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  1. Rejoice! The great saint Leo Gura comes to Morrowind for enlightening up all lost souls To teach them how to use mushrooms and sugar properly. To teach them global politics.
  2. @EntheogenTruthSeeker maybe you just went far to the extreme in your life. And too fast for your weak body and mind. From my personal experience to compensate weakness you may go to some hatha yoga classes. After a year or two you will have the resources to pursue "spiritual matters". Such things require you to be strong mentally and physically.
  3. @BipolarGrowth What awaits me in.. i don't know relationships with opposite sex in near future?
  4. @tatsumaru have you tried to exercise regularly? Simple push ups can do the good(almost immediately). And you need to exercise to your overall health, being active you now... Sedentary lifestyle brings dullnes to body and mind. For stuffed nose I can recomnend shirshasana (headstand) from yoga, you can do it leaning on a wall. But you need to do it regularly to see result.
  5. @Parththakkar12 I have nothing to add. Will go out and see that for myself. Thanks. @zeroISinfinity I'll be glad to read your story!
  6. @Parththakkar12 "more to the point" thing? I understand that such knowledge and mindset comes with experience. But I will hold that in mind when decide to make relationship with girl, especially older than me. What kind of literature and other additional material can you advice to me on such matters? Will be helpful. And what about women lies? That's just crazy! What's that mean? Can woman lie such dirty to "her" man? Maybe that some kind of defensive reaction? I've seen that kind of behavior already but don' t know how to deal with it. My first reaction is push her to saying truth but as I see it is not effective. After such "questioning" any kind of relationships seemed impossible!
  7. @StarStruck I've said clearly that I want to date her.But when I asked her to go somewhere for a walk/caffee she just ignored.
  8. @Parththakkar12 That one was painful but it's truth. Actually, all that time I was in doubt if I can handle her. @Forestluv @Loba @Emerald @kras I'm starting to see now. Trying to "save" someone, especially a girl hardly will lead to healthy relationships. Caretaker and boyfriend is not compatible roles? Shit... I have a feeling that I was behaving not adequately myself and that was resulting in freaking her out. I would be freaked by such a girl myself. @zeroISinfinity I was smelling with naїvetee? Can understand now why she said that I too young for her. Though she said that likes my body (I'm going to gym and practicing hatha-yoga for a few years) that's not big deal as I see. Thanks, will wacth Teal Swan. Friends, you are the best. Will reread your replies for some time. Thanks for advices. I just leave her alone for a few months, not for ever, think it will be wise.
  9. Hello, ladies and gentlemans. Someone more experienced in this matters may say that is nothing strange here. But anyways I still ask advice. So, the story: I've been working at large firm. There was a girl, she was working in another section but we still met regurlary. I would make her tea sometimes, invite her to my office at warehouse, just talking with her. We were not been showing affection to each other, just friendliness. She had a problems with her job. I saw that something isn't right and tried to strike conversation about it (much later I found that she's been on drugs at that time). I've starting to like her. I said to her that if she's having some problems we can talk about it and maybe I can help. Response was that everyting is okay and she was jus evading conversation. Missing days, showing negligence towards her duties... Soon she was fired. Worrying about her, I was asking colleagues her number but no one was willing to give it (still don't know why). Then after a few weeks I too changed a job. After another few weeks I found her account on social media, message her, she seemed happy that I had reached out me her number. She said that when she was returned to take her last paycheck, came to my wokplace but I was already not there of course. Found out that she is sitting at home playing games, no boyfriend and no friends. We agreed to meet at weekend, had few nice conversations. But when weekend had came she just ignored my attempts to contact her. For next few weeks I was trying to pull her out, (with no success) she said that she likes me but have a problems (but I was not moving in this direction then and we were not speaking about such things before. Girl said this just out of context), then learned that she had some "depression". Then conversations become somewhat short (I've seen that she is not interested). The I said that I too like her and let's date and why she is evading me. She agreed to date but like first time when I wanted to setting time and place she just ignored messages. All my calls was rejected. Same day at night she sent me a message that I am too young for her (me 21 and she is 26). Next day I've met her former colleague and he said that she at the time of her being fired was on drugs, amphetamine. And was seen at night club with some guys, highly inebriated. I knew that they were taking it on work but not paying heed about it. Thought that nothing serious. I've returned to home, voice her about it (we've been often used voice messages). Said that she really matters to me and want to help. She laughed and said that it's bullshit. Then I was pressing her to tell why she is evading me. She said that she don't need friends and talk to anyone, at least now. I was pressing more, said that I can't even know if she is lying. She said "Imagine that I almost married". What? So few weeks ago she had no boyfriend and now that? She said that feel uncomfortable about this conversation. I in my turn thanked her for lying and pretending. That was the story. Now, I not sure what to think or do. Nor I know what I was doing wrong on my part. From other's perspective it's all just childish thing. But I worry for her. On the other side I do not want to break ethical rules between us like yelling bitching moaning and being controlling. Or search her in clubs. Maybe someone will see here someting that I've failed to see. Thanks for reading.
  10. @Nemo28 I've seen this and went watching other animations of yours. They are all very good! Subscribed right away. You will master this skill and I imagine what incredible things you can make.
  11. @vizual @Average Investor Very appreciate your advices! Anyways it's much different from working as a subordinate. Need to cut out some bullshit habits such as no commitment, taking all breaks, doing your work half-ass, not thinking how to improve your workplace. You haven't this luxury on leader's position. Just huge opportunity to grow.
  12. Hello everyone. Couple of days ago I have assumed managerial position over (for now) two people in warehouse at large prodution. Since I feel I need to start a new group from scratch, would be very grateful for some advice from more experienced executives. Books and courses would help, too.
  13. @lmfao you may get a 9-5 job and so that will motivate you to get up early, lol. For breaking cycle I recommend to stay awake for 24 hours and then get sleep at time whatever you choose.
  14. Hello everyone. I've been facing interesting (for me) thing for some time now. The more I change myself and act differently, the more contrasting to change dreams while sleeping. For example: Since I was a kid, my attitude towards people and world at large was fearful, hateful. I was lying and stealing, pretending and fear that someone revealmy lies. I will not go into details, since many of you know what I mean. As time passed I become acquaint with books of Stephen Covey, Brad Blanton's "Radical Honesty", this forum, etc. Of course it all changed me in some deegre. Sometimes I was crying in my pillow because of thing I've done and people I've hurt. And so my attitude towards world was changed slowly and (and changing now of course). But what's bothering me is the more I honestly I act, the more authentic I feel in real life, in my dreams when sleeping I experience all that past bullshit, I stealing from someone and fear that they find me, I lie to people the stupidest way possible, hiding from someone so that they do not beat me up, I torture animals and then comfort them. In my last dream I was torturing giant grasshopper and when he spoke to me with human voice, I was greatly ashamed and tried to fix his broken legs. It's just hell of a nights. Would be highly appreciate any advice, book or some resource on that matter.