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  1. only broken women/men use these kind of apps .. they think sex will fix them somehow..
  2. Chat gpt is the peak of the capitalistic/materialistic way of thinking ... it will never give you answers beyond these paradigms.
  3. all the idiots say the same shit ...
  4. How do you prepare it?
  5. That's your imagination too .. debunked if you can.
  6. It is just a memory tool.. it depends on the results of our own consciousness.. it is as stupid as psychedelics
  7. The left doesn't want to deal with Trump in the next election.. that's obvious.. I don't know why I'm thinking about a drug addict gamer who think he is god right now, he might feel confident or comfortable cause he is stupid or/and deluded.
  8. I think Islam will lead the blue wave until some turquoise Muslims appears.. And I don't think they will be leftist at all..
  9. I don't understand what's wrong with chopping off your penis cause you feel like you are a woman.. Nothing wrong with that at all... obviously.. I say let's teach that at school.. any kid can be anything he wants.. a man a woman or maybe both at the same time, plastic surgeries can do miracles nowadays. This is how to be a super duper intelligent being. Forget about JB he is a drug addict.
  10. But she is Leo right? You and her are one aren't you?? Maybe she is trying to poison you out of love cause she/you knows you are an idiot. Think about it.
  11. Deconstruct your self first man.
  12. No way a nation like this can/will lead the world (our destiny) .. I'm sure in the next few years they gonna defend a person fucking a donkey because it is just their freedom to do so..
  13. If you wanna teach people you must be perfect.. otherwise you are just tripping bro.. Is he tripping? .. I think yes and a lot.