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  1. @An young being You have a typo in your username
  2. Are you guys really this bitter? In a forum about enlightenment
  3. LOL! Why is everybody so aggressive? I thought it was a funny idea for a post
  4. As you can see in the picture I uploaded, I tricked the spiritual Guru Leo Gura. He actually thought he was teaching a student, but in reality, he was fooled by his own projection! There was no student! His own mind was trying to fool him into believing there was any way of helping a student with a question, when in fact, this is one of the ways the mind tries to falsely anchor him in this reality. Just a reminder Leo, I created you. You were my idea all along! Don't act like there is any difference between us!
  5. I'm really not trying to bother but doesn't there come something after this realization? Isn't it normal for nothingness to separate and try to become something else after it has arrived at absolution? I feel like you are overemphasizing the dissolution aspect over the creation aspect.
  6. But don't you guys think that the relative and absolute perspective is equal? Of course, we have to look at it in truth, but why not also in lie? Maybe this part of the forum is only for Absoluteness and thats why Im confused
  7. @Leo Gura Look, the historical knowledge I have is obviously all in the now and was created 100% artificially by my mind. Yet, there exists a reality in which Napoleon is alive and it is equally as real as our reality. Just because it isn't happening at this moment doesn't mean anything, as everything happens simultaneously. Anyways, I'm starting to lose the thread, maybe this is your strategy
  8. @Leo Gura I know it only exists in my mind. My mind is the only reality there is, that's what reality is. So whether Napoleon or our conversation right now: they are equally real. Or equally unreal. What duality are you talking about when you differentiate between "mind" and "else" There can be no other than the mind.
  9. @Leo Gura My mind is the only thing there is, so what different does it make if it's created by my mind or not? That's just called reality. There is no difference between fantasy and right here right now. In my opinion, Napoleon, Caesar and Voltaire or whatever are fully real.