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  1. Defs a great tool to uncover shadow material in your unconscious to release but can be used as a tool for avoidance / distraction You will know the difference by embracing the negative emotions that arise and letting them go, rather than smoking bongs and watching netflix
  2. @Nilsi Thanks, I struggle to discern the difference between red and orange at times. Personally I think red is the ego without awareness, orange is the same energy but restrained by consciousness integrated by blue.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elrnAl6ygeM
  4. And I would love to hear peoples experience with weak orange, what it took to overcome it and pitfalls to avoid
  5. I feel as if my base of red and blue is solid - my orange is unstable, which is bottle necking my green +
  6. Hello, I have integrated red, blue, elements of yellow, green and turquoise but my orange is lacking. What are the most effective resources to fully integrate stage orange with minimal shadow? Currently I am absorbing Tim Grover's material Winning - looking at Kobe Bryant, studying the chakra system (manipura)
  7. @Loba Yo thanks for the reply I'll rephrase to ''elements of their shadow'', not all of it. I'm assuming you had a lot of choices of partner - but picked the bad boy over nice guys who did not have that edge. My current understanding is they are aware of aggressive, sexual thoughts without repression - whereas other men may feel shame, embarrassment, fear thus making them more attractive. What work do you think a bad boy needs to do to drop immaturity and turn into a dominant male / alpha male?
  8. Yo What do you guys think of the bad boy? What are your personal experiences of it? Those who are attracted to it, why? why not? What are the limitations of this lifestyle? What is an evolved bad boy? Movie, literary, historical examples (integrated red at stage yellow) IMO a bad boy is someone who has integrated their shadow before their peers - however may be immature in other aspects of their life. The attraction is the dominance for submissive people.
  9. Recently I met someone who I have strong feelings for. How much of love is real? Real in the sense that I feel this way - but after doing personal development / self help I am aware of narcissistic / codependent dynamics and the bullshit I have put myself through previously in similar situations. This video talks about how love can be low status behavior, being overly subservient, scarcity mindset and obsession on one person. Personally I would say I have resolved some of my issues regarding relationships. I am capable of getting other people. I do like this person moreso than others. Am I over thinking it and trying to analyze it? Or should I be aware of this
  10. @Leo Gura Can you please tell me more about power - such as the difference between individualistic and systemic how it is gained / wielded positively / negatively why people don't pursue it
  11. How can love be a real thing? How is god love? There is so much misery in the world. We do so many bad things as a species. Life is essentially survival of the fittest. Our world is structured in a way to hide these unpleasant truths as much as possible. But the truth is, if I am a powerful selfish person I will get what I want. If I am weak others will walk over me. Without boundaries it's innate within people to take what they want.
  12. Especially in the realm of dating and attraction It's stupid how well being an angry alpha guy works to have sex yet that behavior is shunned in spiritual circles but it works My current gripe is that the majority of spiritual advice I receive completely contradicts the results I get in the physical world, and the methods I use to acquire things. At the moment, being a dick as worked so well for me in so many ways that I don't see the reason for consciousness anymore.
  13. I get positive social feedback for being a dick. The world rewards me for being a devil, yet when I actually try to do the right thing and be conscious my rewards are measly. What am I missing? Is it really the best way to live to be a conscious person? If I was unconscious as fuck and sought only my own happiness, purely selfish motives and desires, it seems like my life would be better.
  14. I have had times in life when i'm super fit, dressing well, having sex, socially dominating and yet it feels worthless for a while it's awesome, then I get karmic payback or it just ends up not working anymore yet when I let go things seems to move slowly and I don't get the same results