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  1. I'd say Yellow, orange, green. Previously red and orange.
  2. In my interpretation - Red is often impulsive and would not have the means to exploit the system in such a way. Arguably robbing a bank is the equivalent for that paradigm. Orange however see's the bigger picture and understands how to game a system in a less abrasive fashion. Being a capitalistic system rather than purely tribalistic / hierarchical.
  3. Is intelligence a factor? Does a better brain imply a greater conduit for reality to be interpreted - or because consciousness is separate from the mind is that untrue?
  4. Love this video, a lot of great stuff about the false god of materialism.
  5. @Surfingthewave What would you recommend? I did it primarily for eyeballs, sometimes when I use specifics the view count is lower. I feel like the vampire in Leo's description of the Hero's Journey. The light is definitely purifying baggage that is no longer necessary, but it's painful to become aware of the ignorance you've lived in for so long. There certainly is a pull to consciousness - awareness, but there is gravity trying to pull me back to what is familiar. Especially since sport is inundated with red / orange thinking (selfishness). What makes me feel calm, centered and real is just being in the moment. The last few weeks I've had intense monkey mind and strong negative emotions as I let go of the old ways of being. Praying to the lord, forgiving others and releasing emotion is doing the trick. @SgtPepper Agreed. Finding the love and joy in the activity is key. At times I would ''cheat'' by smoking weed before training to get myself into those states and play well - however without it I find it hard to feel those same emotions.
  6. I struggle with maintaining my masculinity whenever I return to Jesus. I'm in a macho sporting environment and I had ''success'' (dominance, aggression, stage red wins) by using anger / the dark side. Whenever I use this I feel like I'm doing something wrong. It's like a fast food energy source - initially great and fills you up but over time becomes harmful (too much cortisol, insane thinking, hyper vigilance) However, when I pull away from that paradigm I find myself losing my edge. I lack the energy to train as intensely as I did previously (because I was literally a man possessed by low vibration energy - demons). How do I embrace the light side? Especially in a sporting context. ''Calm, at peace, passive'' - This seems so counter intuitive to sport, but is it the right way? Letting go of my ego and the delusion that it is controlling me and getting consciousness to act through me? Does anyone have experience swapping energy sources, how they did it and what is required to let go of the previous paradigm?
  7. Is there a difference? Is one pure awareness of reality unfolding without input from mind, and the other trying to create things through your wants?
  8. I'm currently in the belly of the whale and encountering my egoic limitations. For me it has been Pride - love of my ego at the cost of denigrating others, infatuation with appearance, perceived abilities and out working other people to make myself feel better by comparison. Essentially being competitive instead of collaborative. Pride is a strange sin because on the surface it feels like you are doing everything right, and in a way you are but it's for the wrong reasons. Eventually they become evident and handicap your progress significantly. The energy you emanate is so off putting for other people and they resent you for it. You create envy and animosity in others at the cost of inflating your ego. An example is there is nothing wrong with exercising - but if you are training twice a day to look better than everyone else is that a good idea? Why do you feel the need to upload shirtless photos of yourself? To prove how good looking you are. Christian literature has a lot on pride and it's negativity. Lucifer's fall is a great one. Taking credit for Gods work and wanting to be a God instead of surrender and appreciation. You literally cast yourself out of the kingdom of heaven to rule hell - i.e dopamine, fleeting adoration, validation that will never satisfy you. It's been a bitter pill to swallow but I'm emerging out of it now. 3 days does seem to be the number. Surrender was the most useful tool. I read a bunch of counter intuitive moves being useful in this situation and it was for me. Typically I'd get caught in the paradigm of doing - instead I surrendered to consciousness and allowed whatever emotions to be released through feeling them fully. Initiation is the next step - so I'm presuming that after total surrender of my ego consciousness will rise out of the ashes and then I will be able to face the trials with the strength of the universe on my side. I'm looking forward to it. So for discussion - What were your experiences in the belly of the whale? What limitations did you have to overcome? What strategies did you use? What was the next phase for you like? What was the difference between before and after?
  9. @Preety_India You get tested to see if you're committed. Dedication to spiritual work means you have integrity to your principles. Personally committing to a teacher you resonate with (jesus, buddha, mohammad, krishna, etc..) makes it so much easier. Otherwise it's just your ego + consciousness trying to overcome the world and it's unlikely you will succeed.
  10. I don't think you want to become more selfish, I think you've been hurt and wish to dump the negative energy onto another. Unconscious people are selfish. You can stoop down to their level which ultimately wont work because you've attained a higher level and can't go back. Process the negative energy you feel by feeling it fully and releasing it. Loving yourself more is the answer - not regressing and solidifying your ego.
  11. My advice is PLEASE don't buy into that paradigm, the fact you're here indicates you are above it. It's steeped in low vibration energy and after studying it and applying it you will get a small reward for great punishment. Collaborative paradigm beats competitive. Never buy into the brainwashing that scarcity exists. You will only contribute to the suffering of humanity. Anytime you are conscious enough to observe another ego in action, become present and ''do not resist an evil person''. Anything you react to strongly in another you strengthen in yourself. By playing the games they play you will only feed the lower parts of you - encouraging demons to move into your etheric body. It will lead you astray to the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Believe me I've been down that road. It's the realm of hungry ghosts. The solution is awareness, presence, non-resistance and healthy boundaries. Consciousness speaks of it's own. Don't fixate on ego revenge - getting even, getting what I deserve, an eye for an eye. That's all fuel for ego which is what we want to dissolve - or at least find salvation through Christ. I've played sports for a long time and fallen for that trap. Even after achieving success by those means it's hollow. Remain true to whatever higher power you worship and let go. Whenever you're triggered by another ego scheming against you be grateful for the opportunity to release unconscious trauma and move into a higher state of being. It's difficult but ultimately rewarding. The cop out is to unconsciously retaliate or even worse consciously research ways to egoistically respond. '' What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?'' Paradoxically the pragmatic way to succeed is to let go and let god. The small self has no power in face of Self. ''But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.''
  12. @Leo Gura What is the collateral damage of improving SMV? Jealously / Envy of others?