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  1. Yeah it is like that.. but just on your mind.
  2. Maybe she is just a bitch.. Well, maybe not, I don't know.. but certainly you are not a man.
  3. Abbas is a semi-Zionist ... so nothing strange about his actions. Anyway ... immigrate as soon as possible. just leave.
  4. you try to survive just because you want to reach God before you die. other kinds of surviving mechanics are just stupid.
  5. this conflict is the only conflict that you need to focus on (besides your own internal personal conflict) . this conflict will be the end of the human history experience, because it started there. the beginning was in the ME and the end will be there. everything go full circle then ... disappear. everything else is naive at this point. p.s. Say no to zionism. better for you.
  6. Yeah sure, porn is making people more stupid. Those idiots love this kind of pleasure. They are not seeking the truth, they are seeking pleasure.
  7. Do you know what JPL whould say to you if you give him that response? Betaaaaaaa
  8. well, I dont know what do mean by "phopia" ... like trans people dont intimidate me in any way ... I think they just need help, I dont really understand why everything for you people is related to some kind of phobia. Now answer my question .. because I have a lot of questions to follow .. I will be you JPL ..
  9. If that's your way of phrasing it, I guess both. Let me be ask you a JPL question ... like if somebody you know (friend or family) told you that he identify himself as a dog and then he decided to bark all the time and do a tail transplante .. what would think about it? do you think it is stupidity? or just tier 3?
  10. whenever you have an image or an idea, then it can not be God. That what the (I'm God) claimer is missing, because his ego is too big. I mean show us a miracle for God sake instead of just talking about them all the time like this guy Sadguru.
  11. Man, I assure you Im aware of everything you say .. and I can go debating you forever.. but again it does not matter .. the war now has escalated .. it is a war between two different prophecies .. between two collective awarenesses .. all this video sharing, debating and talking about history (which I do sometimes) means nothing at this point.
  12. What is stupidity after all? is it about the facts, or is it about how the facts have been said and explained to you?