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  1. This is not clickbait : The Unseen Side Of Andrew Tate a deep introspection and dive This will show you A new side to him
  2. that doesnt disprove obe experiences that have happened all over the world and the ton of research that has been done
  3. that right there is legit , rely on your experience if it doesnt work then it doesnt
  4. Before coming to a conclusion i recommend trying for yourself first , this has worked for many people
  5. arlight man just contemplate what i said above. and to keep this on topic since the thread aready de railed
  6. science and skeptics dont understand this nor can they appreciate how deep it goes.
  7. To determine if a reading is accurate or inaccurate all you have to do is determine if it resonates with you or not. For the example of the paralysis that would be pretty obvious since they mentioned they already had paralysis and was pretty serious. psychics come in all different shapes and form aka different level of ability and knowledge , I know this especially since I spent a majority of my time last year in occult related groups , without a proper understanding of the whole picture of what is going , it can be hard to decipher what's accurate or not. The spirit world communicates in symbols and seemingly only symbols when you have a dream about a person its not about that person so to speak but rather what that person represents specifically to you. The same goes for every interaction location or words that are said. They are '' divine messages '' in this regard , as when you decode the dream you drastically cut entire years if not decades off your learning curve especially when you heed them to them to their fullest extent. There is no useless information otherwise they wouldn't be so wacky , nor would there be any time skips i.e. dream sequence changing randomly changing to a random location and interactions. Think of ww2 and how they'd send coded messages to each other .These messages can seem normal or silly or even nonsensical however when you break the code it yields an entirely different message altogether , and one that's actually objectively useful and can turn the tide of war completely. The same applies to your psychic vision when you tune into a spirit or person and wish to obtain information , the process is the same. The biggest challenge here isn't necessarily your ability to see and hear but trusting what you see and hear. I want to stress that you absolutely mustn't take any image literately nor anything a spirit says to you. Take scanning for example. When someone scans someone and take the image literally they might say something silly like your sacral is dirty and so forth. However one who knows how to interpret what they see , knowing what these concepts represent to them who see the same thing may say " you need to worry less " or " you've been betrayed recently " , depending on what the imagery means specially to them. Now , what about spirit communication ? Lets say a spirit calls you a worthless piece of shit . Remember this things aren't human and the spirit world communicates in symbols. They are not insulting you , they are delivering information to you and this is how your mind chose to receive it. To decode what they say consider the following template : Worthless ( w ) Piece ( x ) Of ( y ) Shit ( z ) Decode what each word specifically means to you , independently of the other and even of context. Focus on what it means to you , and not what you think it should mean. Then you may string together w x y z and get something far more profound. Do the same thing with any imagery you get , as well your dreams. This is what separates omniscient occultists , from those whom are hopelessly '' lost in the astral so to speak also known as delusional larpers that attempted to go without a qualified teacher nor guide. A scan is someone psychically viewing you, your energy body, objects related to you, and extrapolating information from that It doesn't have to involve a person either, a scan can be of an object, or place. there is a more in-depth explanation but that's the basics for needing to learn. For for me I tend to be very skeptic person when i got scans in the past , i would cross reference all the scans i got in the past and see if there is a pattern going on , for example the second paragraph on my reading that i got a few weeks ago , i remembered that someone had something similar when they scanned me an year ago and i checked it , sure enough it was. The reading above is much more in detail providing context. if you don't understand the mechanics of the spiritual world then i recommend doing that. The occult can be very interesting and very profound with their mechanics and metaphysics which directly tie into spirituality and larger reality , but finding the right people can be very difficult , i know a few like the one who provided the mechanics of the spiritual world i posted above.
  8. i knew you would say that the difference here is that you paid hundreds of dollars just to get a reading , while this one is completely free there is nothing you lose here. if they weren't as confident in their ability they wouldn't be offering such in detail FREE energetic reading. i recommend trying this one and if it does resonate with you , you get an in-depth insight and if it doesn't , well u lose nothing. also you ignored the first example i gave of the lady with paralysis , not sure how you explain them giving an in detail reading of her condition
  9. i also did a discovery session to see what i would get i didnt share any information about my energy or anything like that just my name and date of birth. ive learned more than i expected @Leo Gura
  10. i recommend getting an analysis from its an energetic healing website now i know what u thinking " sounds like another one of those money grabs " they have an in depth explanation on what they do and what not , they do free discovery sessions where they examine your energetic influence whats causing the issue and more details. here below is a session a person shared in a discord group , the person had toxic shock which lead to nerve damage
  11. Tinder is scummy not getting matches isn't your fault it's the way its designed unless you pay money Here is a detailed video on the mechanics on tinder , it will open your eyes to the reality. @Phyllis Wagner
  12. very straight forward try it and see results notes on the video :