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  1. Yellow/turquoise
    Yellow/Turquoise Science Lectures Mega-Thread
    There are a lot of great cutting-edge physics and science lectures available on Youtube these days, so I thought it would be nice if we started to pool the best ones.
    Please think twice before posting a science video here. We want really good videos which demonstrate high Yellow/Turquoise holistic science. Find videos which are really big picture or have some larger metaphysical, epistemic, or spiritual implications. I'm thinking of stuff akin to the work of visionary scientists like Einstein, Niels Bohr, David Bohm, etc.
    Stuff that is post-materialist, post-rationalist. Stuff that's outside the box and really captures the imagination.
    Of course we shouldn't expect these scientists to really fathom nonduality. Most of them will still be materialists and still stuck in their models. But still, they will often say interesting tidbits which dovetail with nonduality.