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  1. Basically i made out with this girl and did all sorts of things you can imagine, im still a virgin tho. But as i was doing those things to her i realized that i was not enjoying it one bit was it because she was 3 years older than me, she later told me that she loves me but i dont really feel the same way. To me this this was mor3 of a hook up than anything. This whole time ive been lusting for women but i think am satisfied n9w , it might not have been as i exp3ct3d but it was som3thing . The epmiteness in my heart has been filled half
  2. so i came across this website a while ago and it has some really interesting things , the man who owns this site is called rick Richards . on his blog he talks about the human chakra system , the astral world , aliens etc instead of explaining id rather you see it for yourself and say what you think about it .
  3. Is it possible to connect and talk with out ancient ancestors through spiritual means
  4. The title above is a netflix show that features mini episodes of stories . Each episode is unique and different , with different styles . This show will blow your mind , better than any mainstream crap out there. If you decide to give it a try you will be amazed.✌
  5. Interesting perspective
  6. Is anyone here from foreign countries. If you are state your name and say which country you are from.
  7. Better explanation than @Leo Gura
  8. Is it a real thing does it exist ? I found this interview very interesting , Dont bother checking the comments or it will make you sad like iam.
  9. This is something I dont really see people talking about in here , going on this journey of self actualization has many benefits . But also alot of pain involved be it sometimes physical , emotional. the one that hurts the most is losing friends and close people because they just dont simply understand you. Looking back at your life with this friends of yours , you find it hard to believe how much influence they had thoughts and beliefs they had on you and how much it shaped your reality. So you basically ditched them now you try to find people same age as you who thinks the same way as you. most people you meet just think you are lunatic or whatever word they can think of , some trying to impose on you their own limiting beliefs. So you just kinda give up making friends , you say to yourself I dont need anyone , years in as you are doing the work , the further apart you grow from others and society resulting in loneliness a thought crosses your mind reminding you on how much fun stuff you did with your friends. You quickly remember why you cant be your friends despite your efforts Browsing online you find this forum , you are surprised by how many like minded people are here , you quickly make friends and find a common place your soul can finally feel at ease . Did @Leo Gura or other spiritual leaders create their own plat forms because deep inside they felt lonely , no one wants to be enlightened in a world full of fools so why not enlightenment for everyone By bryan