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  1. When I was a child learning about Moses and Joshua, It always struck me funny that they wandered the desert, for generations breeding an army, before they went on an ethnic cleansing spree (All animals in the villages too) throughout the Jordan Valley. It's crazy how all of that causes so much suffering even today.
  2. @Adamq8 I'm still processing it, but I feel great, rejuvenated, reinvigorated, inspired, and ready to play and love.
  3. quality controlling myself so I deleted the post
  4. Hello, all. Just curious to hear everyone's thoughts about what the best enlightenment exercises are to practice while on LSD. I'm going to be experimenting over the next few months. I'm relatively new to spiritual work, I've only been at it seriously for about a year and a half, but I am not new to psychedelics. I am eager to hear your thoughts. I plan to start with Leo's Self Inquiry videos, but I am also looking for other methods to experiment with. I want to hear what worked for you, other than the dose, of course. Much Love
  5. I got it in a bunch of vape pen cartriges, half-gram apiece. How would I convert?
  6. @Adodd I don't know. I've haven' been able to get my hands on 5 MEO (Nor am I asking for it here). Update: I finally did use the NN DMT, or some of it..........and wow! I hit It 3 times hard, held it for 15 seconds each. (Except on the last hit, I passed out so I don't know How long I held it in) I immediately went into some weird loop of my entire life up to that moment, three of four times then fell back into some dark tunnel. I was in a dark tunnel or "room" for a period of "time" where I had no knowledge of a body, or me, or anything else, but I existed......and then......... I know it sounds weird, but it was like the universe was making love to me. It did its thing, to me, whatever that was, and gently laid me back into bed. As I came to, the first thing I told it was "I love you" while everything "solidified" around me. I didn't see any aliens or talk to any elves or jokers. Furthermore, I don't know how anyone could classify that as a drug. It's more like a tool for adults. It was intense and should be respected.
  7. @Intraplanetary I am exactly in the same place, brother/sister. I can't go back, so I'm going to keep going.
  8. I've never heard Leo say psychedelics ALONE would help you realize samadhi. I've heard him say numerous times it is to be done in conjunction with meditation, self-inquiry, reading/learning, and decerning for yourself. Honestly, I do not understand why that guy is so aggressive. It's kind of weird.
  9. If one has access to N N DMT, but not 5 MEO, what is the best way to use this psychedelic for spiritual work?
  10. Hello, All who sees this, I'm a noob with a serious monkey mind, and I am trying to learn how to properly meditate, or properly enhance my meditation through concentration drills to tire it out. I have all sorts of seemingly stupid questions about it, here are a few. I recently ran into one of Leo's videos called "Concentration vs Meditation" in that video Leo references access concentration, he advises getting a metronome app and to concentrate on a certain aspect of the sound for as long as you can, repeatedly "laser focusing" on that aspect of the sound every time you realize you've wandered off in thought. I downloaded a metronome app and I chose a word (Ironically the word is one) and began to listen intently to a clicking noise in the sound. After a few rounds, I noticed that I can easily concentrate on the word, then it becomes unintelligible. I then notice that if I concentrate on another aspect of the sound, I can make it say different words. I know that sounds weird but is that access concentration or am I falling into a kind of pitfall. Another question I have is should I meditate immediately after I do a few rounds of these concentration drills, or should I split them up. throughout the day? Thanks, to all who reply