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  1. Huh? When did I do that? I'm the one being asked to defend myself here, and due to.. "reasons", I enjoy debating. So I don't mind the constant challenges. What kind of a change would make you happy? It seems like "defending" myself would result in more accusations, not defending myself would result in me I'm being misunderstood, doing nothing would be uneventful.. It's a lose-lose scenario in every case. Edit: Leo started it. Wouldn't comments be a great feature, huh?
  2. What are you even trying to say? Speak up! Did you mean... me saying 'I love Sadhguru' and that there's value in every perspective means I'm not openminded enough? I really don't know what you're trying to achieve / what point you're attempting to make. You've not made a single point so far, just made a bunch of wild, general claims based on your misinterpretation of an old post of mine..
  3. I'm afraid you've completely misunderstood what I was saying about Sadhguru.. and everything else. I love Sadhguru, I've learned what I could from him, and from countless other similar personalities. Surely you could see I wasn't being serious when I suggested he is possessed? And it has been many years since I was Orange. I make no effort to appear serious, and often open myself up to public criticisms/judgements. I find it fun and educational. I mean.. you have any idea how EASY it would be for me to fake any stage? I could just say what everyone wants to hear, get everyone to like me, etc., and as I've already explained in many previous posts: That would do no good. Why would I want to get people to restrict themselves in any way? That would not be leading by example. You think Sadhguru takes himself seriously? He's trying to be an example for others. Yeah, it is. SD isn't just some collection of traits.. did you even read anything I wrote? How many times can I explain the exact same concept.. That's such a simple and boring matter I'm not gonna repeat myself again. Trivial stage Blue problems that will solve themselves soon enough. jfc, if you're gonna make random accusations, at least make an effort, and have at least one point of evidence. Read what I wrote if anything's still not clear.
  4. I did say "being enlightened" and not "becoming aware of yourself as God" for a reason. Purple may be more likely to have an experience of God than Yellow, but not to actually become enlightened, as a person. ..wait, omg, I think I've got it. You may just have a fundamentally different interpretation of SD. I had just automatically assumed you've moved past this, your ..older content. You view going past stage Orange as literally just getting rich and becoming successful?! And, to you, Yellow is.. using wealth gained from Orange to fund sustainable solutions in whatever industry your company works in until you retire as a Turquoise billionaire? Seriously?! I guess, considering how you started this business, I shouldn't be surprised. This really is nothing but a continuation of your "get your ass to the gym! Fuck bitches! Get rich!" videos. If that's seriously the case.. I'm disappointed. To me, at least, the stages are "milestones" in lowering one's entropy. The descriptions are just symptoms, common manifestations of an expanded awareness. Getting rich isn't what progressing from Orange to Green requires. What it requires is a level of awareness sufficiently high for one to see that money/possessions/status/skills aren't that important. SD measures one's level of awareness the only way possible: Indirectly. Through the visible consistent manifestations of each stage. Those manifestations are not the stages themselves, just tools that allow us to work with the abstract. Orange may have a proclivity for wanting success/money/status, but that's just because its awareness has expanded enough to see the possibilities visible from level Orange. All it is is expansion of awareness. Now tell me, wise Gura, what's at the top of the spiral? Is it maximally expanded awareness (aka enlightenment)? Or is it being "an ultra successful, ripped AF billionaire guy who's getting all the pussy ..on his yacht (leftovers from his Orange days) and says he doesn't need any of it & that's just what integrating Orange looks like", as you so boldly claimed?
  5. Wow, good to see someone saying what I keep repeating. I think it's just a stage thing. You will never get tier 1 to understand that that there's no objective morality. Greens are about as bad as Blues at this. I mean, most people on this forum would say smoking weed is a "sin".. If you asked them why, they'd just call you evil (or something to that effect). Orange can be highly intellectual, just as much as Yellow. In fact, Orange is more likely to value the intellect than Yellow as Yellow's been "softened up" by having been Green. It's awareness you have to focus on, how far reaching it is. haha, they're both INTP, that's why they appear near identical. Though I think Leo's higher up the spiral. JP seems like a healthy/high Orange with an above average intellect. While he does appear to be very slowly moving into Green, I don't think he'll ever make it there fully. He's been Blue-Orange for so long that he's just too old now.
  6. I'm afraid Captain_Diabetes is correct.
  7. It's pretty damn Orange, however you look at it, but maybe it'll help you grow past it. You can never really do anything wrong.
  8. Now THAT is a top tier resource. Though, as I have to critique everything.. DO I allow the universe to reveal itself while playing a part in its unfolding? lol, who writes this?!?! lmao And I'm a... "Renaissance-Man" now? lol, the fuck is that? Ok, let's go down a level: Hmm, I'm not sure I agree with this guy. Wait.. isn't this even more abstract than that Turquoise description? Yet it's somehow not abstract enough.. Pretty sure suffering is NOT a requirement for pleasure. Did some Green write this? If we could create a robot body for ourselves that's ULTRA sensitive to meth, and the body was designed to prevent all neurotransmitter receptor downregulation / homeostasis mechanisms, there'd be nothing preventing us from staying high all the time. And, of course, there are many simpler ways of achieving this. Pain is only useful for reminding you how it's not real, how it's all a joke and you should stop taking yourself seriously. Oh and.. Yellow Sage = "Quantum Healer".. w-wha?! *sigh* I guess this is why such ambitious resources are so rare, no human is capable of doing them justice. You'd have to be a highly intellectual Turquoist who's extensively studied every mainstream cognitive model for at least a decade to properly do this. There's probably only a handful of such people in the world.
  9. Yes! As long as it's at the very top and bold. Though I like to also italicise it & make it all capitals (as you want it to be as distinct as possible from the actual content of your post). The only obstacle may be the fact that if you want start a reply with a quote, you have to then press enter for a new line & then drag the quote down a line from the top left corner so you have space at the top for a header. But the upside is that if you're quoting something that already has a header you can copy and paste the header from the quote. REVISION: As you can see, I've just gotten a better idea. Simply quote someone → adjust the top header quote if needed → That's it. If you don't want to get in the way of serious discussion, then just bolden ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT. Here are my suggestions of use: Comment = Ignorable, may or may not be relevant to the topic. Meta = Separate from rest of thread. Like a comment, but always refers to the same topic of 'optimisation/changes' Ċ̶̡̳͕̳̰͔̳͙̮̥́͐́̔̋̐̀͋͝h̵̨̧̜̩̬̻̳̜̱̗̓̂́̎̉́͊͂a̵̬͉͓͚͈̱̘̲͉͋̈͌̈ͅl̶͕̮̫̩̺̱͉̤͊̔̆̈́̑̚̕̕͜͝͝ͅl̸͉̇̓̏́̊͊ė̶̦̀̀̉̈́̈́̔̈́̍͘n̶̡̡̫͒͒̽̎́͌̔̀̉g̵̪̖͉̩̠͖̠̰̲͌̾̚e̴̛̛͚̻̫̯͖̘̜͙̿̓͜͜|̶̩̍̇̕͝ = Calling out someone's BS or confronting them. "Y-YOU'RE NO GOD!! YOU'RE JUST SOME KID!!!". TOᑭIᑕ = Starting a new topic. I thought "discussion" was a bit ambiguous as it could also be referring to "contributing to pre-existing discussion", and new topic wouldn't be selectable by double click, and new_topic looks fucking disgusting! And camelCase.. just no.. ᑫᑌEᔕTIOᑎ = Like TOᑭIᑕ, but less of a general "is SD useful?" and more of a "how did y'all figure out your SD/MBTI/Socionics type?!?!?" or "can someone help me figure out x?". If someone's asking for specific help, it shouldn't be made into a general discussion, lol. I'd laugh hard if I saw that.. ᗩᑎᔕᗯEᖇ = An attempt at a serious answer. No category = Assumed to be a shitpost.. Resource All you do is quote or copy and paste what I put at the top, and make sure only the category for what you're gonna post is in bold; all other categories should remain, but with any bolding removed (ctrl-b). If you ever wanted to use multiple categories in a post, it would be ideal if you could copy & paste the same header and use it to make a new header with the new category boldened, old ones unboldened. I think the neatness should definitely compensate for any sort of time delay / inconvenience from pasting the headers. I don't know if it's gonna become a "thing", but it would take a very boring T2 to think it's not worth trying. I'm really glad you like it! It's rare to find people who actually like change. I don't think I know a single one.. Like you, I was disappointed in the organization of this forum, but I'm used to it. I've written waaaaaaay too many essays on the inexcusable failings of Microsoft, Google, and a bunch of other companies. When a company has billions it can afford to waste, and when it's largely responsible for shaping the way the whole of humanity interacts with technology, there's no excuse for poor design and.. poor everything. As a simple example: How the hell did Microsoft release a dual screen phone only now? Pretty sure a version of it was possible 6+ years ago. Yet, somehow.. we got multiple generations of foldable displays before we got a first shitty attempt by Microsoft at a significantly simpler device.. lol. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you knew the work culture at Intel HQ.. Anyway, what I'm saying is: If we can't expect even the most basic of improvements from the world's biggest companies, we can't really expect old man Gura to take care of the forum, he's not the man once was.. at least when we compare him to the rest of the T1 world. I like the old man when I see him during his monthly uploads, but I think that's just a mask he puts on for the show. Here, in the real world, things are much darker.. He's a real mean, grumpy old man here, so it may be best to throttle your expectations.. Back in the day, when I joined this forum I, too, was full of hope. Hearing the stories of the Yellows and the Turquoises, and how the great was brimming full of them! But it was all a lie.. The best you can hope for is Green. You see, this forum was, originally, a "success" forum, primarily for stage Orange. This hasn't changes much. If you look at Leo's older videos, you'll get the idea. But keep in mind, I just like to sound melodramatic. I can at the same time be 100% sincere and 100% insincere, it's not like there's a "real" me with "real" values/opinions somewhere.. You mean.. mind blown by their complete absence, or by actually finding them?
  10. While it is a spectrum, there IS gonna be a stage stage you can't get past, and THAT is your stage. E.g. Orange will have zero comprehension of Turquoise without exception. You can't view SD as a collection of traits. Those traits are just common manifestations/side-effects. A stage is the level of awareness responsible for those traits. A stage itself is invisible, and can only be inferred indirectly. That's not really much for us to go on. You might as well be saying "I know someone who's ok with violent video games, but not violent films!" What can be analyse from that? Even if you said "I know someone who's pro-abortion but is also vegan" that would also be completely meaningless. There is no such thing as objective morality, so by themselves these ideas have no value.
  11. Yeah, ideally there would be buttons integrated into the site, but we'd need some sort of a technical Gura for that.. Right now it's just bandaids. I don't really know how stage/tier affects laziness / appreciation for well designed systems, as I don't know any other Tier 2s, personally. But if they're anything like me, systemic thinkers, laziness shouldn't really outweigh the potential for improvement. T2 are like a whole other species, ime, and T1 behavioral patterns are so different they're barely worth considering when planning for T2. But damn T2 are so rare, if I wasn't one, I'd probably be having issues from not being able to relate to anyone. Luckily this is a temporary T2 thread, so nothing really matters in here.
  12. Spiral Dynamics (SD) isn't a perfect model. It would have to be 3D to make up for its lackings, but then it would lose some things too. It's unable to fill in the gaps that are made evident by other models such as Socionics and the Enneagram, but for the single function of identifying health / development progress it's pretty good. Most people on this forum believe you can be multiple stages at once. But that's wrong. If you want to understand yourself in detail & see where those Yellow traits are coming from, you'll need to resort to other models. To know you SD stage, just think back and see if you can identify parts of your life in which you changed in ways matching the SD stage descriptions. E.g. were you ever obsessed with success/achievement/money? If not, then account for the slight differences in the ways genders experience the stages (if needed). If you've never identified with Orange descriptions, then you're probably Blue, and can forget about Yellow for now. The biggest sign you're not Yellow would be if you know you've never been through Green (as it's usually pretty obvious if you've been through it). Also keep in mind that you've gone through some of the stages during childhood, if that's the case you'll need to account for those differences too. E.g. A 13 year old Green isn't gonna be that interested in recycling, they'll just be speak overly abstract and be overly credulous when it comes to spiritual teachings. Might be really into crystals, chakras, and listening to Gurus all.. day.. long..
  13. I'm back. Surprised this didn't die immediately, being a thread, and not any kind of section/sub-forum.. Don't know if Leo just disagrees with my idea, or if it's too much work, or if he simply can't be bothered (on top of that he doesn't like me), but cool, this is fine temporarily. I suppose it is in his immediate interest to avoid me, as any sort of interaction would mean more work for him (as I always point out problems & challenge convention), but.. I've already got an alternative pretty much ready to go, It's just that I'm ill & reluctant to committing to anything right now. In any case, this forum NEEDS what I said it needs. That's a fact. You will never win a debate against a NeTi-man when it comes to UX & untapped potential (or anything else for that matter, lol). I mean, are "book reviews" and "video suggestions" really more important than Spiral Dynamics? OMG, "Suggestions" shouldn't even need their own threads!!! Now, just because I know Leo is actually a lurker too shy to post anything.. If Spiral Dynamics is NOT complete BS, you can't treat it like an afterthought. It's more important that EVERY MBTI/Socionics/Enneagram/etc. forum combined. Yet all I hear is "b-but that's egoistic!". Shut up! SHU It's FAR more egoistic to say "well.. it's MY forum, I don't care about what's good for the people or what they want! Fuck 'em! Oh.. and, what's this?! OwO! Looks like another one of your 10k word essays! Wouldn't it be a shame if I just.. deleted it? Would it?!" "Y-You wouldn't!" "Whoops.. Well, I do believe this was just another one of your unsanctioned debates.. we can't be having debates on forums now, can we? >: ) ". (Though he wasn't always like this.. [insert AI generated narrative here] )': (I'm temped.. I have GPT-3 at the ready..) Anyway, I guess it's a start. And the Discussion header idea is a good bandaid for this forum! (✿◠‿◠) But..... NOT GOOD ENOUGH, DAMMIT! NOT GOOD ENOUGH! We need ..MORE! What We Need [Basic Version] [Raw Ideas]: META Header for referring specifically to the thread/reforms COMMENT Header to let people know they can ignore your comment. Ever read a thread, see that every post is a reply to a reply to a reply, don't know where to start? Well, if a couple people had a 3 page discussion, and after page 1 it's devolves into small-talk or something outside the original scope of the thread, it could be pretty useful to see a COMMENT header on the posts on pages 2 & 3. The alternative is to either ban anything that's even slightly off-topic, or to continue to read every single post to see if it's of any relevance to what you're looking for. Could be used to show support/agreement/disagreement in a debate/discussion without feeling a need to be certain about your ideas. ANSWER Header to encourage people to actually answer the question, rather than "respond" which could be more vague. "Answer" makes it official that you're attempting to answer the question rather than making commentary or stating anecdotal evidence or a random opinion. Really, anything could be an answer, what matters is that you make it official that you're making an effort to answer. DISCUSSION As already in place. DEBATE I am ..God! ヽ( •_)ᕗ Not shitposts, but expecting opposition. Like discussion, but rather than all vs all, it's all vs you. Quickfire rounds T2–T2 Rapid Q&A with no follow ups; just mapping the appearance of T2 Voting on discussion of the day/week Everyone challenging a random T2 weekly Consensus building. E.g. Can we all agree on what time is? Can we agree of the best analogy? T1–T2 Challenging the T2s, no holding back. Exposure therapy Basically, answering deep, personal, extremely uncomfortable questions for the sake of lowering ego. Pre-agreed limits; limited to emotional exposure, only risky for the ego. Possibly an auto-delete thread feature, only visible to live participants. An 'adopt a Tier 1' programme That will do for the basics ? I've been told my writing style makes people want to throw themselves in front of a train.. Hope you enjoyed it!
  14. Surprising words from someone with that many posts.. Sadhguru is a well known bullshitter. That's just how the most advanced Turquoists are. They don't give a shit about being factually accurate, consistent, logical or well studied. You'd need a Guru for that. Sadhguru, etc. say whatever just to make some dumb old analogy. Analogies/metaphors are like a whole other language for them, and they speak it instead of English. You'll never know if Sadhguru's BSing or not, so take nothing he says literally, EVER! Surely, you must've noticed how he laughs at everything he says, yes? *chuckles* Hello?! Is this making sense? Hello?.. yes? *chuckles* The man is fucking possessed.. Even if that crazy story is true, it would not warrant a statement such as: The Guru could always just separate them into different classes ..problem solved. That story you mentioned is no different to me saying: "lmao, they used to call me the town rapist as I had this habit of getting drunk and raping like 20 girls a night, lol amirite? but, like, I said to the judge: Well it's their fault for dressing like that! They expect to walk around WITHOUT having their face covered and NOT get raped? dafuq? right? The judge was understanding, and now I can legally rape them if they're without a face covering (or if I just rip it off, lol). And that's why women should not be allowed to go outside unescorted." ..Mmmhmm. Well.. that's a perfectly good & rational opinion I guess; just as valid as mine.. lol. You see the problem here, yes? *chuckles* ..Hello?