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  1. I dont get isnt it the same thing you talk , except in a less dramatic way , either way she is "ahead" than most people. Cant deny the truth in her words
  2. especially if you are into business , they discuss about complex topics like ego happiness and many more . i highly recommend you check them out its hard to compare them with anyone else in that industry
  3. The Harsh truth this might piss off some people
  4. Sometimes when i sit down and observe i feel like an npc player acting out tasks , ive watched many shows to realize that this reality is too perfect to be real i mean everything is just too convinent . Hungry ? Just eat . Thirsty just drink want to go somewhere use your legs. You get my point sometimes it feels like all of this is almost like a program like if there was an ultimate reality it wouldnt be this pretty or accomodate for us. It almost like we are experincing an illusion while our real selves are either outside of this reality in bliss or complete beingness . This "reality " that they live in is nothing like ours its something thats completly un undetstable to the human "mind". Imagining the notion that we arent real and just mere npcs is threatening scary to a normal person which is an expected reaction an npc , only the brave ones pursue whats beyond. Everyones path is predermined so is everything else in life sometimes iam able to see invetiable changes that will happen to me . Human evolution is invetiable you can distrupt the flow , you can throw off the flow by hundred years but its invetiable. Even the creation of was predermined including all its haters and followers its the flow . People delude themselves thinking they are in control of their fate how do you know your fate ? You dont . You just try to your best at whatever you are doing because you never know . Everyone moves at their own pace , everyone is where they need to be at the moment . Im a writer i like telling stories ive always wanted to create a storie that included everything , everything piece i created i was unsatsifed but what i didnt realize that i aready created my best masterpiece
  5. Based on my posts on this forum what do you guys think is my stage. Am asking because im not really sure i can just rely on my perspective. The type of post you make reflect who you are as a person.
  6. happy new year y'all list your goals for this year
  7. if you didnt aready know there is a season 2 coming out
  8. Realize GOD
  9. It is said that if ramanujan had lived a few more years , he would have discovered the secrets of the universe itself. His theta function is used today by nuclear scientist to determine nature of subatomic particles. He had worked out the mathematical proof of black holes 100 years ago when people didnt even know what black holes was. When asked how he could produce such extra ordinary theorems he simply said " God talks to me " . One of the greatest minds who ever lived. It was a tragedy that the world lost a man who could explain infinity itself had he lived longer. The current debit/credit card pin number generation is based on one of his theorems