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  1. Reminds me so much of my very first psychedelic trip haha - Its a very mild form of ego death, like you forget who are etc. Its very confusing at the begining, but you understand more and more after you trip many times. So dont spare the tabs
  2. @Seraphim Sorry but are so wrong on so many levels. U cleary dont understand anything about the Self and God. "Talking to yourself", "delusional". The Truth is He is God, not a tiny part or some part of it. But ALL of IT NOW.
  3. @Jo96 sounds like a deep and healing trip. But u got to be more careful when u're tripping. When I read ur overall report, it could have gone a lot of better if you had made some small changes. But now u have a taste of the Truth. So hope u doing good man, take it easy from now on. Peace out
  4. Dude u just took acid plugged 2 days ago. Even if you didnt feel the big difference, you still need to give a rest 2 weeks atleast, to reset tolerance.
  5. @Forestluv Its truly insane! I am deep regret already 😂 Yeah but sounds very expensive once the dental health has taken some damage. Truly hope thats all and there isnt more problems
  6. Thnx for the answers guys. @UDT yes man, big reason to kick this super bad habit is all the other toxins besides nicotin. Already drank a lot of water and lemon juice. Finally beginning to feel better! Seriously I couldnt function for 3 days now, after doing a intense Kriya Session I am much more clearheaded @Wind Indeed, no body should come near subtances that create that kind of painful addiction. I have stayed away from chewing tobacco for 3 days now. Its especially the first 2-3 days thats the most painful. I feel for the first time now very normal and relaxed. I think my big microdose of acid helped a bit lol @Forestluv So true. Also a big factor for my stop. Its crazy that you still have affect from such old usage. Hope u doing good with ur dental health! @Human Mint Big fan of Wim Hof, I just couldnt barely do any of my practises the first 1-3 days. I did them still but it so hard with the constant brainfog and pain. But could be a good try in the later recovery path
  7. Hey Forum Just wanted to share my path to optimal health. So I have a been trying to quite nicotine that I have taken 7+ years from smoking and chewing tobacco. Omfg, Its like poisen that wont leave your body. The withdrawal pain is to much, the brain fog, the restlesness, the burning feeling in my arms and breast. I didnt know this shit was so goddamn addicting. They should really make this shit illegal, like for me the withdrawal is so close to the abstinses that u get as a herion addict. Its my 3th day trying to get clean from nicotine. I have been succesful in quitting before. But been stupid and releaps back in to the habit, not so much smoking, but more chewing tobacco. I actually love it, but at the same time I see it as a big obstacles in the routes to self actualizing and deep spirituel work. You can't be addicted to chemicals like nicotine. So I am committed to end this damn habbit. Seriously guys, don't ever touch a substance that creates a strong addiction in your body, because u'll truly go through Hell. Just wanted to share.
  8. @KeyholeOff course suffering and pain can get extremly bad and unbearable. But its the cost that Conscioussness has to to through. Its impossible to stop it, no matter what "you" as an ego think of it. God is going through it, no one else than God. There isn't anyone else than God. But u dont understand it, you are judging it as an ego not understanding anything. And no I am not parroting anything, I have become conscious of many of the things I am mentioning to a good degree. Fundamentally let me tell u this, the suffering is not forever, its finite. God will wake up to it self either in form or after the form disappears. So there is nothing bad in the end for anyone.
  9. Hey @Gesundheit Let me try to explain. - NO reality is not a simulation. And thats because a simulation is typically grounded in some vague matrialistic notions, like we are all in a computer simulation. The definition and understanding of a simulation still grounds it on something. But Reality and Conscioussness is fundamentally groundless, its nothing, nowhere, notime. It just is. Infinite. Dude It cant be explained really, only pointed at, so hope u somewhat get it.
  10. You are already manifisting all of physical reality every moment. But off course not as the ego. I get what u're saying but I really dont think the abillity to manifist things physically is in our capability, there is a clear selfimposed limit. But who knows.
  11. @ConsciousOwl10 From what I understand is that you feed up with the lack of results from the practises, and you get discouraged and depressed because of this. The solution is very simpel. Faith. You need to get super serious about it, and realize it takes a lot of disciplin, that there will be setbacks. But u most move beyond these setbacks, beyond the emotional up and downs. Let the your strong desire guide you, forget about meaning, and dont take the thoughts seriously. Negativity dont hold any power over you, as long as you dont react and take them seriously.
  12. @Username Hey man, I have also become my consciouss of my body and all the tension and blocks, its really one of the main obstacles for me now, and for off course the hyper active monkey mind also, not complety in Nomind yet, sometimes I get it. But really I am with you on finding some good ways of realising these energy blocks. I have been practising Shamanic breathing with the intention of releasing these blocks, I see a potentiel in this method, but is quite hard to do. Its takes alot of practise. So I am really interessed if u find some good methods, cheers, hope u solve this problem
  13. - The "insanity" and feeling of despair its your ego ways of interprating what it saw. It isn't real, just fear. The only thing to do is become more consciouss, start a spirituel practise maybe - You like everything else is pure imagination. So in that sense you as an ego is pure fiction. But thats ok, because its only a play that you as God has created for yourself. And no there isn't no-existense, there is only Existence. - The is only One Conscioussness. So there isn' "other" people og beings besides you. - Learn to embrace Being. Just look around and see how everything is infintely beautiful and magical. Also truly if you want meaning, just know that you can generate yourself, and in a way its will be coming from a more powerful place now. - Just take it slowly and embrace it. Lay off psych for a long time and after it has cooled down, just dive in again more wisely with a lower dose, and a clear and strong intention, of fully embracing the fact and loving it - its easy now Its only a game. Still the only game there is, and Infinite Imagination is Infintely strong, and suffering can feal real. But like I said, take it easy and dont forget to neglect basic "egoic" work that needs to be done.
  14. @BakeJeyner What you are describing is exactly what I am going through after my latest trip. I feel u man, its not pleasent to get your reality turned upside down. And especially the part of being all alone as God. I have tripped a good over 17 times now, but with my latest trip, the Aloness which I have already experinced the others times also really hitted me deep. Like I couldnt accept and embrace the fact that I'm all alone. But really its a point of no return, so the wisest thing to do is to fully embrace it and accept it with time and also take it easy and slow
  15. Its not that science is absolutly false. It contains a lot of RELATIVE truths, and is for now one of humanities greatest framworks and methods for creating a lot of useful technologies and figuring the mechanics of how this universe work. The issue is it can't figure the big questions out, like "What is reality", "Why are we here" etc. It just can't answer these questions. And you know why? Because it is a limited perspective on reality! It is useful for some specific uses, but fundamentally it is limited. It is not absolute. And no perspective is. It is finite. The Truth is that it is not only is science that is imaginary. Religion is too. In fact all your life is imaginary. You are imaginary, can u grasp that? Maybe og maybe not, its to radical. Because it feels so real, your suffering, joy and experience and LIFE feels so real for you. But the Truth is, its all a dream. Whose dream may you ask? Well that you have to figure out for yourself.