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  1. Defs a great tool to uncover shadow material in your unconscious to release but can be used as a tool for avoidance / distraction You will know the difference by embracing the negative emotions that arise and letting them go, rather than smoking bongs and watching netflix
  2. @Nilsi Thanks, I struggle to discern the difference between red and orange at times. Personally I think red is the ego without awareness, orange is the same energy but restrained by consciousness integrated by blue.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elrnAl6ygeM
  4. And I would love to hear peoples experience with weak orange, what it took to overcome it and pitfalls to avoid
  5. I feel as if my base of red and blue is solid - my orange is unstable, which is bottle necking my green +
  6. Hello, I have integrated red, blue, elements of yellow, green and turquoise but my orange is lacking. What are the most effective resources to fully integrate stage orange with minimal shadow? Currently I am absorbing Tim Grover's material Winning - looking at Kobe Bryant, studying the chakra system (manipura)
  7. @Loba Yo thanks for the reply I'll rephrase to ''elements of their shadow'', not all of it. I'm assuming you had a lot of choices of partner - but picked the bad boy over nice guys who did not have that edge. My current understanding is they are aware of aggressive, sexual thoughts without repression - whereas other men may feel shame, embarrassment, fear thus making them more attractive. What work do you think a bad boy needs to do to drop immaturity and turn into a dominant male / alpha male?
  8. Yo What do you guys think of the bad boy? What are your personal experiences of it? Those who are attracted to it, why? why not? What are the limitations of this lifestyle? What is an evolved bad boy? Movie, literary, historical examples (integrated red at stage yellow) IMO a bad boy is someone who has integrated their shadow before their peers - however may be immature in other aspects of their life. The attraction is the dominance for submissive people.
  9. I did not intend offence, just trying to be truthful as to why he is so popular at the moment. And chill with the snarkiness lol - i've actual tried to have a good faith discussion
  10. @Carl-Richard I was thinking in a resentment type way. @Ulax Yellow is an individualistic state @zurew He is definitely intelligent - I think he has elements of yellow, not a lot but you can recognize a thinker above orange when they communicate @Leo Gura Yes you did, but he embodies the alpha stereotype more which makes it more believable / relatable
  11. @Fearey Absolutely, in a systems thinking / intellectual sense
  12. And be careful ragging on him - chances are there's something you either wish you have that he's got, or something you are that you refuse to acknowledge about yourself (conscious, unconscious, repressed or otherwise)
  13. He's the definition of ''what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?'' From the outside looking in his lifestyle looks amazing, but digging deeper there is overcompensation, insecurity, ego, lack of fulfillment, desire, insatiability, longing for more. But before experiencing riches and disillusionment its easy to demonize his material success without developing the skills necessary to achieve similar status - (stage orange shadow that pretty much everyone interested in spirituality has) So transcend and integrate. Take the aggression, dominance, masculinity, wealth, status, power and channel it into your life purpose fueled by consciousness rather than becoming an egocentric maniac.
  14. @Leo Gura I wouldn't say he is pathetic, far from it. He's excelled at red and orange without blue. He's capable of yellow with little green. He's filling the void Jordan Peterson left - young men needed a red leader in the media. Honestly he is a great stepping stone for your material. You know that people get caught up in spirituality without mastering survival. A strong, intelligent, rich guy talking mad shit and inspiring men to grow a back bone isn't a bad thing. Leo with love I think you have a red shadow. I think your mindset would change with intense physical activity
  15. Recently I met someone who I have strong feelings for. How much of love is real? Real in the sense that I feel this way - but after doing personal development / self help I am aware of narcissistic / codependent dynamics and the bullshit I have put myself through previously in similar situations. This video talks about how love can be low status behavior, being overly subservient, scarcity mindset and obsession on one person. Personally I would say I have resolved some of my issues regarding relationships. I am capable of getting other people. I do like this person moreso than others. Am I over thinking it and trying to analyze it? Or should I be aware of this