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  1. I am trying to gain weight eating healthy but I still have problem with mushy and painful stool, felling bloated and going to toilet multipule times per day. I try to eat 3000 calories per day. This problems are only reduced when I eat less calories, something like 1000-2000 per day and I was doing that last 18 months because I was tired of dealing with all kind of digestion problems but ofc that meant that I started to loss weight drasticly and I lost 16kg in last 18 months and now I have only 69 kg and I am 190 cm tall. And here we are in situation where I don't really like how I look but gaining weight is really painful. It's worth to mention that my health problems were reduced but not totally gone when I was eating less. I would still have problems here and there. And interesting thing was that last summer I took vacation and I didn't work for few months and I was eating unhealthy but my digestion was better compared to when I was eating healthy. As I have really stressful job it made me think that stress is main reason for my problems but it's still hard to believe to me that it's only reason. Any advice would be helpful.
  2. So my monkey mind gives me insomnia very often and I have problem falling asleep. How do you unwind and relax before bedtime?
  3. What position should US take if China tries to conquer Taiwan? It's really complex situation, especially after failed Afgan war
  4. Onenote. My life is in there
  5. Hard work. Then finding a way to implement smart work while you still working hard
  6. You should just focus on finding a way to move out. That should be your number 1 priority waaaay before those others. I can't express enough how moving out from my toxic family changed my life immensely!
  7. So we all concluded to intervene somewhere and forcing democracy where people are at too low stage and not ready for it is fail but what about when majority of people in country wants change but they are stuck in ruthless dictatorship? Let's look at Belarus as an example. 60%-70% of people choose change at last election but Lukashenko is still in charge using dictatorship and violence. Ofc America will not intervene because Lukashenko is backed by Russia but there are some others examples like that and there will be some new one's like that in the future. What will be right approach from western countries in those situations when majority of country wants change but they are stuck in dictatorship?
  8. You should consider changing your therapist. I'm now going 3 years with mine therapist and not a single moment was confused like that. The thing that you came here and post it about is the biggest indication that you should consider other options . And she is old as fuck. Her health will go bad soon and you will need to look for an other therapist anyway, better to do sooner than later.
  9. Naval have a lot of yellow but he is still in his core orange. He doesn't have system thinking as wide as other yellow thinkers I value the most and he is too deep into science and tehnology and firm beliver that more and more of it will solve all human problems
  10. @tolo You are repeating multiple times how you are happy being single and don't need partner which is great and then you really don't need to change anything. Why would you change way of life that makes you happy? Only because you opened this topic and reading your posts I got impression that deep down you are not so happy being single or you feel social pressure that makes you little bit unsatisfised.
  11. Kids are so overrated and 99.9 precent of people have them because of fear, not love. I have so much more interesting things to do in this short life that having kid will not help the case.
  12. I am professional poker player last 10 years. Poker is much more skill and and much less luck than people that are not involved in that think. Almost half of my working hours are spend not playing poker at all, just learning game and analizing hands. You can have loosing months as a professional but if you are good player longterm you will win. That variance is what keeps poker profitabile for professionals cuz losing players wil not come back if they lose always. It's pure stage orange job and as I grow up on the spiral I am thinking more about switching to something where I contribute to society but nice money keeps me griniding poker more. As growing it's harder and harder connecting with my poker friends too. Not recommending trying to start poker career if you are trying to grow on spiral and it's really compentetive and hard nowdays to suceed. You need millions to build platform and poker will be viable as long as vast majority is not in stage green+. That means poker will be around way after you die.
  13. I have mixed feeling about her viewpoint. There are many things I agree with but with some of them I totally disagree. I totally disagree that currency that is not regulated is the future of our world. I don't see not being able to trace identity of somebody behind finance brings many good things, it will brings much more bad things and the way she speaks about government sounds to me that she don't appreciate importance of it at all, she have kinda negative "almost libertarian" opinion about government.