was said in the Bible that Jesus had not answered. Once Buddha had been asked the same question, and the same had happened to the questioner. Why should we answer every question? [출처] I'm Not Answering To Your Idiotic Questions|작성자 cc0165
  2. Twice. Hahaha, I don't think of it as 'destruction!' per-say. However, as we do have to stand up for ourselves with our speech and with our mannerisms, I think it should be the same with our essays and books. Thanks for reading it, twice!
  3. Why we must write with a hammer in our fingers Recently, I’ve got this feeling where if one does not know how to fight totally with their writing, one cannot sustain his status in civilization as an honorable, well-kempt citizen. Not that I am for society. I am completely against conformism. I mean by this to be a person who can form a proper relationship with people, the city, nature, country, and the Earth, etc. Nietzsche had wrote that he philosophizes with a hammer. Often when we read his books, we feel like something has gotten smashed in our minds. Something stupid, dull has gotten destroyed by the intelligent philosopher. We don’t feel he created something in us, I suppose, but he had broken something, which has its own immense value. We only do not realize the significance of it after we have subsided our emotional hurt from all the beating the philosopher has done! One phrase had left a strong imprint in my mind. Churchill wrote that if one wishes to attain the highest bouts of power, higher than kings, he had written one has to write and speak tremendously. Just by those two skills, he wrote that anything in terms of politics can be accomplished. And Churchill in my estimation has done reasonably well with both attaining power and not abusing his power when he was a politician. Who had the courage as Churchill to defy Hitler when all felt and looked like Germany would conquer Europe in an instant, where even the English government were in favor of siding with Germany? At least, I feel he deserves a bit of respect for defying not only his enemies, but also defying his friends and his country to do what is right politically. And Churchill was actually the one who wrote constantly against Hitler and the Nazis before the erupted Blitzkrieg out of nowhere. Nobody believed him, until it happened right in Britain’s face. All the “war-mongering” he had done with his political essays and journals had come to fruition and he became prime-minister after gaining the populace and Neville Chamberlain resigned after being seen incompetent to negotiate with the Third Reich. What am I trying to say with this? Both practically and philosophically, writing texts with a hammer may bring immense value our lives. I will not go into philosophical debates whether fighting is a good thing or not, because even to consider this is rubbish. There is no question to what the right answer is. If we do not know how to defend ourselves and others physically, philosophically, spiritually, and intellectually, we are by all means, sterile. People think words have some spiritual eternal value in and of itself, so they become idealistic, romantic with their essays and oratory. However, how can one be truly skillful if he cannot see the reality of his own devices? The reality is that speech and texts are just as physical if not gross as our bodies, brains, and buildings. It is of the physical world, not of the spiritual world. Words are man-made, not of the heavens. Therefore, just like we cannot build new creative buildings unless we destroy old and weak buildings. We must be proactive with our words to both create and destroy. Only then will there be creativity. In all my life, I have never seen a single person who’s loving, who has never said a profane word in his life. Rather, a person who abstains from profanity and dark-humor had always felt vile to me, sneaky, underlings, and sometimes downright hypocritical, just like a person who always smiles. I never believe in a person who smiles at everybody. I have heard from a spiritual-master, Rajneesh, say that if a father has never been angry at their children, he has never loved them. That if a father’s anger is cold, it becomes a hurt to the child, but if a father’s anger is hot and fiery, the child understands and would rather appreciate such earnest reactions from their father. This phrase had brung tears to my eyes because I had experienced both a fiery anger and a cold anger from my family. With fiery anger, I’ve felt refreshed and apologetic, with cold anger, I’ve felt wronged, molested, and crushed. I’ve always wished to be passionate and be a strong-hold for my friends, and so I wish I could be like this also with my writing. Not yet, I don’t see myself being such a prolific writer like Nietzsche or Churchill, but I know I will get there. Anyone who desires to do the right thing can get there. I sincerely can see many who read this essay will be able to understand the importance of being sincere in their speech and in their essays, whether it be creative or destructive.
  4. Whenever I listen to Krishnamurti, or read some philosophy, maybe even study maths or programming, I literally feel the brain changing. It's not metaphorical. It's evident it's changing and rewiring, how we can feel the muscles tear while lifting weights, I feel some part of my brain tear or break to form a new relationship between its cells. It's more than a AHA! Insight. I can physically see and feel the brain changing. Do you have any similar experience in frequent?
  5. No problem. Make sure she has a lovely time.
  6. @Ulax that is an interesting point
  7. I agree. @AtheisticNonduality has never played any instruments or studied it. You can see this when you read his first comment on this topic.
  8. We all have circadian rhythms. It's not right to force yourself. Yet, if you do have to wake up early, just think about your motivation levels. Maybe you need a sense of direction. That will make you wake up even if it's hard wont it.
  9. If you approach the girls as if they are your friends, without an agenda. Who cares if it's all the girls or only one girl. I'm not good at picking up girls, so I don't know what I'm saying too.
  10. @Nilsi Anybody who is rich, sophisticated were burned and shamed in China with the Maoist revolution. Absurd. This is the thought police, only it had come to physical violence. Physical violence, emotional violence, or intellectual violence, all are the same, aren't they?
  11. I mean, with the feminists movement, and a lot of how woke culture indulges in their way of conditioning men can feel like a Thought Police in 1984. Maybe, they don't physically restrain anybody, but they do try to guilt some people on taking this act or those acts. This act is "good", and that act is "sexual misconduct." What other than this but a thought police?
  12. @Bittu haha I've got a bit depressed constantly listening to game or movie OSTs. I didn't want to listen to Mozart or Bach because if I kept listening to them, I felt like I was getting out of touch by society. Some MFs like listening to club music, in which I have no respect at all. haha. Not that I don't like some of them. Pop music in Korea, even in America just seems mostly dull to me. I don't know any instrumental music aside of electro music that actually intrigues me, which is sad. Electro music fulfills me only 80%. I need 100% satisfaction. Where can I get it.
  13. @AtheisticNonduality What's your definition of good lyric @Something Funny You've understood me so completely. Thank you!