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  1. Just an interesting little thought ive had about conceptualizing past and future and how to use it to grow yourself. Even though the present moment is all that exists, we can use the concepts of past and future in a productive manner rather than just unconsciously dwell in them. Looking at our (human) self in the present helps us to uncover our weaknesses/shadows/problems/etc. Looking at the past helps us to uncover the root of the problem. Looking at the future helps to see the outcome of our problems as well as helps us to come up with the solution. We then come back to the present and apply the method/‘s visualized as the solution. I know, this is basically what shadow work is and i bet this is pretty basic to some of you guys and galls, but i bet some will find this useful Thanks for reading, im looking forward to any thoughts you guys will share about this.
  2. They will always only be an actuality in the future through your imagining them in the future. When you actually experience anything (even the thinking about the future), it is only ever in the present, and that is all that is true.
  3. This seems to be brought up every time there is a discussion about desire. Sure, to desire to get rid of desire is still desire. However, im talking about spontaneous cessation of desire which comes with emotional and spiritual maturity. Two very different things, like mixing apples with the oranges. Im not able to view the video right now due to limited amount of internet, but will for sure give it a watch.
  4. The way i see and understand desire, it is the constant expectation of something in the future, thus it is the avoidance of present moment satisfaction. One desires to be loved only when one is not satisfied with themself in the present moment. When you are truly at peace with yourself, there is no desire for anyone else to love you.
  5. “The end of desire is the end of sorrow.” - the Buddha
  6. Not sure if posted yet, but anyways this seems like a great example to me:
  7. I suggest you read this book: Letting Go by David Hawkins. It has helped me enormously, i bet you’ll get value out of it as well.
  8. Interesting! Will try this tonight. For the sake of context, how prone are you towards experiencing lucid dreams in general without this technique?
  9. Ive also noticed it’s a bit buggy sometimes Check out sleep and dream yoga talks on youtube by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and also Andrew Holecek, both have loads of value to share!
  10. @Fran11 this sounds very interesting and intriguing to me, thank you for responding! I will most definitely check out Franz Bardon's book and do some research on developing my imagination. Any resources you recommend on developing imagination? I feel that apart from spiritual purposes, it could also benefit me in my artistic pursuits, i do photography and also am learning guitar and singing.
  11. Yup, this is indeed becoming more and more my experience of life. The more i look around and wonder, what the heck is it, the more i realize that i have no f-ing clue at all! Nothing seems to make sense. Why is there something rather then nothing... what am i... what is it... i guess ill just keep allowing myself to not know for a while, and see where it leads
  12. Do some research on Tibetan buddhist tradition. They know Lucid Dreaming as “Dream Yoga”, where they do spiritual practices in their lucid dreams, and the advanced ones also practice what they refer to as “Sleep Yoga”, where their body and mind is asleep, but they remain awake as consciousness even during deep (dreamless) stages of sleep. Quite fascinating
  13. Well im not sure what kind of magic, but i was referring to magic as a spiritual practice, like there is meditation, psychedelics, contemplation, yoga etc. You know, something which through practice allows one to become conscious of the true nature of existence. But i do agree, life is magic itself. Someone once asked me what was the most magical thing that ever happened to me. I replied “life”. Will definitely check out the resources you listed, thank you!
  14. Awesome, will check it out, thanks!
  15. This isn’t possible but then again, apparently anything is possible...