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  1. Why did you make Lying, Falseness, Deception possible to the ones that you Love the most? @Leo Gura
  2. Actually I have a similar problem, Good at first attraction but don't take advantage of it. Any suggestions?
  3. Any suggestions on the resources to learning how to game? (I think I gravitate towards RSD Julien)
  4. I've had this exact experience!! I couldn't understand it at the time but partly due to it I was diagnosed schizophrenic. Although I am not a schizophrenic (Or rather I am that and beyond)
  5. So I was once also diagnosed the same disease but right now I'm in the process of reducing and eventually getting off the meds under a supervision of a doctor. I haven't done much psychedelics so I can't say much about those but Leo's videos have Definitely helped me to say the least. If you are able to take control of the unconscious, take your responsibility back. If are willing to go threw some dark shit, you Can recover and moreover exceed the expectations set by others and have an exceptional life. But you have to also be grounded in reality, tricky stuff life is.
  6. @Israfil Yeah, I tend to jump into conclusions a lot There are no shoulds in the world but I think IF you want a better world than it is at the moment, you trying to make it a better place helps.
  7. @Yog So what I’m saying is, we “relatively more conscious and more insightful men” should be more like the “relatively less oppressive vikings” and strive to gain more power but also cultivate humility and compassion, balance the two(power and compassion) and consciously strive to build a better society. And also what I said about women being the bearers of humanity is in biology. Men can not bear the burden(In a harsh environment I would say it is a burden) of carrying a baby into the world for them(Although we can make the environment more suitable for women and also if women want to strive for power like men do we should make that possible too). So what I’m saying is strive to get to the top and choose your own faith(Not for yourself to survive better but for others and for something bigger than yourself) sorry for my scattered writing. Writing this I had so many branches of thoughts to go to but I tried not to go so far. Damn, insights left and right these days and all these connections.. it’s crazy
  8. @Leo Gura So this was what I truly felt, was it a wrong insight? Or not a popular one shared by many people?
  9. @Thought Art Make the connection. I know I wrote it vague but sometimes vague encompasses everything.
  10. So I thought about it and it hit me so I write. “Using something” or more specifically, at the expense of other living things(can be imagined) and obviously(usually) the other gender And for a woman’s private part, it is “Being used”. Like women are used to bear babies. Until recently women were the bearers and the sacrificed, and the men at the top were the choosers of who should be sacrificed(still is but it is being more distributed). So men at the top chose(because it is inevitable for survival ) the criteria for who or what things to be sacrificed. Lesson here for men is, be the chooser of faith(For youself and others) rather than on the receiving end of it And I though having a laugh is kind of similar. It also is at the expense of something, “laughing at something”
  11. We live in South Korea and he(my brother) says Korean tap water is good enough. Maybe it is idk but how can I convince him and our family to use reverse osmosis system for better water? Even though when Leo says drinking tap water is insane, I believe him but people who don’t know him would think he is being overly dramatic. How do you(Leo and others who say use ROS) know that ROS is helping you improve your health? It might be just placebo
  12. ISFP Used to be ESFP and people perceive me as INTJ Strange I know
  13. @Leo Gura I had INTPs as the highest potential MBTI personality