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  1. That is a Kundalini activation which happened to me too. But, without visions or change in consciousness(Change in consciousness happened only once for few minutes when i got a first activation). Just extreme body buzzing with much heat emitting through the whole body with streaks of energy violently passing through the body like electricity. It used to happen to me at night. I think such activations do happen to some people who are involved in spiritual work, especially for those who did psychedelics previously.
  2. You can only ever experience/perceive yourself. You can never experience or perceive something which is not you. But, that YOU in the absolute sense is BRAHMAN/GOD/CONSCIOUSNESS/REALITY.
  3. Hi Ernest, From what I understand, There never was a universe that ever came into being in the first place, there never is, there never will ever be.. All that is.. is a dreamy appearance which appears as a solid reality.. including the very concept of time which includes both of these concepts of BEGINNING and an END; as well as PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE. All that is.. is nothing but a watery mirage in the desert. There is no such a thing called mirage anywhere.. nor is the water which appears within it. Both are just illusory appearances. Similarly there is no universe anywhere prior to the appearance of the mind.. which is nothing more than a mirage and the objects which appear in it which are nothing more than watery appearances of dancing images in that mirage called mind. There is no such a thing called mind anywhere nor the objects within it. All of it is just an imaginary appearance in infinite consciousness. BUT, relative appearances have relative relevance and are relatively real. Not to be ignored or taken lightly. They have their own significance in terms of conditioned patterns, meanings and values of the minds that perceive and experience them. The questions WHAT, WHEN, WHY & HOW, etc. these are the questions of the mind. When the mind dissolves and attains oneness, or prior to any projection of a universe within some mind, what is there and who is there to ask such questions and to whom? There is only IT remaining within itself, supported by itself, as itself, cognizing itself alone without any second object. That is what everything IS, including YOURSELF. Thinking doesn't exist in that state. Questions do not arise either, because of lack of a mind. IT is what the enlightened describe as BRAHMAN in its inseparable Non-Dual form of SAT-CHIT-ANANDA pronounced as(SATH-CHITH-AANANDHA) SATH(ETERNITY of EXISTENCE - A state(not even..), not a continuous extension of time) CHITH(KNOWLEDGE - Not intellectual knowledge, but the raw COGNIZANCE/CONSCIOUSNESS itself) AANANDHA (BLISS - Natural state of Ecstasy/Exuberance and Unconditional Love) But, these are just words. The enlightened say that just like the blind person cannot understand the concept of color through intellectual understanding, similarly the unenlightened will never understand BRAHMAN/CONSCIOUSNESS/REALITY/GOD through intellectual reasoning. It is something to be experienced directly in order to understand it perfectly. Also, there are different depths of enlightenment and infinite truths(different ways consciousness can configure itself into) to be enlightened about. what was the first iteration of the universe? There never was one. But If you want to experience and perceive such a thing, you can certainly in your meditative state experience such a thing called a beginning of all of reality. BUT, although such an experience will feel realistic and true for you, others can also perceive such a thing in their own meditative state which is radically different from how you perceived it. Moreover, you yourself may perceive it differently each time you try to perceive it. It all depends on the conditioning and the state of the mind that perceives it. There are certain aspects that are perceived and 'the way they are related to' which is common for all/some minds in a universe, whereas other aspects which are different for each one.
  4. https://instapdf.in/the-supreme-yoga-vasistha/
  5. Sure.. no problem.
  6. No.. I have never had an altered state yet. Only once I experienced unconditional love with less intensity for two or three minutes, where any person I can think of(Whether Hitler or Bin Laden), Emotionally I only had love for them. But, Intellectual integrity did not change for me. From that state i can easily say that people can easily lose their intellectual integrity also and get emotionally compromised and do something which they may regret afterwards.
  7. In the above picture in the previous post. Within the second highlighted passage you can read: "there are infinite minds with infinite worlds in them.. each of them having own continents, worlds and people who have their own mind and time-space scale and life-span.. at the end their life-span, if they are not enlightened they continue to exist in infinite space , creating their own dream worlds, within them are other people, within whom are minds; within those minds are worlds in which there are more beings, ad infinitum." In the first highlighted passage, it says"..in some universes good is destructive and evil constructive..." a scary thing to read. May be this explains the beauty standard being accepted by large no of people, because of the mind that projecting the universe has a certain type of conditioning which in a way affects and projects it onto the individual minds which inhabit it. P.S: Funny thing - The first passage also mentions that in some universes there are no women. Somewhere else it also mentions that some doesn't have human beings, some solid rocks, some just full of water, some empty darkness, some just vegetation, some only animals, etc..
  8. This is a short version translation of Yoga Vasishta. Although in its full version, at every turn whenever possible this scripture is full of artistic poetic explanations of nature and environment promoting full enjoyment of life, though with proper restrictions. This particular passage seems to suggest that even beauty depends on the mind which is projecting(Universal) and observing(Individual within that universal) it.
  9. Although I'm not sure whether its real or fake, But I think its interesting. Around 4:45 she says she was able to see through a wall during her Kundalini Awakening. In the book Autobiography of a yogi there is story of 'I think its the author himself' who was able to see 360 degrees simultaneously as well as a wide distance, when his Guru showed him the truth by touching on his heart or something. In that same experience he explains that he was able to see the whole universe as a city in a far away distance in the infinite consciousness.
  10. @Carl-Richard An Old Post. Maybe it'll help:
  11. I myself never had an awakening yet. But, based on listening to many people's experiences and reading a lot of literature on non-duality, it all points to the fact that there is no such a thing called this is a possibility and that is not. The moment you have imagined it, in a way you have already created it, in whatever subtle form it is being thought of currently. Solipsism is a possibility and if one is capable, one can experience it vividly within one's own mind space by projecting a whole universe and its reality and experience it with full, partial or no control of what can be and what cannot be within it. But, it is only one way of experiencing the reality. Not so very useful for external social interaction. In the external world you are just a character within the imaginary dream of another mind(Which we call as universe). There can be infinite such minds. This is just like how a whole universe is projected in our night dream. As a character you have your own mind, so does others. Other minds are not unreal. they are as real as yours. But then, what is real and unreal? Everything is a projection of consciousness like a mirage in the desert. Can you say mirage itself doesn't exist? Or can you say that the water that appears in the mirage is real? It is both real and unreal, yet being neither at the same time. Such is the nature of our experience too. It exists without existing. It is real yet unreal while being neither at the same time. Different categories of minds have different characteristics. Whatever one's disposition is, one experiences his thoughts and reality accordingly. This is true even in enlightenment so far as I have seen, with different people explaining their enlightenment experiences differently. But, there is a certain underlying fundamental reality that exists which is present and same and unchanging in all those experiences and it is that which projects all of this, which different people call differently, namely: GOD/CONSCIOUSNESS/EMPTINESS/NOTHINGNESS etc.. The Consciousness/God Can project itself as limited, unlimited, partial, full, or whatever.. it can project itself as anything and everything without any restriction. The statement: Everything is a dream is true, from the Absolute perspective. As is everything is real, from the Relative perspective. Consciousness as a whole oneness can and does project infinite realities within itself all the time. What one experiences may not be what another experience. That does not mean that the other person does not have a mind of their own with own feelings, emotions and a whole life of their own. They do. There are certain instances where people have experienced the experiences of others as their own. One such example is the story of somebody who experienced a life of some future person during Ramana Maharishi's time. There are stories in ancient literature of one person experiencing the experiences of another like they are experiencing it directly by themselves. Please do not underestimate Consciousness and reality. It is far more mysterious than anyone could ever imagine. The moment a person says that this is how it is and it cannot be any other way. They have already limited their experience from experiencing those other things.
  12. I think, the spine should be vertically straight during meditation. Because, any mystical experience or awakening is caused by the passing of atleast a streak of Awakened Kundalini through the central channel called sushumna upto to the top of the head called Brahma Randhra. I once read that there are more than 800,000 different yoga asanas that one can use for meditation. But, may be some of the poses are used for directing the kundalini into different parts of the body so that it can cleanse those parts through its flow. The Lotus position may be the generic one which is suitable for many which is helpful in allowing the kundalini to pass through the central sushumna.
  13. Hi @toad_mcnuggets , That was a great trip report. Can you please elaborate on this. Can you with your closed eyes live a whole other life in your imaginary visualization? Do you feel like it's possible in your current state? I'm very curious.
  14. https://instapdf.in/the-supreme-yoga-vasistha/