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  1. "Highest" is your imagination. Authenticity is an ideal, there is never highest , or enough of authenticity. While chasing authenticity of highers, you are being authentic about being authentic. Just like a baby who learned about word "thinking" while thinking, to understand to word "thinking", understands it represents what he is doing. Just like if you move your hands you move your fingers at the same time, While you are chasing authenticity, you are being authentic, Fools interprets this as "if one chasing authenticity, that means they don't have it", They are fools for a reason.
  2. That is also an assumption. Intent of seeking whether if it is deluded or not, is about future, whether you are seeking something which is already there or not, it is still for the future.
  3. I never said I am seeking for what I already am. Seeking means future by default. Obviously it can only happen in the "NOW", but "seeking" itself is an intent which directly animates you towards future.
  4. Seeking myself means seeking future self, as if what we want to be, because it implies future with seeking, finding, enlightenment , awakening etc. Why would anyone seek something which is already there, our current self? If I am seeking a new me, obviously that means my current self is changing, prevents my current "being" to some degree.
  5. What you call self-hate is ; you are hating that you are hating yourself. because it is you vs you as a whole. That means you love yourself. You hating yourself means you want to be better , isn't that so lovely of you to care so much about you? Negative*Negative = Positive. Why would you hate yourself without any good reasons? maybe you just have very high standards for yourself. And no one hates themselves as %100. they carry what they like and change what they don't like.
  6. There is infinite amount of things to seek. There is no nothingness inside of anyone, nothingness doesn't exist by definition. What you are trying to say is there is no limit to what can be there. That means it is not all there is.
  7. You will NEVER grasp/understand what infinity is as TOTAL. Infinity is only limited to being unlimited.
  8. You will never understand what God is. That Void is nothing. with capital N. Absolute nothingness. There is no Void inside of you, you put yourself into a Void by seeking nothing. Seek something better.
  9. Obsession with "The Next Level" is only thing there is. Now was the next level in the past. What some call hustle/hard work/dedication some others call them obsession. If you work 20 hours a day some call you visionary, pioneer, innovator , some others call you workaholic, obsessed, addicted. Religions condemn materials, earthly desires, but they still want all the materials, pleasures of heaven in heaven. Spirituality preach peace, equanimity, love all they want is Next level state on earth or in heaven. They preach to become more spiritual, less egoic, less aggressive is still obsession with "The Next Level". If you settle with "NOW", you are dead. Even if you try to be peace with only NOW, now you are obsessed with NOW indirectly, by assuming GOD will present you "The Next Levels" is still obsession. of. expectation. The whole bullshits spread from mainstream gurus are pure delusions, and some of them direct lies.
  10. You are still judging. you can't escape it. Apparently you don't know it yet but it is you who is judging. Being selfish is being selfless.