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  1. Seen this being shared around and it might be an interesting meditation to participate in. Had a great feeling last time a collective meditation like this was organized. Feel free to join. A group organized a livestream for it. It begins at this time:
  2. I liked the dissidendification process as it resulted in deep relaxation and a sense of peace that i have not experienced since i daily practiced Eckhart Tolles Power of Now/New Earth. I did not get it, atleast i know now that i never got it to this point.
  3. There was a huge Sri Yantra carving in Oregon that baffled People in 1990. It reminds me of this situation. Some artists claimed that they made it.
  4. I am thankful for this comfortable sofa i am sitting on, the houseplants i glimpsed recently,the sound coming from the kitchen, the lamp illuminating the room and the air i breathe. I thank you for reading this and i wish you a happy day and a Good life.
  5. Have seen this critique way to much against spiritual teachers.
  6. There are alot of theories and distortions we have about this spiritual law conceptually called karma. As someone pointed out, it is better to let go of this idea as we possibly never clearly find out on how it works. However, i like this idea that karma is compassionate and neither rewards nor punishes. We may project our ancestral feelings of a vengeful god and feel like a victim to it but that does explain on how karma actually works. Some things are destined to us others are just merely permitted by karma. The same applies for things that can not happen to us. As karma can become a protector of some sort by not allowing situations to happen. Maybe you are destined to "burn off" the karma/skandhas that you have and these dramatic situation are just merely permitted to happen in order to help you burn it off? (There is this saying, for a Buddhist skandhas are for the Hindu is karma and probably for the new ager the LOA) Hope you find the answers you are looking for. (Shunyamurti recent video may help. Did watch this after posting. I guess synchronicity is part of the game.)
  7. Hello! Has anyone heard or recgonize this process? In short, we humans have some microscopic particles inbeded in our tissues called skandhas ( in the brain, thighs and any muscle tissue besides the bones). The particles are released by a rotational tetrahedron around the body called the merkabah. When these particles are released, they move toward the throat chakra and are absorbed there and transformed. Has anyone read or heard about this process or anything like it? Thanks in advance.