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  1. virtual reality projection - its a method that a regular astral traveler can use to create their own personal astral realm of their choice Get a poster of a pleasant scene, something bright and sunny. The bigger the better, but standard poster size will do. Hang it on the wall of the room you are going to project in, or another room close by. Get a small spotlight and set it so the poster is highlighted when the main light is turned off, a normal directional bedside lamp will do. Place the light under, or above, so the light spreads out over it giving a diffused effect illuminating it, a bit like a movie screen. Entering your custom realm: When you project, go towards the poster, keeping your mind blank. Don’t think about what you are doing, just gaze at it and move towards it. As you approach it in this way, your subconscious mind will be tricked into creating an astral realm exactly like the poster. Just move up to and into the poster. It is like stepping into another world. Everything in this world will be exactly like in the poster. It will appear to be a normal three dimensional world, an exact copy, indistinguishable from reality. To customise this world: Cut and paste small pictures of things, or people, you want to find in this world with you when you enter it. Don’t just stick a whole picture on the poster. Get scissors and cut around the object, or person. Try and find pictures that are approximately the same scale as the poster. If you cut out a small picture of someone, living or dead, your subconscious will create a thought form shell of them and they will be there waiting for you. This may be an excellent way of communicating with those that have died. You can take this a step further pick a world, fandom, or whatever you want. Pick one with gods & with factions. Insert yourself as one of the gods, an "OC" of sorts. Write a creation/mythology pretty much, about your relationship to these gods, your relationship with the factions, how these factions feel about chu, how do they feel 'about each other, what're the cultures, which ones are you the patron to if any, and where this "prophecy" is going. The story will essentially act as an energetic blueprint of sorts, acting as a subplane in it's own right for a lack of better terms, that wouldn't need charging, as it's essentially already been charged up during your resonation with writing it during its conception. So all that would be left to do, is to simply go there it will be in the astral. you can write your own world from scratch if you want @GreenWoods @Matt8800 @OBEler
  2. mental projection - projecting from your mental body into the astral realm. mental projection exercise Sit comfortably. Deep belly breaths. Imagine projecting your mental body out of your physical. Its hovering and looking over physically body. Look at your clothes hair body position and be comfortable. Now imagine you are zooming up through the ceiling and out of the building. Pause for a few seconds and look back at the areas surrounding the building then project yourself onward. Speed by familiar parks houses store and watch the traffic passing underneath you. Now go to a friend's house inside different rooms and see if anyone is home. Exit the house and return to your home go in your body. Write down what you saw. Mental projection into objects Sit comfortably Take deep breaths With your eyes closed Imagine yourself blowing up like a balloon larger and larger While feeling yourself get bloated up and round Let yourself get as big as the room as big as the house Then stop and feel yourself that way Now reduce yourself to normal size Visualize yourself getting smaller and smaller ( shrinking ) Let yourself feel the shrinking process as you grow small as you can Then stop and feel yourself that way Now pick an object and imagine yourself going in it How does it look and feel like Are there any sounds taste present Experience and take note of them Now come out of the object and increase yourself to normal size Take a deep breath and open your eyes and feel yourself alert and refreshed Project yourself into closed containers and envelopes to try and decipher messages Project yourself in stones in your area and see what you find.
  3. interesting take on reincarnation
  4. sup yall its been a while i have learned so much this past month and am still learning , i've had new experiences and done some testing. get in a meditative position and close your eyes. a friend of mine made a 10 step method to mind project or half project or what i like to call bilocation. the method is a combination of other methods. it's very easy and straightforward 0. get in a meditative position and close your eyes. 1. visualize yourself being in your kitchen. 2. now see a lemon there touch it. 3. what do you see ? 4. what does it feel like ? 5. smell it. 6. then see a knife cut the lemon in half. 7. lick the inside what does it taste like. 8. then visualize this cord or string made out of energy. 9. it connects to a friend of yours you decide who it connects to then follow the cord or use it as a zipline whatever resonates with you. 10.Then let your visualization do it's thing trust everything you see , every detail is important. we have tested this method with various members of my discord server about astral projection and lucid dreaming and so far we have had 5 plus more successful attempts. with bilocation you can be in two places at once , you can text while doing it anything that doesn't require too much physical effort. its like astral projection but instead you are projecting with your mental body. @GreenWoods @Leo Gura @Matt8800
  5. i agree i dont see why people are offended by a question like that . if anything the one getting offended is the one making assumptions.
  6. an article on out of body experience or astral projection
  7. here is the link soul travel course you should watch this as well its very informative
  8. from a book @GreenWoods MENTAL PROJECTION - As an exercise, assume a comfortable, relaxed position and do some deep, abdominal breathing. Imagine projecting your mental body out of your physical body so that it is hovering over and looking down on your relaxed body. Look at your clothes, hair, body position, etc. and feel totally comfortable. Now imagine you are zooming up through the ceiling and out of the building. Pause for a few seconds and look back at the areas surrounding the building, then project yourself onward. Speed by familiar parks, houses, stores and watch the traffic passing underneath you. Now proceed over to a friend's house. Go inside and view the different rooms and see if anybody is at home. Listen to the sounds of any animals or conversations. Take note of anything out of the ordinary -- new faces, items or happenings. Then exit the house and return to your own location. Look at your body briefly and then resume your normal occupancy. Write down or draw what you saw; then call your friend up to see how close you came.
  9. Post your opinions about the show
  10. is it just me or does life feel dreamy sometimes like nothing is real etc and then it hits you you start to remember your responsibility , like waking up from a dream then you feel a bit sad
  11. I been watching this underatted channel for quite a while especially for his highly effective binaural beats and spiritual wisdom i wanted to share this with you a new series he made. This is an intro to the series Il be posting one video each day just to make sure il do it since its a daily thing but if you are curious check out his channel. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  12. When did he say he was making a new course
  13. VID_24510907_131035_398.mp4