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  1. God

    They exist. They are just a part of you.
  2. The end game is Absolute Peace, Love and freedom. Think of it as this: God made this amazing game we call life. There is nothing wrong with enjoying what life has to offer, but when you experience suffering through prolonged periods of your life, than you want out. Suffering is the best teacher. About it being nihilstic is just your ego-minds way of interpreting detachment. I can tell you why, but inquire why do I view it in such a bad way?
  3. There is no reality, its a projection of your own Consciousness. And yes you can't escape "reality" so long as you believe that you're that human person that you're playing. Surrendering, detaching and purifying your mind is the way to go. In the end you have 2 options either to play this game of pretending to be this human character or detach completly from it. With enough suffering, failures and sorrow the second option becomes a natural inclination.
  4. There is no forum, there is no Leo. Its all just a dream, wakey wakey.
  5. @Leo Gura I just have 1 thought. And that is of course you are on about something beyond any teachings in this planet. I don't actually have my doubts about that. And if some of you guys have had high states of awakenings than spiritual teachings like buddhism is seen trough directly as just a low level human game. I have a post about that, which I made months ago. But seriously what more can a human do than actually willfully to be able to leave their body? You have a book about Om Swamis journey. Do you remember his story? He was willing to die for his achievement. Meditated almost 24/7 in Himalayan woods. Till at the end being able to leave his body behind. And that is without any substanses. And what about Santana Gamananas books describing the freedom you can achieve to actually leave your body at will. Of course no human is without some bagage from their personal upbringing, culture etc. And of course God goes beyond any of their spiritual achievements. No doubt. I don't have my doubt about what you on about. But for me personally there are insane levels that a human can achieve sober.
  6. And for that I appreciate your work, and I see nothing but so much intelligence behind your every move. The current level of human spirituality is definitely not at the pinnacle. It is a shame that so many awaken beings here don't see through your persona and see what you are pointing at. I get it don't blindly believe, but we are passed that if you have done the work. The only one you should be worry of is your own mind.
  7. I have 2 things to say. The first is that's incredible. It sounds beyond anything that human consciousness has to offer. If its possible to enter these states than I can't imagine the worth it has. But, but, but the second thing is Leo. We are here now. Limited, to experience what this "world" has to offer both conventionally and spiritually. Relativly an awaken human being is the only one who can even slightly comprehend what you're on about, if they of course are openminded enough, and not endulged in spiritual closed mindedness. I still see the enormous value of human spirituality.
  8. @Leo Gura Nobody is going to enter the Highest Awakening you talk about without years of this work, inhuman deconstruction and openmindeness, lot of manual spiritual practises and than awakenings from psychedelics. Can you see your own work holisticly? And lets not forget its almost impossible without having a psychedelic like 5-Meo to enter these insane states of Alien Intelligence you talk about. But nonetheless I believe you know that already and I see the eagerness in you to push trough all of the bullshit coming from the human mind. I see through all of it. And I like it 😆
  9. @Holykael Drop everything. Surrender everything. Don't be afraid its just a dream remember. You are not the character Holykael. You are strong, you are brave, your heart is so big that you allow everything to happen just as it is. Don't believe your lying ego-mind, its afraid, its in pain. I understand believe me I do. Drop everything. It will not show itself until you are in such a surrender, that is beyond surrender. Only when the child is alone, in abandonment, in the wilderness afraid and crying, only than will Light reveal itself.
  10. @Dr Palmer Aldritch Think of it as different layers of imagination. The physical is the grossest level of Consciousness. It is the manifisted also known in yogic term as "shakti". The screen which is the source of your consciousness, or you could think of it as your awareness is the empty holder of all your experiences in any different levels. The body-mind has an affect on your level of consciousness no doubt. But its all just imagination stemming from your source. You are limitless but as soon as you enter the body you become limited. Thats why you were never in control as an ego. You as a human being are a construction of life, your will became limited to all the different limits imposed on you. Awakening is to realize you are indeed the limitless. Its a paradox. 😊
  11. Very nice putted but God can go beyond this human dream/form.
  12. Thats the problem when you take spirituals insights and make it to a belief. It has nothing to do with the need to change because of lack or seperation. And fyi reaching states of higher consciousness is all that which the ego doesn't want.