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  1. How much for that old rope sir? I'll pay double of what you accept! In all seriousness I can never be a 6 foot Asian woman and I accept that. How is that judgement?
  2. INTP(-T 5w6) every time and struggling in every single way as predicted. :}
  3. Leo is correct. Shut up and take your meds. If you don't want to because of some doubt then I suggest you do 10+ years in the lab as a scientist or a doctor and argue your ignorance here further. It is for the best and deep down you know this.
  4. I'd start a YouTube channel with my playthroughs of every time I ever played a video game. I'd be rich by now that's for sure! Then I'd invest in a house that supports other YouTubers to keep me going as I entered my 20s.