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  1. In meditation you realize it's just a story. I don't know how your life is or where the problem could be. Based on this very limited info I can't really give more then: it's just a story in the mind. I don't know how psychological healthy you are etc, otherwise I could go deeper with this.
  2. It's already happening. We're moving away from Russian gas and more development toward 'green' energy. A lot of stoves for example are already electric. Current events have accelerated it.
  3. @Preety_India Europe is dependend on Russian gas. Russia was also just a trade partner, not some 'evil empire.'
  4. This is really sad. I hope that if Putin gives the green light that his inner circle will finally step up and end this madness.
  5. Wow what a week. I got fired for the first time in my life without any warning whatsoever. I didn't expect that. I think they didn't like my lifestyle altogether. When I mentioned I was a vegan someone asked me if I was gay. It felt good though when they told me I didn't fit in and I could leave immediatly. I didn't took it personal. I thought I could start my business but I believe my plan is horrible flawed. I want things way to quick and it's just not realistic. I'm going to look for a coachingish job where I am more interacting with people and start semi practicing it more. I have a couple of ideas already. I've been busy on forums lately. Today was the first day where someone called my posts bullshit lol. People on this (not here, but other forum lol) forum arn't really spiritual so it's okay. I understand they would have some trouble understanding some of my posts. Week 2 7 hours of meditation Read 15 pages a day Do 7 audio reviews Start adding more social contacts on platforms Network more Meet new people Look for new job opportunities
  6. Research showed that because omicron spreads faster and easier it is actually more dangerous then delta. The amount of people that need medical help will grow exponentially. So yeah, not sure how it all will go.
  7. @Myagooshki I guess we're in the same boat. I'm keeping my third one off for as long as possible. The gov might make it you need the third to do anything in life so I will decide then if I take the third. From what I read the virus is mutating left and right now so we might get some more "boosters." But I'm saying this because I am healthy AF, if I wasn't I propably would take the booster.
  8. You're still so young. See this as a transformation fase. My advice is stop taking lsd and that crap and start working out, go run or go to the gym. Build some muscle and eat healthy. Get a purpose for a year. A goal that you want to accomplish. It can be anything and start working on it (if I could learn anything I would learn this skill.... fill in the blank) and then make a plan. You can also try some stuff if you're not sure, keeping in account startup costs ofcourse, you want to be as low as possible.
  9. I'm missing an about page. Who are you? What are your credentials? How did this meditation transform you? What do you mean 1 on 1 spiritual coaching? I find that too vague. Spiritual coaching is very broad and if I paid you, I'm not sure what to expect from that. I dig the website though, but I'm a minimalist myself so I'm biased lol
  10. The reason probably is because they are self employed and need to pay their own taxes, save up for their retirement, etc. So in the end it might be slighty more (or slightly less!) then regular pay, but on paper it seems like a lot more. Not sure if we're talking about the same thing here but I've seen the freelancers here in the Netherlands as well.
  11. Buy some gloves and learn to punch straight. Stretch your lower extremities so you have maximum kick reach. Unless you mean grabbing techniques and whatnot, then no, the best way is to learn it from a instructor and years of practice.
  12. wow, what a red. I wanted to do so much more this week. It just wasn't in it. I got a cold this tuesday. I was trying to meditate but I don't know what I was doing, it wasn't meditating. This was first time in years that I got a cold, it's almost over luckily. So the website is almost finished. Only the audio reviews. Which I will do next week I think. Only got to page 100 of RoT. I love it so far. I love the states of WAKING UP and GROWING UP. I sometimes "sink deeper" in meditating and it feels uncomfortable. Been feeling some pressure between my eyes again while in meditation. Next week picking up the pace again. Week 1 7 hours of meditating (yearly goal: 365 hours) Read 100 pages of RoT Start with 28 days challenge of Get Clients Now! Publish 50 posts on forums Do 10 audio reviews Prepare to quit my job. I feel so ready to take the next step. The leap of faith. I know I can do it!
  13. I took a break for a couple of days from reading but still managed to get the task done. I can't wait to get started next week on the 28 days challenge. I ordered my business cards and my t shirt for marketing and see what I will do with it. I have never done this before so not sure how to start but I will start somewhere. I'm going to quit my job in januari. That gives me four months to get my business up and running. I'm going to work my ass off. Working in a company feels like kindergarden and I hate it. I feel so ready to move on. I know I can do it, I can feel it. If I somehow fail, I'm going to get a part time (max 20 hours) job and work hard(er) on my business after those 4 months. I'm going to get out! I'm going to be my own boss with my own schedule.I feel so overqualified to work in a company at min wage anyway. It's time to take the leap. My website is pretty much finished. Next week some finishing touches and little changes but yeah. O yeah, I have to update the contact page a little bit more. Not sure if clients can email me or make an appointment straight away, still undecided. Christmas this week. It was fun I guess. I didn't really talk that much or ate any sugar bullshit. I can see now how superficial everyone talks and no one really helps eachother become better people. I find this strange, my family feels so static, not in a bad or negative way, more in a observering way. It's their choice in the end. I did enjoy their company and I accepted their level of consciousness, so mission accomplished! This wednesday I had a major epifany. I realised that my mind is pretty quiet. Then I realised I only thought when I wanted to. In the moment I created thoughts. I thought it was awesome then. Well friday a little ego backlash. Sometimes I still have monkey mind, but some minor focus on the present and it becomes quiet. It's really amazing. Week 52 Finish the booklist Join other forums to help out Post more on this forum Read 300+ pages of The Religion of Tomorrow Begin advertising my website Come up with solutions to start public speaking (other than YouTube). 7 hours of meditation Publish 1 YouTube video Next year is going to be so epic. I can't wait for it. I'm terrified, but in a good way. This week showed an heavy increase in repeating numbers. Especially 777. They were absent for so long and now they have returned it seems. Oh well.
  14. What a week. I've been pushing every minute now of it to get stuff done. I started talking to people in the sauna. Met a guy who was in retirement now and he doesn't remember shit anymore. I thought immediately of heavy metals. He worked for the government checking for chemical weapons. He didn't look too old though, but I never asked his age. I like questions that are short where I get a whole story from the other person. I met this guy in the locker room and we started talking about World of Warcraft lol, I asked him about a tattoo. I tried to act interested. He said he only plays the game for the social part, which I found actually pretty cool. He's still playing with dudes from 11 years ago. Been working hard on my website. It feels like it's all coming together now. I looked at it at thursday and got tears in my eyes of how awesome I find my site. Been working out now every day at 06:00. I'm doing a 30 minutes HITT workout. It was only friday where I was tired and my pilates was terrible, but other then that, pretty good. I feel like I have to eat more then I am used to. I had a christmas drinks with colleagues. When the room filled with people I wanted a place sure at the very back. I just sat there, observering the humans, be present. There were like 20 people or something. I accepted in that moment that such crowds are just not for me. I had to deal with so many energies in the room I got exhausted. I left after an hour. 4 people is for me the absolute max of how many I want to be surrounded, atleast indoors. When I left I got a goody bag with alcohol in it lol. On my way home I walked by a glass container and threw the bottle in. I think some girls across the street saw that because they were looking at me like wtf? I've been forgiving some negative thoughts this week. It feels really good once I let them go. It feels easy to forgive these thoughts. My self-love has also increased this week. It was only friday where I had some heavy negative moments so to speak. I had a wierd dream from friday to saturday. It feels so good doing meditation again. I've missed it so much. Didn't think I could immediatly again one hour sessions. Planning for Week 51 7 Hours of meditation Read Get Clients Now! Finish the site (excl. booklist) Try to enjoy the company of my family this christmas. I will accept whatever they say and do will be at their level of consciousness. Walk around town more. Practice speaking English Lockdown again! Atleast to jan 14 so, we'll see.
  15. Week 49 I was going to do sports 6 days of the week at 06:00 in the morning. But I overslept most of the time, or I wouldn't get out of bed. In the beginning of the week I was actually pretty tired. At the week end, it was better. I killed a 66 minute yoga workout this sunday, which I'm pretty happy about. Still adjusting to the different time schedules I'm dealing with now. I had visions of me being a coach this week. I could finally see it. I always wanted to name my company Ishim but I thought it would be silly. I bought for 4 years, I have been working on my site for the last 2 days now and I'm pretty happy about it, needs more revisions ofcourse, but yeah looking good. My jumpers knee is getting better I feel like, I've been iceing the thing for the last week couple times and massaging it with my fingers. My knee 'pops' now more, I guess that's a good thing. I met a Welsh in the sauna and we had a good and funny conversation about nothing. I've really underestimated how much good can come from small talk and talking about nothing. I feel like I'm gonna kick my life up a gear. I'm ready to work myself out of slave wagery. Planning for Week 50 First Things First: Finish my website for ~ 60% Ask more names from strangers Talk to more people in the gym Have more small talk with everybody Learn to enjoy it. Just asking people stuff Finish It's Not About The Money 7 Days Wim Hof breathing 7 Hours of meditation Start working on promotion clothes. Buy some T-shirts etc. with some site information.