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  1. @Rookie I m relaxed, I m living life ! life is a matter of life & death. guess what, our governement LIE. Macron is saying if we close the schools, but no one will work then ( WHAT LOL I JUST HEAR THAT FOR REAL ) he says that china, italian, all are wrongs. they don't test people. we are fucked as fuck hahaha, I m in the part of France where there is currently 130 people with covid. OMS website tell me that I m in a very dangerous area and he say that aswell : FOR ME THE thing, there is no one really cured that I heared from, many people talk of lungs problems for life. you can have it more than once. this is the orange area I still don't know, but it seams not as "flu". looks more like a flu vih that fuck your entire immune system for life. why so many measures ? why no measures in France ? last terrorism act was in my city aswell, this is REALITY.
  2. @Elham Hey I wish to hear from you I m very into the topic since a month. How is your country right now ? What do you think of this whole thing How do you think is the answer from eu ? And no restrictions in France. ? Are you well ?
  3. How much in France everyone is 'living life as normal' makes me want to kill myself to hear ignorant repeat TV illusion to makes everyone calm. Italia closed all schools. While in France everyone eat the dirt and idiotic french believe the shit show on TV to be a flu.
  4. Yes it's even worst, apparently the virus work by phase, and could kill you a week after you look cured, could be an internet scam, but there is multiple cases of people getting reinfected. if we get all of us this disease because there is 80 cases in my regional state ( part of France ) now it's time to not hang with people. I'll die kissing my girlfriend who don't give a fuck ( because she is "being" APPARENTLY ) cause the gov MINIMIZE, LIE TO US. because panick would cause more death and kill the economy. there is 5x more cases in France from sources ( doctor in real life ) at this day, my locality has 80 cases. ( it's like a states in USA you divide by 4 part, and you got a part as my "locality" ) Everyone who don't give a fuck at the day of today, is a criminal. this disease spread so much, that best scientist talk about 80% of worldwide spread. we would not be able to help others countries. all heath system of all country will go down. TRUMP is lying ( ignorant & stupid more than lying ), the heat doesn't kill the virus ( malaysia got 27 cases today ) TALKING POLITIC RIGHT NOW IS NON SENSE. TALKING IDEOLOGY RIGHT NOW IS NON SENSE MEDITATING RIGHT NOW IS NON SENSE Wake the fuck up world. this isn't the flu, it's the VIH and SRAS, it's as dangerous. CAUSE we don't know. it already evolved. at this point in time, already billions are "already dead" in the month, not directly caused by corona, but because of no place in hospital to cure people from even others disease. we talk about an increase in 80% of patients for 6 months at least. HOW can people sleep on that ? they are more toxic and dangerous than terrorist. the ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD THAT STAY INCUBATED IN YOUR BODY FOR 2 to 24 days, is HEAVY DANGEROUS. contacting and touching other human being right now, is like dangerous for you and for others. we need to quarantine the entire world, and to fight against the corona. this is out common threat, all ideas and debates are meaningless at this time right now. your meaningless ego should tell your gut to wake the fuck up if you don't trust this disease is a mankind threat, you should please never play plague, because the best way to destroy humanity is low lethality and high spread, because high spread lead to more host, more host lead to more evolving, more evolving lead to more symptoms, more death/more contagious. vaccines only work for basic mutation, not for all of the new ones that will happen. I need to be alarmist, because you really need to be alarmed and wake the fuck up if you love your kids and family. if you accept death, it's good aswell, but don't bring others with you.
  5. I find that anti complotism primary without any fact that "I don't believe human can be devils". not any basis to me, just belief. I had dream of creating a virus that wipes out stupidity from earth, and I had a friend at school, was an HARD DOOMER. his dream was to kill the entire human race to save nature. ( he stayed alone the 4 years of highschool, like he could have friends, he wasn't that "geek", but he wanted none ) I mean many humans are driven to defend nature, and what is the best way to save the planet than to wipe out human race ? that sound like a cool story. + malthusianism is a well loved idea between elits. I don't exclude possibilities. this is a good lecture right now : so this answer of you, is fill with emotion and non sense, I lost my time reading it, not a problem though, but most people should know that having answer without considering facts or even a "story facts" or whatever that hold "truth". ) I can make fun aswell of any emotional representation of life, even if complotism is based upon fear and ignorance on a basic, there is truth in everything, and lies in everthing, as the symbolic world is working upon such structure. personnaly known many doomers myself ( I m 26 ) I know that many humans want death and destruction of the entire society as it is right now ( because of feeling bad ) you cannot put all problems on the fact of having a bad view of the world, no there is real hell outside and real piece of shit. Besides I put link as facts over here : with sources, and things. E.Macron & A.Merkel refuse to touch other people hands since yesterday. E.Macron refused to be tested for covid19 doesn't say much about truth, because you'll have to work it for yourself.
  6. Some people told me I m arrogant for always knowing better and wanting to look like I m better. sorry not sorry I'll be "me" whatever the judgement, he doesn't hold any truth, I know what my core true values are. Nothing inside the paradigm of conditionned dogma. I could be beaten on a relative perspective, but absolute know the absolute. and relative only understand the conditionned relative. The narrative paradigm of being asleep in the matrix. What is sad is the donkey doesn't see the reflection of himself in the water. being, doesn't make you more, or less. it's a monkey story they put on me "being". I'll just be, be, be, put a god damn bullet in my head if it please you ! arrogant monkey cannot see, BLIND FOREVER cannot see himself being the projector how light is shining through my entire being. the fire of god blessing itself by burning inside infinity Truth has no limit and truth should never be tamed in anyway. TRUTH IS PURE FIRE WITHIN THE ICE I m not the avatar or a self, or whatever "is" this "I m", this fiction is only incarnated by the desire and will of god. If I m wrong, it means that god is wrong. "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." I M GOD I M THE DEFINING VALUE I M THE SIMETRY I M THE VALUE 0 I M THE PANDEMIC, THE LIGHT, THE DARK NOTHING TO BE GOOD FOR NOTHING TO BE WRONG ABOUT AS ALWAYS WHAT YOU NEED TO FUCKING WAKE UP ? WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING DONKEY THE LOVE IS ALWAYS THERE LOVE LOVE FEEL THIS BASS & DIE AS A DONKEY WAKE UP TO INFINITE POWER <3 GOD BLESS FOREVER AND ALWAYS
  7. I smoke everyday and got that with some weeds. maybe look on the track of blood pressure. many subtances will be vasoconstrictor or the reverse. even thea of coffee. coffee makes my nose stuffy when it goes off ( even I feel "comedown" ), just as bad cokaïne. ( but I don't take those drugs, only once every 2 years ) it's not because you're a passive smoker, unless you live close door with your mum smoking every hour. I smoke and have those only on bad weed aswell. ( nose clog )
  8. This aswell is belief For me everything is possible if you create it and want it. Could be that true true love is just so rare and almost impossible. But if 2 humans discover pure love they could understand the dynamic and both choose a relative disney. Disney is a part of absolute love. So why would that be a 'lie' There is no lie or truth.
  9. "I m the one who knocks"
  10. it is on us death is on us, like now, litteraly I can feel it, this is here, the purge is on us. Don't fear the bliss of love UNITE OR DIE GOD TOOK ME TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING I NEVER WANTED TO BELIEVE. I M NOT THE DOER OF THE SELF I M NOT THE THINKER NOTHING I CHOOSE IS MY CHOICE human race will pay by the debt of death DEATH IS ON US DEATH DEATH DEATH You can deny, deny, deny reality is above all denials. ONLY LIFE CAN SURPASS DEATH SAVE THE TRUE SELF KILL THE CANCER CELLS IF YOU DON T WAKE UP NOW, YOU'll LITTERALY DIE LEAVE THE CAGE
  11. yes this is the most biggest bias of leo, and his biggest fear among the "drug world" I would bet my entire family, that if leo was smoking weed an entire week, he wouldn't resist being regular. And this is why he doesn't do weed. and so leo just avoid his fear of being addicted there is no punishment for being high all the time, because being high doesn't exist. we are all high the time. only others judge you being high or sober, according to their values and standards.
  12. OMS update 28/02
  13. Yes I did in fact. I feel that life will tell me when I'll have to be doing something else. My problem isn't really on karma. Lol. Problem is it cost me penny + judgement ( that I do not Care for on a mental side ) / no way to work in 'regular job' But why 'work' in meaningless shit. In fact there is no problem. I'll keep being where I m. Can't beat myself for it. There is no where to go I Guess. For me turn me perfect. No mental impairment. And makes me sleep like charm. I try to be only smoking night' but then I don't work and focus on 'dopamintive content' Like reading about death etc... When I avoid weed. My brain stuck on more meaningless shit and loose focus and discipline. I started weed for the idea of doping myself ( motivation at hand everyday ) Weed makes me start work and loose myself in if. On the other side. Sober I m over stimulating people with words cause I need to be entertained sort of. I was a geek weirdo until 20y old. Never worked at home. Weed makes me quit vidéo games for 6-9hours studying reading music and starting self improvement. When I quit last year. My old adhd me started to take over again
  14. Yes Indeed. It will be a pandemic. First Time in 7 years my gut stuck on it. Smoking a tons of weed to sleep recently I played Plague. This virus is doing so far a perfect job. 1-40 days : asymptomatic but contagious ( 70% of earth will be getting it ) True R is not R0 but close to R4 ( spread force ) Short immunity After getting it ( 3 weeks of bed ) You can be infected again. I m in France. Worst Italia 400 infected so far.. France = total lies. Venise carnaval canceled. Many italian town in quarantine. Leo didn't see that coming. And most people here are still in wonderland. I m filling more bottle with water. But I feel even if France quarantine cities it will be a mess. Go watch Dr John Campbell last vidéo and Come tell me I m full of shit. With FACTS. Don't talk of media manipulation ( idiotic ) there is distinction to make here. I use FACTS to believe my truth. This will be the first part of dystopia. But the good part that all countries seams to agree on.... If poor country loose 60% of their population the top tier abuse of planet will be ok. ( Hunhun )