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  1. @Breakingthewall @OBEler Could you explain that more precisely? I don't think I understood the explanation. @LastThursday What you say makes sense! Thanks for sharing your perspective:) @Leo Gura Okay let's take this example seriously. I think if we define words carefully, this will all make sense. Me and the unicorn are sitting on the couch. We were making love. So somewhere out there in the Universe(God's mind) there's a Unicorn bubble reality/perspective and my bubble perspective. Then the alarm rings. I wake up knowing I'm God, and that there wasn't a human me and there wasn't a unicorn. But the God inside the unicorn bubble perspective is unconscious and still having his bubble reality(in some other timeline/state in God's mind)? The whole problem with solipsism comes from denying bubble realities/other's perspectives. Now I know you'll say that bubble reality is a thought in my head(I'm 'imagining' it), and there is no 'other'. But there has to be a bubble reality for everyone on the relative level. Maybe in God's Mind he sees/experiences/Is all bubble realities simultaneously. But I only care about the relative now.
  2. Okay, solipsism has been affecting me mentally for a while, so I wanted to start this thread to understand logically what's going on Typical Objection: Take a psychedelic bro, this is all mental masturbation. You can't solve this through logic. Okay, I know I'm mentally masturbating, but I don't have psychedelics in my country; hence my only option is to understand this logically. So humor me. Experiment 1 Imagine Me and Leo were sitting in a room. Leo takes some 5-Meo-DMT and becomes God in front of my eyes, collapsing all of reality. However, all I(ego-me) sees is Leo's eyes rolled up, deep in his trip. So how is it that God has 'collapsed all perspectives and taken the universe with Him', whereas my ego-perspective hasn't collapsed, and my Universe still exists? Doesn't it mean that Leo's ego has dissolved and he's identified/become God, but at the same moment, I'm God identifying as my ego, wondering what the fuck is going on? If you don't understand what I mean by 'collapsing all perspectives', look at the following timestamp: Anyone who has any issues with solipsism, add your own thought experiments so we can let our egos rest in peace. P.S Please make a distinction between the ego-you vs. God-you in this thread, as I feel people often conflate both. Also, talk about this from the relativistic perspective, not the Absolute.
  3. This video by Teal Swan (not my favorite spiritual teacher, but she does have some good videos), explains this.
  4. I think the fundamental way to understand all of what Leo said is to think in terms of inner parts of us (inner selves or the different 'I's inside of us). We all have different parts in ourselves inside of us. Right now, I have the part of me that is intellectual and is writing these things. Let's call him Mr. Intellectual. A few minutes ago, a part of me that was frustrated wanted to hit the table. Let's call him Mr. Frustrated Mr. Frustrated isn't the same as Mr. Intellectual. Mr. Frustrated can't think a lot, it's just frustrated. It wanted something and it didn't get it. It doesn't think as deeply as Mr.Intellectual. It just feels. It gets activated and becomes 'me' when something triggers it. It fully occupies my awareness or 'my seat of consciousness'(I identify with it fully). At some points in time, Mr. Intellectual dominates the 'seat of consciousness (like at this moment, while writing). No other part's perspective feels real. A few minutes ago, the frustrated part 'took over' my consciousness and that's all it felt. Frustration. The pure raw emotion of it was all that was real. No intellectualization. I can still feel Mr.Frustrated in me now. It's not 'me' anymore, it's separate from me, in my chest. I can in fact talk to it, find out why it's frustrated. It responds because it has a consciousness of its own. And I can talk to Mr. Intellectual as well, it is located in my head. This is not merely theory, this can be done by yourself and verified. The 'inner child/children' in pscyhology is exactly what I am referring to. You can talk to your parts. These parts are not just 'thoughts', they're complete identities with their own memories, beliefs, feelings, history, location in the body, emotions. The identity/part is primary, an entity. Thoughts are what each part thinks(Mr. Intellectual theorizes everything, Mr. Frustrated thinks thoughts of frustration). In each moment of time, you are identified with a part and its perspective. Or have a mixture of parts activated (remember those times you felt happy, sad, and frustrated at the same time? Mulitple parts are in the 'seat of consciousness'). In your dreams these parts take certain character roles and you interact with them(I haven't verified this bit, just a theory). If I disidentify with all parts, I can reach the core of myself or The True Self (the aspect of me not identified with any part's thoughts and beliefs). I can then talk to my inner children/parts from this vantage point. From this perspective, I have love, compassion, care for my inner parts(as The Self is loving and has no agenda/survival needs). Have you noticed that one day you're sad, and every other perspective seems untrue, except the sadness. The sadness feels absolutely real. That's because Mr. Sad has completely taken over your 'seat of consciousness' and all other perspectives seem untrue. So where am I going with this? Just like we have inner parts of ourselves, God has within him different parts of Himself. You, me, Leo are all fragments of God. Like I have internal parts(frustrated, intellectual, sad), God has inner parts(Leo, Setzer901, each one of you in the forum). I think Leo has surpassed the True Self and gone straight to God. God occupied his 'seat of consciousness'. So of course from God's point, Leo's perspective doesn't exist anymore, only God exists. Maybe God can talk to Leo. God can see me and Leo as parts of himself, but he isn't identified with either. I think if we all think in terms of parts, Leo's video might make sense. That said, I have 0 mystical experience, just experience of my own psychology. I'm not sure if this makes sense because it's nuanced topic, but I'd be welcome to clarify any doubts.
  5. Well, your logical part is clearly showing up, and it doesn't want to take heroin. So listen to that as well. Also, parts work is more nuanced than just listening to parts. The parts that take heroin do it because there is an inner child that is suffering. They take the heroin to numb this pain. Heal the inner child and you automatically lose interest in doing heroin. In short, any unhealthy activity in your life is because of a wounded, hurting part. Heal that and you'll be in the best space to make choices. Again parts work is a long detailed topic, and what I said above barely does it any justice.
  6. @tatsumaru I agree with what @SamC said. Figure out a way to satisfy both drives. Figure out a way to integrate the drive that wants to be creative with the drive that wants to hustle and automate. You would probably need to do some parts work. Listen to both your parts and see if there is a way to structure your time to accommodate both your needs. No one guru can solve your problem, in fact, use your creativity to get yourself out of this mess. Also, check out this video. You may be an Ayurvedic Vata type. Your motivational style may differ from other people. So the way you structure your day may have to be different.
  7. I think he meant more books on analytical thinking rather than anything spiritual. Probably books that will lead to a Leo-like level of deep thinking. I too am looking for similar books, so I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread!
  8. Man, you're already on the wrong side of the equation. You hurtling down a bad bad path. Okay, I'm not sure if what I'm going to say next is gonna get into your brains, but listen up. Those questions reek of insecurity. The fact that you are asking these questions means that you are bound to lose. You're almost on the way to lose her. Instead of answering those questions, ask yourself why are you insecure? So what if you don't have a list of places? Why are you so worried about what she thinks of you! Snap out of it, my dude! Do what YOU want to do. Do what YOU feel. Just do YOU! You're the prize. Seer that in your head, that is the mindset you need to have. Right now you're too worried about what the girl thinks. You have put her on a pedestal. How about you put yourself on the pedestal instead Now that's the short-term game plan. Long-term absolute action you need to take? Heal your neuroticism.
  9. Yeah, what you said is quite big. We tend to take on the values and moral precepts of the teachers we most admire and listen to. And while there may be nuggets of truth in their worldview, we need to find our own personal truth. I think an example that would be relevant to most of us would be our taking on Leo's beliefs and worldviews. Leo is way ahead in terms of his growth, and his spiritual experiences on psychedelics cannot be grasped fully by most of us. Taking on his worldview fully without discernment can be detrimental to our own growth. We need to find our own personal truth, integrate teachings from teachers that can add positive value to our lives, and discard things that don't.
  10. Affirmations are just sweet-smelling bandaids covering the inner stench of your psyche. You cannot plaster over your psyche with happiness if there is something opposing it. If you feel sad inside, repeating 'I am happy' will just cover the sadness with 'false happiness'. It will cause your psyche to be more fragmented. The better way is to heal the sadness. Then your soul will automatically supply you with Inner Happiness. P.S. This is work takes months (if not years). Affirmations are just a short-cut leading to nowhere.
  11. I didn't find the Shambavi to be all that great. I practiced it for 4 months. I've heard others sing praises of it, though. I'm not sure if they're just biased towards Sadhguru, or if the technique genuinely helped them.
  12. @InterruptReQuest To remove the blocks, you need to heal the aspects of yourself that are blocking you. You need to integrate parts of your system. Look into something like shadow work to help you with the process. Leo's booklist has a book on shadow work, I believe (though I haven't read the book myself). Basically, you need to access the part of yourself causing these blocks, understand what its role in your psyche is, and integrate it with your system. Find someone who can heal you using shadow or parts work. These issues can be harder to work with by yourself.
  13. Some good points @Gesundheit
  14. @Mjolnir Haha yes, I have gotten out/still getting out of the boat. It will take time. So yup this confirms, you are me in another body. And your problems are caused by massive emotional repression. How to get out of this? a) Get the book Radical Honesty. Be honest about your thoughts and feelings. Don't think of the 'right thing to say'. Say what you actually feel. It won't be easy, but keep working towards this. Your mind will try to edit your sentences, but try to say your actual thoughts and feelings. This will let get you more in touch with the feelings. The problem is this is akin to diving into the deep end. So if you want, you can go all out. Or you can try talking about your feelings once in a while. The first time I went all out with this, I went from never crying in a year, to crying the day I tried this out. b) Go to a therapist. Find someone who works with emotions, and not cognitively. Fuck CBT. It is going to make it worse. The reason you feel fear, anger, annoyance, numbness is because these are 'defensive emotions'. For eg, being angry all the time means you are defending some deep pain or sadness underneath. Same with fear - you may be scared to take action because you don't want the feelings of worthlessness to arise if you fail. Here is why there is no 'jump in your step' or no joyfulness - you have suppressed the negative, so you can't experience the positive. You can experience a rich life only if you experience ALL the range of emotions. The lower the lows you allow yourself to feel, the higher the highs. When you let go of the sadness and hurt, you'll get access to all the joy that was trapped underneath. This is honestly quite deep, so let me know if you want to know something more.
  15. @Yahya Certainly depends on people's inclinations. If you like physical work, then it may be the easiest thing in the world. But make the same person do emotional or intellectual work, he might hate it. So know thyself.