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  1. We have previously talked about anime and its impact on society , so I was curious on what you guys think about manga . Some mangas can be just as good as books if not better , if anyone is a manga reader tell us its impact on you and some recommendations
  2. @ahmad ibdah I just started season 3
  3. @Mind of a beast go try
  4. who needs a house am i rite
  5. @ahmad ibdah dude have you seen the new episode of attack on titan
  6. Do you think rick sanchez is enlightened , what stage of spiral dynamics would he be.
  7. @Shin Soon he will realize that money and objects won't make him happy
  8. @Paul92 do whatever makes you happy
  9. you know you dont have to talk like that all the time , i know this is a phase you are going through a phase through of trying to sound grandiose and all its hard to ask you a question let alone have a conversation if all you do is copy and paste the same thing
  10. @Leo Gura this feels like a more grounded and visual explanation for a non enlightenlightened person to understand, that's if they are open minded
  11. @kieranperez what is your practical guide that reached where you are right now