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  1. he is really a great guy who wants people to understand reality in deepest levels I appreciate his efforts I hope more people will find him and explore more and new aspects of everything.
  2. @Sinzthank you me for posting this interesting happening.
  3. @Bittu what is going to be my future job ?
  4. guys did you forgotten about Leo's Birthday? guys say to him at least to express our gratitude about how much efforts he put
  5. @Leo GuraHere are a Good Questions to answer!! i want to know too
  6. @Leo GuraHappy Birthday Leo, much love for you every year
  7. @Leo GuraHappy Birthday Leo, much love for you every year
  8. @Leo Gura Happy Birthday Leo MUCH LOVE FOR YOU EVERY YEAR
  9. @Preety_India I see a lot of potentials in you , you are creative !!!
  10. @Leo GuraYou definitely have to see this shit haha people are going crazy Lol. they take their thoughts really seriously
  11. @Leo Gura Love Me i feel my direct experience is really tough on me when i have all this info and no insight of what consciousness is !!!
  12. i might be me who will get it remember me Leo im coming
  13. hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Funny this is Guys you all lost Stop Hitting on my man @Leo Gura
  14. @Leo Gura I Love you for Being here to us thank you so so much for everything you do thank you , the thing i know is i don't know .