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  1. As I said I see the concept of death being the end of the whole game as an ‘man made concept’. And we fear it because we are taught so and because it is useful for the materialistic system, we are living in, nothing more and nothing else. The bigger the Ego the better for the consume culture (the need to identify as much as possible with your ego through physical objects / services etc. makes you the perfekt hamster ) Most of us fear death so much and as consequence of that we live a fear driven paralyzed petty life. There is sure some transformation happening after the physical body dies, but all that negative charge connected with it, is mostly cultural baggage. Here a beautiful quote by Vladimir Nabokov “Life is a great surprise. I do not see why death should not be an even greater one.”
  2. Thanks for the information! I was looking for 5-MeO-DMT in the German-speaking region Switzerland / Austria / Germany and didn’t find any legal shop whatsoever. I even asked a friend of mine pharmacist about it, and she cried out cause I am looking for illegal drug
  3. Brilliant conversation I see as addition to Leo's trilogy Deconstructing The Myth Of Science:
  4. I don’t completely agree with this statement. It sounds like you are saying consciousness work is privilege (luxury) of the few ones or rather that one should straightly follow the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, where only achieving the top of it allows you to pursue self-actualization. I completely disagree with the Maslow's model, not only theoretically but also through the lections I’ve learned in my own life. I mean who says it should be that way? I think the western materialistic civilization pretty much misunderstood the priority of human needs. What I am saying is why not putting this pyramid inside down and start with consciousness work as the very basic need? Everything else is sure important, but we should pursue it as a consequence of a clear high consciousness mind and not the opposite way. Imagine a society where the kids form very early edge are taught consciousness work… These bad environments you are talking of, are most of the time bad not because of the scarcity of resources but because of very low collective consciousness and because we set stupid collective goals and measure our individual worth by idiotic materialistic standards.
  5. I am curious. What did you try exactly? And why did they reject your methods?
  6. Yes, may be Trump was kind of collective ego backlash! Who knows. Let's hope greater good is coming after that. But still... at that moment it feels like regress. Sure, the evolution is not a straight line and Germany is a very good example. The only thing is we can't afford globally mistakes like Germany did.
  7. It is not only by the watching the content, but also doing the work. And even after increasing my consciousness only a bit, it is super obvious that that's the only game in town worth playing .
  8. Don't get me wrong. I agree with you. And we as society shouldn't rush it somehow radically in that (or any other) direction. But at least the goal / the destination should be in the right direction. Let me give you an example: I don't expect after a president like Donald Trump a president like Eckhart Tolle, but why not expecting at least future presidents having advisors for example like Leo? I don't think that is so radical.
  9. All my life I see this political nonsense all around the world, but the US presidential debate this year was like worse of all, it felt like hitting the rock bottom culturally. I almost had the feeling that we as civilization are going somehow backwards evolutionary. So, the big question is, shouldn’t be our primary goal as civilization before anything else (politics, economics, prosperity, technology whatsoever) achieving a higher collective consciousness? Isn’t that the very important thing we should strive for? So to speak shouldn’t be that or north star as civilization? I think the real evolution is the evolution of Consciousness and not any other kind of development (for example technologically). A monkey with a nuclear weapon still a monkey, even worse it becomes a very dangerous monkey and still miserable. For example, by choosing presidents or any kind of politicians, representatives whatsoever: why not always looking for the candidate with the highest level of consciousness? Why is that not the very criterion to compare? Or why or educational system is not designed first of all to increase the level / state of consciousness of the students, using all modern methods (meditation, psychedelics etc.)? And right after achieving this primary requirement starting teaching science, math, chemistry, art etc. Why do we measure our prosperity by GDP and not by some kind of Collective Level of Consciousness / LOC? And so on. I guess you´ve got my point and my frustration.
  10. I guess that would be achieving the ultimate state / nirvana / enlightenment... I also guess that's the state Leo described when being on a 5-MeO-DMT-trip, or may be a glimpse of it. I would love to try 5-MeO-DMT too, but is still illegal / not available in Europe.
  11. @Leo Gura Yes! Aren't actually Infinity and Nothingness the same thing, or rather the two sides of the same coin? For example a thing / person / planet / whatsoever is always infinite smaller / infinite insignificant in comparison to the Infinity, so the mathematical equation would be always something divided by Infinity equal always Zero?
  12. I followed Jacque Fresco (The Venus Project, resource-based economy) for many years. His work was even inspiration for my master thesis (a high-tech machine / building that provides all needed resources using only renewable energy). But after the years I´ve recognized the problems with this concept and why it did not go mainstream. To put in a nutshell the concept of Jacque Fresco´s resource-based economy is much too radical. For example, he designed concepts of the new cities completely from scratch ignoring all the historical & cultural evolution & heritage. The other big problem is the idea that ´science´ should be in the middle of everything. As we learn lately the mainstream science is far away from the truth. Anyway, the essence of a resource-based economy (an economy based on abundance of resources and not on scarcity) is 100% the right way to go evolutionally. My prediction is that a Universal basic income (as basic human right) is the first step to go and actually inevitable! But an Universal basic income not in a ´communist / socialistic´ way of implementation but rather achieving an Universal basic income through Technology. We should go small steps to the right direction.
  13. We fear death because we are brainwashed this way. I realized death (and btw everything else we fear!) is just a concept created by the current collective level of consciousness (which is still very low) just for the purpose of being ´practical´. Practical in the sense of serving the current materialistic paradigm / system / evolution state / collective consciousness level / matrix (call It as you want). I am 100% sure that one day (may be 1000 years from now… who knows) the concept of death & fear will disappear because the collective consciousness level will be much much higher. So, the humans will see (or rather deeply know / feel) beyond ´physical death´ and enjoy life without any fear whatsoever. Ultimately, we are here to create, to enjoy, to play and not to fear.