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  1. @A_v_E I don't want to turn this into a crypto discussion, so this will be my only answer. Proof of work is the only way to achieve hard money. Every PoW network that will be created in the future will be subject to manipulation from states and other entities from its inception. Cryptos without PoW have many more "points of failure" than Bitcoin. Even if the CIA created Bitcoin and controlled Satoshis Wallet, it wouldn't matter. No entity can control the network. I didn't say that every other crypto project is worthless. Just that there will never be a safer decentralized network than Bitcoin.
  2. @benny Very good summary. I just want to note that "learning about crypto" is basically just understanding how Bitcoin works & why there will never be a better/safer cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. You don't have to spend hundreds of hours learning about Smart Contracts etc., you could just learn about Bitcoin for 10 hours and then invest a part of your savings into it. Not financial advice
  3. A good spiritual/ non-duality teacher that comes to mind is Anna Brown: I am fairly certain that there are more "awakened" or "enlightened" women in the world than men (because women tend to have a better connection to their emotions and inner life). But there are more well-known spiritual male teachers than females because to explain these complex experiences you have to spend a lot of time logically dissecting reality, or as Leo likes to call it, "deconstruct reality". This is a very tedious, purely logical pursuit that many "enlightened" women probably won't even bother with (because you cannot communicate the deepest awakenings anyway). This is also true to Anna Brown's teaching: She isn't trying to explain Enlightenment to your ego, she is trying to tickle your consciousness directly.
  4. @Manusia In order to learn the language, you have to interact with it as much as possible, for example by watching this YouTube channel: I personally use "Duolingo" and "Clozemaster" every day to learn languages, other people like to use vocabulary lists on "Anki". If you just play Duolingo for half an hour a day for a couple of months your German will already be good enough for most basic interactions (restaurant, supermarket, asking for directions etc.). It is actually fairly easy to get to an A1/A2 level in German, especially if you speak English already. It's just almost impossible to get to C2 / Native speaker level bc there are many small mistakes you can do. But they don't really matter, people will understand you just fine. Good Luck!
  5. Very interesting input from both of you. @Julian gabriel If you don't want to deconstruct your experience and examine the nature of reality, you don't have to. Most people never do, probably 99% of the worlds population. And the funny part is: The moment you die, you will get there anyways. So if you don't feel called to it, just don't do it. As Leo often says, if you don't really want it, you won't get to the highest truths anyways. Also, taking into account the many pits and traps on this spiritual path, i think it is generally the right thing to advice people against it. If it is for you, you will get there. @mojsterr I can relate to your post a lot, I'm in a somewhat similar situation. I think the most important thing to remember is: I don't care how old you are, you still have decades of your life in front of you, and you can still experience more beauty and love in this life than you can even imagine right now.
  6. @Leo Gura I think this opinion may be grounded in your pro-western biases. The American Empire has been declining for decades already, and at an alarming pace the last couple of years: Trumpism and the complete divide of the country, almost 1 million corona deaths, decline of life expectancy for 5 years in a row, 40% of all US$ ever created have been created in the last 2 years, the horrendous wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq etc. In comparison, China has been growing it's economy, technological capabilities and international influence at an incredible speed over the last 2 decades. China currently creates more new engineers every year than the US has in total. The MIT ringed the alarm that China has already overtaken the US in advanced AI and Big Data research fields. From my perspective, China has already overtaken the US in most relevant fields - it will just take 5-10 years until you will feel it inside of the Empire. The new multi-polar world order has arrived already.
  7. @hello1234 Your knowledge on geopolitics seems to be very limited. This video might help you understand the current crisis a little better: And after watching this you should probably read up on some US Imperialism over the last couple decades, because you seem to have never heard of Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Venezuela and the dozens of other countries the US has ravaged across the world. Even if Russia killed millions of people in Ukraine now, the US would still have committed far more atrocities than Russia.
  8. First of all I want to empathize with your situation. It must be a really hard decision for you, while for us unaffected people on the forum it is easy to just throw around our advice. Then, how about you just drive to the border and help the refugees there, become involved with helping them somehow? There is probably a lot of help needed too, and in that way you can directly help Ukrainians without endangering your life. Just be careful that the Ukrainian Army doesn't conscribe you if they find you. As you probably know, this war is a complete abomination that neither side really wants to fight. And the only two scenarios in which the Ukrainian Army has any chance of winning/ surviving this war is if either 1. public support in Russia forces the operation to end or 2. NATO becomes even more involved in the conflict, which would trigger a world war. If neither of these things happen, the chances of you dying in combat are very, very high. So if I was in your shoes, there would be no way in hell I would join the fighting. There are millions of Ukrainian men around your age that would leave the country immediately if they could. [This last thought might be a bit stupid, but I'm going to write it out anyways: The appeal of fighting and dying for your country is that it is very easy to become a hero that way; all you have to do is sacrifice your life. It is much harder to become a hero by honoring your life.]
  9. There is no reason.
  10. I'm not sure how you can get out of your current situation, but I am sure that there is a way, and that killing yourself would be a bad decision. If you really get to the point where you don't see any other options, you could run away from home and try to survive by yourself somehow; but i don't know how you could make some money/ whether there are any support groups at all/ any friends or relatives that could help you out... I don't know your whole situation, but I hope it will get better!
  11. @Vynce Interesting! Of course it is good to doubt and examine your experiences on psychedelics. For me personally, the certainness I have about being infinite comes from an "enlightenment experience" or "awakening" I have had without any substances. I was in a hyper-focused state for multiple months (this was in 2017) in which I lost all interest in life, except for the dominating question "What am I? What is this made of?". Then one night, after listening to tons of Rupert Spira talks (as I did every day during that time), i did a guided meditation by Alan Watts, after which I got up, and went to the bathroom with a completely empty head. I didn't think a single thought for the next couple of minutes, and when I got out of the bathroom and looked out the window, the perspective seemed so strange to me. I knew the street i saw outside should be about 8 meters away, and that i was 2 meters away from the window, but it didn't look like it. There was no distance at all between me, the window, and the street I saw outside. At that moment time seemed to stop, and this profound feeling of warmth and love spread from my stomach through my entire body. The experience probably only lasted for like 30 seconds, but it felt like it would be forever in the first couple of moments. During this experience it was crystal clear to me what I am, that I have always been here, and that I will stay here forever. Maybe I described it in too much detail, but I haven't described it to anybody in some time so I felt like it
  12. @Vynce I think his answer would be "well, take some 5-MeO-DMT/ 5-MeO-MALT (safely and with proper protocols of course) and then come back and ask that question again." Because you won't have to ask that question anymore. The absolute, undoubtable realization of your Self being infinite awareness comes from the absolute, undoubtable realization of your Self being infinite awareness. There is no other way to it. You cannot understand it logically. It doesn't come to you through some kind of sensory stimulation. You don't see it with your eyes or hear it with your ears. It is more fundamental than your eyes and ears. If you experience that level of consciousness, your entire being, every particle and every wave you are made of, is 100% certain of it's origin and it's state of infinity. Sorry if this answer doesn't satisfy you. Of course you don't have to take strong psychedelics either, it's not for everyone, and in fact, for almost no-one.