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  1. The psychological part of problems will disapear .. but the physical problem will remain.. you still need to fix it somehow.
  2. If you REALLY know the truth then it's your responsibility to teach it.. and it will work.. it will be a success.. but the truth is you don't know Jack shit .. you are just imagining that you know .. that will never work.. and you will look like an idiot (even if you didn't know it)
  3. How much your upcoming course will be?
  4. Just don't take benzos..
  5. The guy is going bananas
  6. Jordan has a severe damage because of his addiction.. he needs help more than anything else.. we can't take him seriously
  7. Maybe he know themselves.. he is kindda a gay.. I don't want to Misgender him
  8. Relax, it's off-topic and just for fun! I know.. It's not about you.. its about the doubled standards idiot guy.. he know himself.
  9. What kind of shitty topic is this? Must be locked for low quality ..
  10. I think Leo has deleted his post for some reason .. better not to mention these people anyway .. the Karma will do it's job one day
  11. Aha .. can you trust a horney/disturbed guy to teach you the Truth?
  12. Your character is the proof.
  13. It's a challenging topic for you to approve.. of course your customers will believe any shit you say .. but the rest will know it's just your imagination and hope.. You are not a god dude .. you are just a bold guy with inferiority issues.
  14. Sometimes getting bullied is a gateway .. if you don't like it just punch your bully right in the nose.. stop being so dramatic about it.
  15. I say .. I'm you bitch .. can you deny that?? So come to reality.. now ... and it just happens.