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  1. I would say I'm in my own expression, which is a reflection of my art. It's not the "Unbound" expression that I feel Leo speaks about in his work. I've experienced that in my younger years, and I think Leo was one of the people I connected with. Personally, I'm really close with Loki. We trust each other completely. I wanted a friend capable of showing me the truth behind the lies, the bitter truths in our nature and the ability to expand our minds endlessly. He can be really nihilistic, but we always come up with the best pranks.
  2. I've travelled the world since I was 4. I've been to many, many, many buddhist temples and other places of perspective and worship. I don't pretend to be above anyone, I just claim to have the most fun way of gaining perspective. I'm not really a journaling kind of guy, my deepest spiritual connections come from communicating with my characters.
  3. I'm 29 at the end of the month. Poetry is a suuuuuuuper strong attractor for spiritual forces. I'm honestly hoping to just be in contact with Leo. I want to see him as a friend and TBH I'm a little desperate. My family invalidates my experience either because they don't believe me or they're testing me for something. I need someone I can see as an older brother or a teacher. I start first with human magics. Poetry, music, comedy, performing arts, etc. I Looooooooove to Wyrdwalk and play games and pranks with Loki. Thor even gets in on it sometimes. The point of it is to mine information from the collective unconscious of the world so I can find and heal the samskara that is keeping us from seeing the truth of each other. Also to fuck with people because it's really funny. As an offering, I leave you with this question: Is it theoretically possible to waft a fart into another reality? @Leo Gura be my brother Pleeeeeeeease?
  4. I'm writing this hoping I can get some direct communication from Leo or someone else. The name I was born with means "A Vessel Forged to House the Love and Grace of God." I have created my own understandings of love and grace, and have always felt a deep sense of responsibility to the people in this world. When Leo speaks of someone becoming a true god in this world, my instincts scream at me to tell me it's me. I'd like some direct guidance and perspective because with my golden birthday coming up, I'm a little fearful. I've talked to a lot of spirits, but my A Team is Kwan Yin, Loki, Thor, Jesus, Apollo, Poseidon, Hades (We love to talk about musicals, also his threats are really funny), Hermes of course, and last but not least my chief advisors Aidos and Nemesis, as well as other gods that lie outside the formations of our current understandings. Lastly, just because I'm ridiculous I added Ursoc from World of Warcraft and Alien X from Ben 10. It was partially a silly decision, but I wanted a perspective of what love and grace meant from beings outside the societal construct of what's held as real, normal or true. We have little respect for animals in our world relative to what their needs are, and I intend to focus my efforts on that issue. My body has been stressed to the point I can't think straight, and it's becoming a detriment to my artwork. If Leo or another admin with good perspective can message me with their number for an hour chat or so, it would mean everything to me. Sincerely, The Dragonbjorn
  5. Actually it's all online. Everyone records their parts from home, but I do all the organizing and writing. Gonna be episodic, gonna make the process as painless as possible for my artists!
  6. It is as the title says, I have been working on this tirelessly since November when my friends and I started doing all-bear raids in World of Warcraft. At the time it was a goofy thing to do and the mechanics were structured in such a way that it became doable to push through the highest endgame content using only bears with 5 million health that shot devastating giant purple laser beams that did 42% of our health in damage. We had so much fun ignoring the mechanics, goofing around and making puns that I worried at the end of the patch (when the gamebreaking mechanics were being taken away) we wouldn't be able to continue our shenanigans into the next expansion. Lamenting that the loss of this pure, whimsical, joyful idea might die off before the next patch, I decided I wanted to immortalize the bear raids by taking it to 11, Spinal Tap style. I reached out to a friend of mine who has a master's in musical performance to help me structure and personalize my creative process - my best friend from High School - and we have had an absolute BLAST reconnecting and making each other laugh. I've gotten to the point where I have all the music picked out, all the characters are finalized and I've pulled some of the BIGGEST names in the community to join in on the project. The more people join and things fall into place, the more I feel like all of this was set in motion long ago. I'm so grateful that I have a chance to give back to the community and reconnect with old friends, but I am a bit overwhelmed at being actor, writer, director, and singer. If anyone has tips that can help me stay grounded during this process, I am open-minded. I tend to find my greatest creative strides when I let myself get into "Bear brain", so I stop overthinking and let the characters take over. Also I posted this hoping to make Leo spit out his blueberry smoothie.
  7. I tried to bring you a balloon, but I couldn't catch it.
  8. Soy boys are a conspiracy? This is news
  9. Every couple years I'll get a call during election season to canvass neighborhoods. This year we're phone/text cavassing. I'd heard about Qanon before and I thought it was a small, radical fringe thing. This year has proven pretty differently. The amount of Qanon and related bullshit I hear on a daily basis is fucking insane. I'm really starting to be concerned that these people will mobilize towards violence once Trump (hopefully) gets voted out.
  10. If magic like spellcasting were to suddenly become possible, how do you think that would be done? Through technology? Nature? Purifying oneself?
  11. What is one instance or area of your life where you struggle to integrate what you teach? Give me a human moment. Have you explored spirit animals? If so, what is yours and why? How has being a game designer colored your personal awakening experience? How much of your research includes artwork? What pieces or mediums of art are your favorite? What kind of equipment do you use? Do you build your own PC or write software? When will you be releasing the book you've been writing?
  12. @Leo Gura How did you not mention Game of Thrones?
  13. I'm talking about places I can go to have face to face, grounded, direct experiences. My direction in life is about being grounded. Watching videos is educational, but doesn't offer direct support or insight.