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  1. You are still judging. you can't escape it. Apparently you don't know it yet but it is you who is judging. Being selfish is being selfless.
  2. so you are saying nothing wrote this? you are replying to no one? but still you want to change something which is lack of awakening? nah. i think you are right. as you claimed you want to change nothing. because you are still too scared to leave your gurus behind.
  3. You lack mechanical understanding. You are still you, not a chair
  4. the point is being stuck in duality. and that is the only way to not being stuck duality. otherwise we are dead.
  5. if you are me, follow what your signature says and give your brain a rest, you have no idea wtf you are talking about.
  6. Show some respect to others.
  7. you explained nothing. get it? cool.
  8. So he is okay with cutting his nails , piercing his ears , wearing "unnatural" dresses , cutting his hair , but he is not okay with cutting his beard because it is unnatural!? Lol sure. or he just wants to look like a guru.
  9. for you, me and you are identical, So why are you wasting your time?
  10. Good luck brother! if suffering and joy is identical for "you". then you don't have to help anyone anymore. because they are same, why bother?
  11. Whatever you say is identification, naming, labeling and putting meaning on the thoughts.
  12. good for you! if everything is identical to you, hell and heaven same place for you and that can only exist as void. plus thinking and non-thinking is also identical to you. stop fooling around.
  13. you ve became embodiment of your thoughts even if they lead you to hell and that is pre-programmed by you. you are only fooling yourself and those who wants to be fooled.
  14. @James123 you are neither awake enough nor smart enough to understand you are still thinking even if you think you are not.
  15. @Leo Gura Well, you knew it, your audience is getting narrower and it should. you should make most of your videos age-restricted on youtube. so many channels died like this. what do you think they are gonna do if there are more backlashes? You are depended on youtube , that is just bad. 1)Find other platforms and find new ways of doing your work. 2)Organize your content for different ages & submain categories & different niches , this will make eaiser for you to create more specific products aswell, your work is so chaotic right now, and it confuses your current and new audiences. You can also make more YT channels. 3)Make more products besides your LP course , don't be a lazy fuck.
  16. probably sociacapitalism; embracing individualistic desires shape sociological desires, and vice versa.
  17. Genetics don't mean you have to be similar to your parents or siblings. Two short parents can give birth to a very tall child. it is recessive inheritance. if parents have subconscious or unconscious intentions kid can pick up subconsciously these while growing, or in the womb , or simply parent's thoughts about what kind of child they want can directly impact what kind of child they get.
  18. both are true. you are trying to combine them. which is impossible because at the same time you are trying to seperate them by defining them. look at them separately.
  19. He turned into a very entertaining personality. that's for sure.
  20. Witnessing infinite intelligence with clarity and certainty is different than having infinite intelligence, so many people confuse this during their trips or awakenings. your post is proof of individual intelligence tho