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  1. Ah...last time I startet with 140 instead of 120mg. Easy! But I´m quite experienced with the substance an know, what I can handle to not fall into big mood swings. A starting dose of 120 to 140mg (depends also a bit on your weight) without - or only with small - redosing is what I would recommend for beginners. And read the protocol. It´s great!
  2. Here is a great ressource for spiritual work/healing with MDMA. Be sure only to use the substance with care and at most every 3-4 month. I´ve tried the protocol with 120mg and a single redose of 60mg 1,5 hours later. Absolutly no problem with depression or mood swings the following days. If you´re a little more advanced, you can use the protocol of 120, 60, 50, 40mg. Also no side effects for me. Try to use it in the morning hours and not to late in the day or even at night. In the source I´ve linked they suggest to use MDMA in combination with microdoses of LSD. Also works great! MDMA solo.pdf