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  1. @Ulax First mistake, use simpler vocabulary. People don't like it. It's hard to persuade people.
  2. Lol, all this just makes me not want to go to western countries. Making a martyr for the wrong people. An idolization of irresponsibility. Thank god im not there. As if it's so hard to understand something new that is going on. Firas explains things very clearly. Sometimes wisdom breaks, even in america or any western society.
  3. Eliminate them. But respectfully and humanely of course.
  4. This is the long version of Krishnamurti talking about being a "good boy" or "girl" In short, Krishnamurti puts emphasis on sensitivity being a major factor to become a good human being. People try to discard the senses, but he wanted his students to learn deeply, think deeply, watch, listen, feel. The "good" person is not a "nice" person, and many may object to the use of the word "good" because of the moral connotations that we may put into it mistakenly. But if we are to investigate deeply, anything good cannot have an opposite, like evil, just like how beauty doesn't have it also.
  5. @Ethan1 I feel also, with writing, we need to not repress our feelings. We are taught to express with our speech and in real life, but I dont see anybody helping us express through writing. Be it anger or positivity, knowing how to express that through writing is good. So if the girl disrespects, its not a bad thing to confront. Don't be a pussy and just run away. Tell her off. Tell anybody off who direspects.
  6. @Arcangelo Well, the way you text can impact her feelings as much as real life interactions. So to tell him "don't focus on texting, and just focus on real life interaction" is just as blasphemous. The way he texts can make her interested, and the way he texts can make her lose interest and not reply to him at all. This isn't because the guy who posted this question is attractive or not. It simply because he doesn't know how texting works. Just teach him and the other girl he gets a phone number on, it will be easy-mode on getting her on dates. Texting isn't a big deal. You don't need to be attractive to do this well. Just take time before answering a text. Don't say anything needless. IF you are patient when you respond, she will help you be patient and respond herself. But ultimately, texting alone won't have you be successful. But also real life interaction alone won't have you be successful. Even with friendships and networks. Writing has its own importance above speaking and body language which cannot be expressed just through it. To think of texting as not important is a mistake in building relationships.
  7. Well, then I'm happy you are not a try-hard as you say you make great results.
  8. @something_else With 4 words, you can bed a girl. With 4 words you can repel a girl. Yeah, I don't understand how my advice to 'spend a long time coming up with a response' can have you translate it as 'write a long paragraph to the girl in text'. With 4 words you can kill a person. With 4 words you can save a person from suicide. Simple. But it takes effort to say those right things. If you write even those four words without thinking, you'll fail.
  9. @hyruga Todd, the guy just seems, not fun at all... I've watched one of his courses on texting... He just... complicates things. haha. Just write, think before you write. Don't rush into things. But he has these jargons and theories, and rules about texting, lol. I don't think theories are needed to write a good text.
  10. I've dealt with this so much with day gaming and night gaming. Women reply horribly with read receipts. Recently, in Korea, the monopolistic message company called 'Kakaotalk' had its data center crashed and crumbled having all Korean civilians inept in writing through texts in their social groups. For a day, nobody was able to send messages because afterall, the company monopolized the Korean industry. Kakaotalk does not give options on whether one can or cannot turn off read receipts. Since using 'unseen' apps that helps people read messages without having it labeled "read" I found people respond much more comfortably, freely. With "read" on the line always being spied on by the other, one cannot write with adequate time, both parties are incapable of having a conversation that is without hypocrisy. Speech needs time and space. People are prone to insecurity and vulnerability, and they spy on other people's body language, which makes communication impossible, sterile. In my experience, meeting countless people socializing in clubs and in the streets, I've found 80% of people at least cannot deal with read receipts in a healthy way. Once it is labeled read, and it is not replied in 10 minutes, the other person imagines all kinds of stupidities. Not only the insecure one, but also the secure one gets into the same spiral with the insignificant one. Both parties are dragged into the ground, both parties become sterile and dumb in conversation. Whatsapp at least gives us options to discard read receipts. Texting, writing is essential in relationship. Anybody who underestimates the value of texting does not understand a thing about how the world works. I guess unless the recipient is working in a military organization, having read receipts in their texting is totally understandable. In fact, needed. But in friendships, family, and dating, it's utterly totally useless. Even the most normal person cannot handle read receipts.
  11. There are no such girls who like long paragraph texts from a stranger. I'd like to know where you've seen such a girl.
  12. Again, I would have to ask you, how on earth have you understood my texts as if I've said a man should send long paragraphs to text a girl? Could you quote? Here's why I find it hard to believe you when you try to advice anyone how to text to a girl. Because you couldn't even translate a basic paragraph I've said into your own words right. I said, think long before speaking any (long or short, it doesn't matter, I haven't specified) sentence. My texts with girls are most 4 words or less. Occasional 2 sentences. I find it hard you are a good texter, when you can't even read a paragraph I've wrote out of my thoughtless head.
  13. @Tyler Robinson You'll have to understand. Even a needy guy wouldn't care to text immediately or be a bad texter. I've seen guys horrible with women be excellent with texts. And as I see it, women, too are horrible texters, as much as guys. Maybe women are worse than men (maybe this has gone too far). I've read from Jane Austen that she considers women to write better letters than men. Maybe that's true. But men usually are better writers. Hemmingway, Tolstoy...etc. So we both have different opinions. With enough introspection and a tiny bit of foresight, even if the guy is retarded with women, he can write a decent text to get her responding well. I've seen it happen many times. For example for me, I've had women just go on a date with just me texting 3 times, when I've talked to her only a minute on the streets. But when we met, and I've said some awkward things about sex, she didn't respond to my texts after that day. So you can be a good texter, but be different otherwise.
  14. @Tyler Robinson I'm Larry Bird. You don't know who Larry Bird is, don't you.
  15. @Tyler Robinson Who are you talking to. Me?
  16. @something_else May I think for a while, before I reply to you? I'll be honest. Writing and speaking are the same, but at the same time, not the same. Speaking and writing both is a communication device. But to make writing the same with speaking is completely getting out of the purpose of it in the usual. Otherwise, we wouldn't use speech in the first place. If what you say is so important in texting, to reply immediately with a response, I guess, maybe yes in terms of the military. Writing may be faster, and more logical to do. However, to require it? That's a different issue all together. Even speaking something that is dear to the heart, you think that can be said in a second, without any thought? Writing has its own advantages over speaking. That is why people still read books. Otherwise, youtube and podcasts must have been the main source for learning and reading fiction. But people still reading fiction books, because thoughts and ideas are more richly expressed, hence even something that is non-serious, playful, and fun can have a different taste with writing as compared to speaking. But to make writing similar to speech is just ugly. Then writing loses its purpose and its unique quality that makes it superior in one aspect that speaking cannot emulate. And why write like you speak? When you can instead speak instead? Call the person, rather than text. But sometimes, texting is more important than calling, because thoughts and ideas are more better expressed through text, not speaking. To require others to reply immediately after seeing a message? That's the worst form of writing. Some you reply fast, some slow. But to put a time stamp and label the other person unnatural, as you have said you do, is just sheer stupidity,
  17. @something_else I am. With people who demand others to reply in a second after reading a message, as you have said you do to other people, too. Obviously, I couldn't have thought that you weren't a girl.
  18. @something_else I guess then with you texting with girls, you are fun, light-hearted, and not serious.
  19. @something_else I guess then all your message conversations are without thought.
  20. @something_else dont listen to this guy, she has no idea of game, let alone how to communicate properly. I remember her saying she expects the other person to respond immediately after reading, otherwise it isnt natural. lol goods texting requires time and patience. not her advice, *again im writing this with 1 hand, eating potato chips
  21. Well first of all,@StarStruck 1. delete read receipts. If she has it on, or youre on instagram, not on whatsapp, you can use an app called "unseen" to see her messages unseen. 2. Take your damn time when responding. Obviously not over 10 hours. You can but be reasonable so she wont lose interest. Dont write without thinking goddamn it. read receipts forces you to respond in a second after reading. in actuality, its the insecurities everyone of us has that forces others to be unreasonable. dont fall into peoples stupidity and take your damn time and be strategic how you text. 3. remember texting is just as important as conversation. you just are not able to see that persons face, but all in all the same 4. remember, writing messages are supposed to be slow. Dont trust anyone who tells you to be fast. Often, they themselves are horrible texters, not all the time, but usually. Patience is needed for good writing. 5. Use pictures. emojis are part of pictures, but not everything. Often pictures lead the recipient to be more loose than be tense. you want the other person to relax *sorry, im eating chips, writing this with one hand 6. you must be sexual. not explicitly. that isnt fun or sophisticated.
  22. . You require the other person to reply with a message in a minute after reading. If that's your idea of communication then you must have a lot of awkward conversations in your life.
  23. @something_else no. It's the other way around, not how you think everybody is. You've just never left somebody on read and answered a day later.