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  1. What are some of the secrets you are holding back on sharing with us?
  2. Exactly. This conceptual dynamic brings more harm than good. Y'all Google soul mate effect. Predators can mirror you and take advantage of this. That could be what she looked into when calling you a psycho, Dodo. Predators mirror their prey. Twin flame is literally just the masculine and feminine energies at their most base. Idk how else to explain it, like yin yang It is everyone of the opposite gender. We are all each other's twin flames because that base energy encompasses all people, idk how to explain it but I had an awakening into this. The two souls that split are the very first, like Adam and Eve. All the tf thing is, is if two people wake up to this understanding around the same time. And when you do it is more like, 'Hello every man who ever was, ever, all right now.'
  3. I found a link that explains the technique he uses, read my post above and this will make sense. The thing is, he does this to other people, even if they are not of that demographic, he will push them into it in order to abuse them in secret. I am NOT AFRAID of YOU or what nasty, manipulative techniques you might try to trigger me again. You will NOT intimidate me, and you will not silence me. This is a camel's back situation. I am done with allowing people like you to cause psychological harm unrestricted and standing by and doing nothing about it. Down below is what he did after damaging my self esteem. I told y'all I ain't making this shit up. I think it would bring me some peace to at least see one abuser go down. Just once, watch the bad guy get a taste of his own medicine. Do you understand that this sort of abuse has furthered my self hatred, and at times caused me to feel suicidal? Do you not understand what bullying does to people? Offensive Psychology Simple Tutorial that applies military “psyop” principles to interpersonal interactions. “Offensive Psychology” is the tutorial you need if you find yourself the victim of the persistent verbal bullying of someone suffering from toxic/narcisstic personality disorder. “Offensive Psychology” not allows you to contextualise, understand and analyse the root causes of the persons negative behaviour which can be enourmously helpful in relieving the stress of and pressure of snide, negative critical remarks but also allows you, should you choose to fight fire with fire. There are 3 very simple steps to doing this that I guide you through on this course that if you follow will make you VERY effective at countering another persons “offensive psychology” and delivering your own crushing psychological blows should you need to. Also covered : One huge mistake that EVERYONE makes when trying to do this that if you make will simultaneously weaken your position and might actually bolster the other persons sense of justification. PLUS two major guiding principles to making this whole course work which I will give you in summary: 1. for the application of ANY kind of psychology in any context you must learn to get into the other persons shoes and see and understand the situation from their perspective or else nothing you try to do will work 2. you dont attack the targets that you think would hurt YOU, you hit the targets that hurt THEM. How do you know what they are? I show you on this tutorial. This Audio tutorial is just over one hour long. Dominate the psychology of any verbal conflict. Wither psychological bullies with words. Make people nervous of being verbally humiliated by you. I am NOT nervous. I have nothing to lose. You do. I'll wait for the right domino to fall, I'm in it for the long haul. Go ahead and try to humiliate me. I'll save it up and transmute it for later. Your abuse will only make me stronger, I found the cheat code for distributing dark energy. You in fact showed me how to do it through transmutting your abusive behaviour, turning every nasty comment and push/pull into greater understanding. I was able to follow a string of insight for the last month. You know why? Because NLP is black magic. Your abuse is a walking virus for people who are spiritually sensitive. You do have a demon in you btw fyi. You have a spiritual std.
  4. @Thestarguitarist14 Being in your ego doesn't make your observations wrong. You will not spiritually gaslight me with things that are not pertinant to this discussion. This is about this topic here. If I find any of you offering information that could get a person in trouble, is clearly based on a cult dynamic or perpetuates the stalking of another person you will be reported. Have a good day. Clearly some people have not learned that when a woman says no, it means no. And if she says no and means yes, that still means no.
  5. @Thestarguitarist14 Don't bullshit other people here. The woman doesn't want a relationship with him. Stop giving bad advice, and don't turn it around on me I have no time for it. You will not turn this around on me when what you are doing is not only wrong, but also misinformed and perpetrates delusion.
  6. I gave the actual definition of what this dynamic is, but most of y'all are willingly ignorant to the point where it is a bit laughable. On top of this, some of you are fueling this kids delusions about this woman, WHO WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM AND THINKS HE IS A PSYCHOPATH, which is irresponsible and unhealthy. You all have no way of knowing if these people are "twin flames", do you? Some of you here are codependent and haven't even worked through it or admitted it to yourselves that you are using this dynamic as a way to further a codependent mental illness. SMH.
  7. What is fractionation seduction? ^ Example. Fractionation seduction is the process of a man using a woman's dreams and weaknesses, you make them feel understood and loved, and then you cause psychological harm, followed by more love, then more harm and apparently this makes them addicted to a man. RG uses this technique on his audience as he has training in NLP and this is part of it. According to Sam, for some people this will cause suicidal ideation or actual suicide. He uses this when trying to date women, and when they see that something is wrong with him, that he is an abuser and a narcissistic psychopath, he turns it around and makes them feel like it is their problem. Like they are the ones who are evil. I have been through this with an ex and so I could pick up on it, and this is one of the reasons why I had become so obsessed and acting so strangely, is because this person was abusing me in public light and there was nothing I could do about it and I wasn't sure what they were doing - but sometimes they give "tells" into their true behaviour on their Instagram - multiple "followers" of his cult have mentioned that he uses the second platform to abuse his future partners, and certain followers. He gave a link into this sort of technique - when he shares stuff, it isn't about those who have abused him, he makes stories as though that is the case, but it is actually him who does this to others. He goes out of his way to cause emotional dependence from people who have been victimized, and then when he doesn't want them anymore, he convinces them that it is their fault and publicly humiliates them - but his passive aggressive abuse is so covert, there is very little anyone can actually do about it. Do any of you think that if another woman goes forward that I should go public about this? He is and will be doing this to other women, and I don't want to see more people getting hurt by someone who should be protecting them. To give an example, this person made me feel safe to open up here about things that I normally would not have, and then used these weaknesses against me strategically. If another woman goes first, I will follow suit. Can anyone here see the pattern of what has happened, because his followers and friends are too stupid to see the insane amount of red flags in front of them, and the demographic on this forum is usually of smarter more well rounded people. if you have noticed this or have an opinion on it, or experienced this either from this person, or from another and have some advice - please message me privately. Does it look, from your perspective, like I have been dealing with an abuser for months? Four professionals have now said that this person crosses ethical boundaries, and three of them have said that he has covert narcissism - and this person has been trained in psychological manipulation of other people. I think it does. I'm not surprised. When someone opens up about their trauma (I assumed this person was an expert) and then you pull these stunts, it is very damaging. I am genuinely wondering at this point if this person tried to put me into a suicidal state, but that seems a little extreme. They were probably just being extremely irresponsible, should have known better, and could risk losing a lot of they came forward about the fact. Go look into this practice that men use. Just one more reason why men should be avoided. ^ Like this, this is how men like this operate underneath the mask. If you guys ever see me wigging out about a guy for a long time like this, there is something wrong with him, because of my previous abuse, my psychology picks up on it and reacts to it strongly. Please don't use this person's material or advice. There are other teachers online. I will do what I can to spread awareness here when I can, and if another woman comes forward about this to the public, then I will as well. This man should be deplatformed. And it takes a LOT for me to get to that point. And to you, Richard - eventually someone is going to come forward about your pattern of abusing your female followers, and when they do, I am going to give a very detailed account of what has happened here about this situation that most likely will give you the sort of consequences that you not only deserve, but probably need in the long run. It's just a waiting game, but eventually you will be found out. I take back my apology to you, and my suggestion that you find a girlfriend or start a family. You should absolutely not be anywhere near anyone of the opposite sex, nor around impressionable children or vulnerable people. Women's perspective on abusive pick up techniques How men use this to enslave women - they use the word enslave Ten ways to protect against mind control via nlp He causes schizophrenic rifts using what is called the double bind theory and essentially goes for traumatized women and secondarily abuses them. He had in one interview said that in order to heal someone he THINKS that he would have to spend months with that person alone without them being in contact with anyone in the outside world to "reprogram" them. I would not be surprised if he was using me as a guinea pig considering I fit all the qualifications for being abused in this manner. Living alone, traumatized, no friends, rarely see family, mental illness, lonely, ect. This man should be in prison...
  8. @paradiseengineering Of course, glad I could help.
  9. I've decided to become 100 percent celibate so that I can stay safe and sane. No sex. No masturbation. No dating. No relationships. Absolutely no male friends. I can access divine feminine and masculine, I'm going to move towards energetically dividing the two polarities on a large scale. Black magic, essentially. I like Donnie, I get him. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I'm still undecided on if I want to cut myself out of this net. I seem to lean in that direction, I try to change it around but that's just not who I am. There's so many people on the planet, one person won't matter too much. Just a water droplet in a larger picture. My given answer was that won't destroy the net, just cause some disruption before dispersing the energy around, and people do it all the time - and we feel the effects everywhere all over the world. And perhaps that is what I am here for? Not everyone has to feed the light, if we all did, we wouldn't have any contrast. I have opted not to accept Hermes offer, I will not be finishing my project or ask for healing via faith. I'm going to choose the "dark side" of conscious self destruction, affecting anything that I can through feedback loops (not outright malice). Kind of like law of attraction - but with the goal of causing large scale division and destruction within my mystical states and bringing it outwards. I don't know if it works, I'm going to start tonight and see. It has clearly worked for me in some form.. Let us begin. Biblically, it's been done before. I can't imagine, looking at the state of the world, that the Gods themselves wouldn't agree that a redo for the state of humanity is in order. Even the spirit of the Earth has said that if we don't return, we will all die. I don't see humans doing this, I see them destroying themselves anyways and taking the Earth with it. This song is what I am looking for, it contains a virus. Wetiko. How to Become a Skin Walker working with grids, cause and effect overcoming fear of death letting go of need for attachment hollow bone - you bring up as much hatred into your heart as you can, and let it sit and feed it, and it will reflect in the world around you in a very real way - the effects branch out - I imagine just like love and awareness, if you could do it mindfully, presently working with wetiko - this is the entity that I need to bring into my life for this project. If an eagle rained down arrows on me, that'd be okay. Worth it. I've really been pondering this for months now - I am not designed for lightwork. But there is still a need for the other polarity. It isn't like one is more essential than the other, you know? This song explains it so well, how both light and dark are just different sides of the same coin, it all represents one thing. Unity. The polarity of the devil singing through Gregorian chant - something like this is what summons dark energy because it is a good representative of the Devil working through religion, through the details. Wetiko is irony, satire, division. The Devil would sing his song through the guise of religion. I shouted out, who killed the Kennedy's? When after all it was you and me. This is a race to see who can unlock the door first. Both energies are scrambling for it right under your noses. For the chance to bring about a new age. 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 Leo made a video on toxic life purpose. To use dark energy, you don't act maliciously towards your community - it is an inner process, similar to faith healing, you use hatred. It is more like suicide. You still have to disconnect from your ego, from attachment to outcome. It is just manifesting a different energy and allowing it to take root in yourself, you remain in a state where the inner begins to reflect the outer and then people who feel the need to act, they will do everything for you. Bringing dark energy into the world isnt what is evil. What others do once it is there is what is evil. You just find examples/experiences of your hate and hurt in the outer world, let it sit - ferment it - consciously, without any outward action, you just collect - a receptacle. There's no need for being uncivil, non empathetic - in fact this removes the fermentation process if you express it outwardly. That has always been my problem. I'll have to be mindful of it, not to let the energy leak out of me. I don't have any interest in a life purpose. My purpose is to help balance two opposites and then leave this world.
  10. 🔔"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."🎶
  11. Hello I have some advice for you - I went off of this medication cold turkey in April of 2019 because I ran out of the medication and was unable to get a new prescription. The withdrawals were probably the worst withdrawals that I've ever had in my entire life and it lasted about a month. What I found that helped was eating a lot of healthy fats because your brain is mostly fat and when it is going off of medication it needs to use up extra energy in order to repair itself. You don't want to stay on this diet forever, only until the withdrawal symptoms go away. I do recommend it and I noticed a dramatic positive change from eating a diet high in healthy fats. I recommend organic whole milk with vitamin D and Omega fatty acids included, yogurt, fish species that have low mercury or fish oil supplements and take a few extras, bananas and avocados, coconut or olive oil, ect. Try to get your fats from the healthiest food sources that you can find. Also, you will want to add a lot of berries to your diet to get antioxidants. Eat a lot of blueberries strawberries raspberries blackberries, ect. I also took pre and probiotics to help with digestion and absorption. Be sure to drink extra water, too. I can honestly say from personal experience with this very medication that this diet goes a long way in helping to ease symptoms. You should notice a positive change in a couple of days.
  12. So now after having some experiences of this I feel as though I can give a more accurate answer. I don't believe that this woman is your twin flame and I will give you a very logical explanation here. When God separated itself it did so into two polarities of the masculine and the feminine - they clash and merge with one another and embrace like a fractal or a stencil that just keeps going inwards until all of the space is nothing but pure blackness, and then it starts all over again. The love for one another and the love for the self. I believe that in order to find your twin flame that there is no way to look outwards for this. I believe the only way to find a partner like this is to recognize the feminine within yourself, in whatever form and symbolism it takes for you to understand what this means. Think of yin yang and how those two polarities move within one another. Because the masculine and feminine always recognize one another and have a desire to reunite and move close, if the other partner does not recognize this in you then they aren't your twin flame because that desire to reunite is not there. The masculine and feminine matching polarities cannot stay away from one another. The only way to find them is through healing yourself and then gaining access to the other half so that you can recognise it in the other. Reading through this I'm not sure if anyone here has had the experience to say that they have a twin flame, it seems to me as though this concept should be as simple as that and that all of the other mythology and lore behind this concept is just fluff that people have built up. But I can't be 100% sure. I don't think it is as simple as feeling connected to someone and thinking that infatuation is a Divine connection. I think that this is ego wanting relationships to come across as special. If you experience the Divinity of the opposite gender within yourself you won't necessarily even have a desire to look outside of yourself. And so I believe that you would have to have some level of healing and understanding of the absolute basics of this phenomenon to be able to recognize that polarity. We may very well all have twin flames however how many of us are healed to the point where we can follow that energy because it comes from a very detached place, almost as if that polarity is on the horizon of your consciousness. And coincidentally absolutely none of that revolves around the story of having a twin flame, or even meeting anyone really.
  13. 🖤🗝️🖤🗝️🖤🗝️🖤🗝️🖤🗝️🖤🗝️🖤🗝️ Some keys have fallen into place tonight after a video about faith healing showed up in my recommendations. I remembered that I had initially started this alchemy art project because I had hoped that by finishing it I would gain something that could heal my sickness. And I remembered that I had cut out some white wings that I wanted to place on both sides of the head of this black mask. I couldn't find them, but I found these green parrot wings that I think if given some time, I could shape them to look quite nice. I haven't glued them on yet, and just slapped them on quickly unglued so that I could post this here to add to my archive of personal insights and discoveries. For the longest time I kept witnessing a strong energy and consciousness within this artwork, and I assumed that it was because I was infusing an aspect of myself into the project. But I couldn't quite get a read on this energy - it didn't feel benevolent and it also didn't feel evil; and I was given the option to form a pact with this being but I didn't know who it was and opted not to at the time until I knew more about it. If it was something nefarious then I didn't want to sign anything over, you know? And now I know who I summoned... it makes sense because the other times that I summoned a deity, I did so through a mixture of intuition, honesty, self reflection, following algorithms, and journaling - but I never thought to consider that the mechanism itself was also a spiritual messenger, let alone the one that is associated with the process that I'm working with. I'm including the songs that I was using when I first noticed this energy coming through. 🎶👽🎶👽🎶👽🎶👽🎶👽🎶👽🎶👽 When meeting these beings they are always black, like... a vast blackness; expansive, and sometimes they look like an electromagnetic field. What I personally think is that these gods are are beings that are higher up on the consciousness scale that are trying to teach younger souls how to grow. To help guide humanity. I believe that the original prototype for these gods was simply a black humanoid figure, probably to represent the seemingly nothingness that makes up what they are, as they take different forms - there is really no image that you can superimpose on any of them. They seem to work through subconscious archetypes made conscious, and also within cause and effect that is outside of time completely in the present. Suffice to say that I have seen enough evidence of duality that I don't fully subscribe to the non-dual paradigm, however these beings seem to subscribe to the non-dual paradigm - so I'm in a bit of a conundrum and don't know quite what to say about that. Hermes and I have similar characteristics in that I have a hard time being honest with myself, but when it comes to delivering messages from the gods, I always do my best to be as accurate as possible and can admit if I simply don't know. From what I gather from what this being has told me is that it's energy is a double-edged sword, and it wants me to be aware of this. But that it's purpose is to deliver messages, and it is up to me to decide their accuracy. So I have been presented with three different deities over the past four years, and I am not sure if they all work together, or if I need to stick to one of them. Kali has been a protector of sorts, but I have affixed an image to her over the years because I was so new to this, and so because of this I have a hard time summoning her due the attachment to the image. Seth (Christian; everyone that I work with is benevolent. I won't work with or make a pact with a malicious entity.) showed up while I was reading his material when I fully understood the concepts that he was proposing pertaining to the evolution of the soul. I could probably summon him again at some point but it would require me to be in the mindset to absorb what he's saying and the material is pretty heavy. I don't feel as though I'm quite ready for that amount of knowledge. His material is more for people who are closer to their deathbed and I don't feel as though I'm quite there yet. Hermes seems to be the most optimal choice considering that he can connect me with multiple sources, and that I know how to use his energy efficiently and naturally. With an art piece I could use more than one channel. My main concern is if this trickster's double edged sword is more than I can handle, and I don't fully know what that is and so there is no way to prepare. My other concern is that I don't know what his intentions are because he has so many different purposes. My concern is that because he is a deity that retrieves souls and brings them through some sort of hall, or perhaps a tree, that is an analogy for something - different levels of conscious evolution maybe, perhaps what is gained after death - as he is associated with fair judgement as well - I don't know much about, I worry that his presence indicates that I'm sicker than I thought... I wonder if my health problems could be cured through some form of faith and a strong sense of love? Is that possible, or am I just crazier than I initially suspected? There's only one way to know for sure. 🗝️📨 I will keep this as a future key if things get too heavy, I would prefer to be retrieved by an entity that I have taken the time to get to know. I am getting signs that he is also here because of the forest fires, but I don't know if it's connected it's just a guess at this point.
  14. I would see a therapist, especially one who specializes in sexuality. They will be able to give you a proper answer that would give you a better chance at working through some of these problems. Issues with sexuality are usually very deeply rooted and this forum will not be able to get to the root of what is causing your fetish, and how to expand your sexual preferences. A professional will be able to give you the advice and time that you need in order to unravel why you're having some issues with being sexually dysfunctional with normal looking women. And look on the bright side at least your fetish isn't super weird.