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  1. @An young being You have a typo in your username
  2. As you can see in the picture I uploaded, I tricked the spiritual Guru Leo Gura. He actually thought he was teaching a student, but in reality, he was fooled by his own projection! There was no student! His own mind was trying to fool him into believing there was any way of helping a student with a question, when in fact, this is one of the ways the mind tries to falsely anchor him in this reality. Just a reminder Leo, I created you. You were my idea all along! Don't act like there is any difference between us!
  3. Are you guys really this bitter? In a forum about enlightenment
  4. LOL! Why is everybody so aggressive? I thought it was a funny idea for a post
  5. Is there a form of perception in rocks, atoms, dust and so forth? Are these objects conscious? I'm asking this because I want to know if the universe before biological perception really happened or was there never anything that happened in this time? (big bang, super nova and so forth)
  6. I'm really not trying to bother but doesn't there come something after this realization? Isn't it normal for nothingness to separate and try to become something else after it has arrived at absolution? I feel like you are overemphasizing the dissolution aspect over the creation aspect.
  7. But don't you guys think that the relative and absolute perspective is equal? Of course, we have to look at it in truth, but why not also in lie? Maybe this part of the forum is only for Absoluteness and thats why Im confused
  8. @Leo Gura Look, the historical knowledge I have is obviously all in the now and was created 100% artificially by my mind. Yet, there exists a reality in which Napoleon is alive and it is equally as real as our reality. Just because it isn't happening at this moment doesn't mean anything, as everything happens simultaneously. Anyways, I'm starting to lose the thread, maybe this is your strategy
  9. @Leo Gura I know it only exists in my mind. My mind is the only reality there is, that's what reality is. So whether Napoleon or our conversation right now: they are equally real. Or equally unreal. What duality are you talking about when you differentiate between "mind" and "else" There can be no other than the mind.
  10. @Leo Gura My mind is the only thing there is, so what different does it make if it's created by my mind or not? That's just called reality. There is no difference between fantasy and right here right now. In my opinion, Napoleon, Caesar and Voltaire or whatever are fully real.
  11. The youtube channels "Horror Stories" ( and "Fascinating Horror" ( have a great collection of human suffering and catastrophe. There is also Unit 731: The Communist Revolution in China: The Communist Revolution in Russia: S21 Prison Camp: Worst Places and Times to be Alive: Worst Combat Roles: Unknown 5 also has many more great suffering stories. Other: Battle of the Somme WW1 in General Battle for Stalingrad Siege of Leningrad Eastern Front in WW2 Crusades Downfall of the Aztec Empire by the Spaniards 30 Years War in Europe (for all of these youll find documentaries easily) For movies: Saving Private Ryan, Shoah, Schindlers List
  12. I am 21. I am studying Psychology at Uni. Will finish in 1.5 years. Three Conditions: I have some life purpose ideas which I started to some degree: YouTube, Comedy and Spiritual teacher (later in life) I have a solid spiritual development for my age (Ox herding pic 4) I stilll have many addictions (weed, alcohol, youtube) and my self-discipline is my biggest obstacle. The Situation: My addictions are hindering my life purpose work to a great degree. My addictions fill a void in me, this void always occurs when I realize that there is nothing to do. This realization comes from the fact that I know from my enlightenment experiences, "this is the perfect moment". (but still, I feel bad doing nothing all day) So why do I have to create this grand, hard to achieve life purpose for myself? Why do I need a life purpose to fill the void? Shouldnt this be done through spiritual work? I fear that my "life purpose" is nothing more than an ego trip which is trying to create a big name for myself. Create a person that was so significant and outstanding with his work. I fear that if I achieve my life purpose (for example, a successful comedian), I will be in the same spot that I am now. (still addicted, still confused) And how do I get rid of these addictions? Through meaningful work and a grand vision of who I could be? Isnt that an addiction in itself? This void can only be filled through ultimate wholeness right? The Options: Option 1: Go full in on life purpose and hope my addictions will resolve along the way as my project gets more successful, achieve full enlightenment later in life. Option 2: Go full in on spiritual development, rid oneself of addiction, rid oneself of need to be successful. After that life purpose will come naturally. Option 3: Go full in on ridding oneself of addiction first (dont know how), to then fully do life purpose work What is The Way? -
  13. Hey guys, Until half a year ago, I was known on this forum as "Robi Steel". An account that is now banned permanently. Around election time, I got very much caught up in far-right politics and talking points. I want to deeply apologize for that. I now realize that I was pulled into an echo chamber and with the help of conspiratorial thinking, I began detaching myself from the real world and my trust in everything around me dwindled. I stopped trusting societal institutions altogether and my friends and family seemed like they were part of the plot. Everyone else was losing their mind and I was the only one that could see how things really are. I was struggling with that feeling and was questioning myself many times if this were the right path. After Leo finally banned me from the forum, I just felt more confirmed in my theories and suspicions, but I also knew that Leo is not your regular Joe overcome by leftist ideology, I knew that something was fishy. I was overestimating my knowledge. After making a deep dive into information about the "intellectual darkweb" and "the far right rabbit hole", it suddenly came to me that i was taken in and the process of me unwinding started. I now can fully see why Leo banned me, it was appropriate, I was downgrading the space with low consciousness thinking. I am making a humble request for my account to be unbanned. I apologize for the misinformation I have spread, I apologize for insulting you Leo, I apologize for underestimating my ego. I am off the Trump train and turned away from populism in the majority of my political views. I embrace equity and diversity, and my views on China and the middle east have become way less western-centric. I am trying my best to become a rounded adaptable person. I will mostly refrain from taking part in political discussions on the forum and will only appear here and there on the spiritual forum from now on. I will stick to what Im good at! Robin
  14. @Leo Gura Alright chief! I will keep myself out of politics and further learn about ideological traps. I will also take more political advise from this forum. Gonna do some work on the spiritual forums here and there, hopefully you will like it! Thank you @Preety_India for tagging him!
  15. @Gesundheit Because its my actual account. I wrote about many things on there besides politics.