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  1. Honestly all the pro-putin bots on this forum don’t even try to find some believable content or something of value. Quoting someone like Scott Ritter, a convicted child sex offender. Surprise-surprise all the best scum in the world is going to support russia’s war
  2. Even though I am sure this would probably be the best day of your life.. finally.. someone showing interest in you, I unfortunately have to pass.
  3. yes yes, we all know you’re the pinnacle of good manners, after you’re done enjoying trolling someone
  4. Omg really..this just made my day better
  5. Not from you. I am asking the mods to moderate this forum and not allow this kind of abusive propaganda on here.
  6. Please take my sincerest apologies for such an unforgivable mistake of misreading what you wrote.
  7. @K Ghoul the shit is stinking. Me crying to Leo? You’re the one who added Leo and a mod to the chat! Lol, I PM-ed you to leave me alone and stop posting anti Ukraine shit Also, that msg that I wrote was deleted, and again this proves how inflaming the shit you post is. Unfortunately, I don’t stoop so low to screen shot all the shit you’re saying and post it here. BTW, I stand by everything I say, you enjoy this, you enjoy writing nasty things on this forum, not just in this thread, but everywhere. I remember seeing you attack someone because they donated money to a homeless person, you called them dumb and were super aggressive to them. Why do you do this shit? Also, when I said “crying to Leo” I referred to the second time you “cried to Leo” about me, not the first time. When I made a mistake of commenting under your post and deleted it right away, but you saw that 2 second post and msg-ed Leo about it
  8. Because Leo is russian, he couldn’t give less shit about Ukraine, his mods are uneducated and absolutely clueless and they believe these conspiracy theories and propaganda are just a “different opinion”. They are allowing this kind of abusive, inflammatory and trolling shit since the war began, and if you, as Leo put it, “get triggered” then they basically deal with it in a “blame the victim” kind of way. (BTW, this “fame” thing, is also one of the common garbage that russians say about the Ukraine situation) Btw, before @KGhoul goes crying to Leo about me interacting with her, I want everyone to know I am not interacting with her, but with @Evoke user. I have also reported this post hours ago, because I do consider it highly offensive, but, as usual, there was no result. My stance on @KGhoul remains as usual “don’t touch shit and it won’t stink” Also this whole thread is extremely low quality. As if I posed “urgent, urgent, old picture of putin is found, if this doesn’t prove that he is a fascist, I don’t know what else will”
  9. @Ajay0 russia is acting as a terrorist threatening the world with using nukes, russia should be treated as a terrorist organization, as far as I know, you shouldn’t be negotiating with terrorists I think accepting the fact that russia is a terrorist country is the first step. After that the countries should come together and decide how to liquidate this major threat to world security.
  10. 64 animal brigade that was in Bucha, the world should know these rapists, murderers and looters by face Their commander:
  11. @pedro23 here is another piece of stats that pro-russia propagandists refuse to see One can easily assume russia would top this chart as well.
  12. @Ryan_047 The thread got closed today where a person was debunking a conspiracy theory about Ukraine “staging” the dead bodies, according to the mod that is not allowed, but all the conspiracy theories anti-Ukraine are welcome. Also note that all the pro-russian trolls here are actually spending their free time actively reporting posts. Look above lol, why do you think he’s doing that? Collecting evidence ?. I saw him do that before as well. The smaller the balls the louder the monkey. Same thing happened to me yesterday where my post got deleted and I got 2 points literally seconds after I posted it, so someone had to report it right away (or a mod just decided to do it on his own, right away). Also I remember commenting on another thread something like “Ukraine is expecting russia to do things like hitting a building in russia and claiming it was Ukraine who did it”, the next day I checked it was gone too
  13. Unfortunately, they are not, you can see satellite images of those bodies laying there for days and even weeks. Ukrainian government has invited foreign investigators into the scene. Also, cases like this have been happening for the duration of this war. Have you been following the situation at all?
  14. They brought mobile crematoriums with them to get rid of the evidence of dead bodies