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  1. Last week- you are the devil This week- now that you're the devil, here's how to raise kids
  2. Because "BAM! Humans!" is less intriging than, "a bajillion years ago a tadpole crawled out of a puddle and grew legs." For all we know it could have been Bam! Humans! Science is constantly proving itself wrong
  3. I must confess, I only watched the first 3 minutes. This seems to be the old Creationist vs. Evolution debate. If the Creator created everything, then He (or She, It or They) must have also created the idea of Evolution. If He did in fact create the idea of Evolution, we are misunderstanding the purpose of the idea. The two ideas (Creationism and evolution) can coexist. The Creator explains why everthing exists (because He created it.) Evolution explains how He created it. Why not both?
  4. Wow. Cocaine is a hell of a drug
  5. @Leo Gura if you wait to add the olive oil right before you eat it you can save some of the benefits of the healthy olive oil. Olive oil loses almost all of its nutritional value after being heated to a certain point.
  6. @SOUL ha! I see what you did there lol Well @The Universe do you have a conscious rebuttal?
  7. I like quinoa, bell pepper and salmon with turmeric. Cook the quinoa and the salmon with turmeric. Squish it all together in a blanched bell pepper. Yum!
  8. So do them anyway. Even for 5 minutes. Then try 7, then 10 and so on. Motivation is like a muscle that needs to be built up. It doesn't just happen.
  9. Curious. Where are you going with this @Shin
  10. Kind of. In my dream, I died, and was overcome with this overwhelming sense of peace. No fear whatsoever. I remember saying, "Finally!" I woke up very refreshed.
  11. I recently read about a lady who went 60 years without smiling or laughing to avoid face wrinkles Some people just have RBF
  12. Wow, so the idea is to not drop them at all, just let them flow to you as you float happily along the course of life? I love it!! Thank you! This is exactly the response i was looking for!
  13. How do you know you are actually doing wrong? Is it your intuition? Trust it, learn and grow. You don't have to be everything. Just be.
  14. "You wouldn't care as much what people think of you if you realized how seldom they do" Eleanor Roosevelt