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  1. Hello all What's up with the "You create your own reality" jargon? It's like a stupid recurring meme here on the forum. Apparently folks have adopted this as something factual without questioning it. I remember the time when excercises from Abraham Hicks where labeled as whitewashed black magic (Using spiritual/mental forces for material gain). Apparently this become the norm as humanity became so selfish that it is beyond recognition. It's pathetic. What is up with the non-duality language here? I didn't need such shit to attain spiritual realizations. Neither did rest of the folks I knew of. Does it even help you attain anything? I'll go and do the work that actually brought me results I got also tired of the fake politeness here. Love in disguise, yeah right. Want to know love? I'll express it for you in this one sentence: Go fuck yourself. Goodbye.
  2. Just exaggerated a bit. Got some jumpy vision from that one bong hit. May be a misplaced retina. Nothing special, just wanted some steam out.
  3. I remember that time when I energized my crystals in the sun. So that I could put them home and have that good vibe energy. Also used a lot of incense and Tibetan singing bowls. Veganism, nature, and minimalism were the way. Lived close to very loving people and worked outdoors as a gardener. Meditated together to bring more light into the planet, enjoying the sunny days and spiritual retreats, etc. I even remember the coming of Maitreya Buddha that would usher us into the new age of Aquarius. The coming of our galactic family to help us out. The end of millennia of the misery of separation. I am even though that we would erase global poverty when the Germaine funds will get released. Then I changed. I realized Veganism was just a selfish survival strategy to avoid suffering (high vibe=no problems). I threw the crystals, incense, and Tibetan bowls in the garbage can. Instead of a gardener, I became an electrician. Instead of minimalism and love, I just stopped running from pain and finally bought all the material needs that I wanted and became autonomous. Instead of some Maitreya, I manifested other living teachers that I got constantly triggered by. Also got alcoholism as a bonus and now rely on my monetary gain. I do not know if I got a huge ego backlash or ascended/descended on the SD scale. All I can say is things have changed since then and it seems it changed for the better. I still do have these fantasies in the background as a foundation to my current life situation.
  4. I had a trauma that I couldn't integrate. It was blocked by thick layer of repression. As a last resort I decided to open it up with the help of weed by some understanding from the psychedelic community and a Teal Swan video. Holy shit, I was wrong. My eyesight became permanently "jumpy". I get terror induced flashbacks from that bad trip that ruined my eyesight. I have developed occasional visual illusions as bonus since winter. I would describe my situation as "No brakes Only gas" as I seem not be able to stop or repress any impulse anymore. Those brakes vanished when I took that weed. I don't care about God. Cause my mind doesn't comprehend it anymore . I have severed my connection with the Higher Self forever.The lower self slowly disintegrates into a dreadful psychosis. My only way to enjoy myself for the last time us to take a huge bank loan. Then spend it on prostitutes and opium rooms. When my brains get totally fried and genitals fall off from the stds. I'll make a bomb and put it around myself. I will stay at a rooftop and wait for folks to gather themselves and say to me "Jump!" and I'll fucking jump and explode in midair so everyone in the crowd will get a piece of me. Then I'll become a dark ghost like shit that will slowly disintegrate in earth atmosphere in a millennia of unimaginable suffering. That's because of the one candy I took and didn't pay for at the grocery store as a child. Karma is a @#$%&. Folks, do not smoke weed. It can fuck you up forever.
  5. So i feel like an outsider to this forum and other spiritual groups. I see the excitement in everyone for exploring different facets of this topic. Besides me, i just don't care. I feel like there is no other way to live and i just happened to manifest this into my reality by chanse. If i had full free will then i undoubtedly would chase after success in the material world. Spirituality seems more like a obligatory life purpose than something i want to do. Money seems more important to me now. I tried already to give up spirituality for a year but manifested huge problems and i am not going back. Do i have this mindset because i am low in the SD? I had spiritual realizations by "accident" but it doesn't mean that i was interested in them in the first place. I am still not interested but they happen. There seems no other way to feel good so i naturally just do the work. It is difficult to explain but does anyone else feel this way?
  6. @Mason Riggle yea, I usually use the word Absolute for that. That is how I learned it. There is no unconscious reaction to it and is fairly neutral. With millennia of Christian indoctrination running in my heritage. The word God has plenty of baggage and shit buried within me that is associated with it. I heard in different facets of awakening that you can realize God. So I just wonder how to realize it. In a sense, I do not see it as a synonym for the Absolute. The word God just triggers some mental pattern in my brain and then I go berserk
  7. Yeah, i was thinking more of being free of God and his rules. Then I would drink, take drugs, kill, hurt, steal, die and disappear. Living the depraved animal life. No conscience, no problem. Obviously, if I had Absolute freedom then I couldn't do anything or even exist.
  8. Yes i know, but it feels so good to feel and pretend to be separate and painful when we are ONE. When i am separate, it feels like i have total freedom. At oneness it feels like i am obliged to do this practice, listen to this teacher, obey this rule and not resist this law etc.
  9. Maybe not hate but allergy. I still cling to negativity at times. Honestly I do not want to change but I have no option. I would rather separate myself from this God. Fortunately it is just a concept in this collective mind.
  10. Or maybe I just secretly hate it? That'll make more sense.
  11. Having the kundalini raised between the brows will definitely "kill you" atleast temporarily. No ego games will work when it happens.
  12. (this made me laugh.) I mean good point bro, he should actually do it ?
  13. I need to learn this non-duality language that y'all are speaking. For me it looks like this at this point;
  14. This is on point! I read the headline on the government chanel Yle that Niinistö (President) made a call to Putin with the intent of discussing the Ukraine conflict. After that I watched some Russian government news. There putin said something like " My colleague from Finland called recently, we discussed the Antartica project and other science projects etc." No word about Ukraine. (I live in Finland and understand the Russian language)
  15. I'll then ascend so HIGH that no interstellar craft will stop me!
  16. Yo Bro! We will ascend high up to the 5th density and unite with our galactic space family. We will be embraced by the highest vibrations possible! Then we kick them reptilian alien nazis right in the caballz. If this doesn't happen. I'll put 6 month worth of 5-meo-dmt up my ass and then I'll definitely ascend! 5th dimension FTW!!! Yeah!
  17. They can lead to dangerous consequences. The Qanon movement is now being purged from Youtube, Facebook, and Patreon cause of the storming of capitol hill in the U.S. Other videos and live streams are being censored because of this. Cause now these companies became very vigilant. You can get your video now deleted on Youtube if there is even the smallest "medical misconception" in it.
  18. ❤️
  19. I wonder if it is that simple and that's all it is. When I get the kundalini raised to the middle region between the brows it seems like it. How can it be anything else than presence?
  20. Subsystems: Integumentary System. Skeletal System. Muscular System. Nervous System. Endocrine System. Cardiovascular System. Urinary System. Respiratory System.