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  1. Study critical thinking. Any university library will have books on it. I read Paul Richard and Linda Elders ''Critical Thinking''. Covers much of what you'd be interested in. Frequent meditation to detach yourself from ingrained perspectives, reading as much as possible with time to let it settle, abstaining from alcohol, keeping body and mind healthy. Much of humanities stupidity stems from ego based thinking, trying to prove other people wrong rather than seeking the truth. Always try to align yourself with the vibrations of curiosity, earnestness rather than obnoxiousness and arrogance and you'll do pretty well.
  2. And of course if you can get him to meditate ASAP that'll streamline his progress, but truthfully I think he needs some wins in the material world before he comes around to the idea, let alone the practice.
  3. This is a rough outline of the material I think is best for him Wes Watson / David Goggins / Rich Piana (No Joke) / Elliott Hulse / Mayyybe Dan Pena ? Unsure. (Coming out of depression - initial action steps, 6-12 months) Jordan Peterson / Tony Robbins / Jeff Olson / Jim Rohn / Early Actualized /Any notable self help teacher (Leaving behind misery - coming into independence) 1.5 / 2 years Actualized spirituality / Jesus / Eckhart Tolle / Buddha / Krishna / David Hawkins / Fredirick Dodson (Encountering illusions of materialism, transcending)
  4. If he's in grief which is typical of a victim mindset - try to get him angry about his life and situation. It's better for him to ''move up'' to the level of anger which will generate energy into action, rather than moping around achieving nothing. Sounds counter intuitive but it works. Once he begins to make positive changes he can shift into courage, neutrality, acceptance.. then into higher states of consciousness, but for now anger is the best place for him. Get him to think about how pissed off he is that other people have it easier, why they have advantages over him, and how his life is bullshit!! Then get him to shift into aggressive action. Smashing the gym, writing down his goals, being hyper focused on achievement. The best thing for him is this type of stuff. Leo's work will be too soft on him. This will shock him out of apathy / grief and into action. Good Luck.
  5. That second graph is interesting. I was in that hyperactive realm about a year ago - and was having ''success'' but hating it the entire time. After moving up doing some spiritual work it's funny to see the results and sometimes wish you were achieving the same level, despite the fact that your present moment is so much better than what you were inhabiting before.
  6. @Leo Gura If I could choose to be anything - and my past is entirely imaginary, why has it occurred in this way? Why would I choose to make needless suffering for myself?
  7. @Leo Gura Why?
  8. @lmfao I'm thinking aesthetics and consciousness are similar - appreciating beauty in something, rather than shooting stuff over and over. Maybe there isn't much development to be had, but its an improvement over the latter.
  9. @Carl-Richard Haha they should. I think of personality as something so fluid, constantly changing and evolving over time. Even proclivities such as a penchant for humour come and go based on a bunch of other factors - sleep, hunger level, etc.. it's hard to pin point who you are when its made up of so many biological, cultural and socio economic factors. Then rigidly clinging to something when it could be a combination of unforseen extrinsic factors that are subject to change.
  10. Or Art. Does anyone have examples of interactive mediums that promote growth, contemplation or development? This is my best example. Maybe little big planet as well? Emphasis on collaboration, creation and community.
  11. How do you guys deal with the questions - I feel energized when talking with other people? Whenever I read that I think sometimes I do, and other times I don't. It depends who i'm hanging out with and what the context is. It's too black and white to state whether I do or don't.
  12. I've received around 4 different results each time i've done it, years apart and in different moods. When I take it now I intuitively know what responses will lead to whatever result and I'm biased towards getting whatever one I think is the coolest at this point in time. I've been INFP lately. Do you guys believe in this stuff? How valid do you think it is? Will it serve my life in anyway or is it another excuse to bolster a false sense of self?
  13. Dude and Castaway!! When wilson leaves tom hanks
  14. And blue is the warmest colour