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  1. (More syncs, this came out today - "Sophia" - "Evol" - love's mirror) In the Gnostic creation myth, Heaven – which the Gnostics called the “Pleroma,” “Fullness” – was all that existed until a divine entity named Sophia tried to conceive on her own, without the involvement of her heavenly partner or the consent of God. Sophia gave birth to a son that was the product of the rebellious and profane desire that had arisen within her. This son of hers was the demiurge. The Gnostic text Reality of the Archons describes “him” as an androgynous being, an “arrogant beast” that resembled an aborted fetus in both appearance and character. The Secret Book of John adds that he had the body of a snake and the head of a lion, with eyes like lightning bolts. (In ancient Greek philosophy, the lion was frequently a symbol of irrational passions. The Gnostics were steeped in the Greek philosophical tradition, so their description of the demiurge as having a lion’s head was probably intended to show that he was a being who couldn’t or wouldn’t control his base urges. That certainly fits the demiurge’s personality as described in their texts.) When Sophia saw the horrifying, twisted being that had come from her, she was deeply ashamed and afraid. She disowned him and cast him out of Heaven. From his lonely position where his madness and conceit could go unchecked, the demiurge gave birth to the archons, beings who were like him and could help him administer the material world. He then created the material world, which, like all creations, was a reflection of the personality of its creator. The demiurge then created Adam and Eve and imprisoned divine sparks from Heaven within them. He told them that he was the only god and issued the Ten Commandments, even though he himself broke each and every one of those commandments. For example, he lied when he claimed to be the only god and that Adam and Eve would die if they ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; he insulted his mother and father by refusing to acknowledge their existence; he made a graven image of the divine when he modeled the material world on his corrupt and ignorant misunderstanding of Heaven; and he committed adultery by attempting to rape Eve. Sophia immediately realized her horrible mistake and cast her child out of the Pleroma. The demiurge, now alone, believed that he was the only being who had ever existed, and created the material world out of his ignorance, foolishness, and malevolence, trapping sparks of divinity within Adam and Eve along the way.
  2. @Leo Gura I don't game people, I'm just myself. If I superimpose something positive over it, this isn't going to be true - maybe eventually, but not initially. My priorities may not even be right, I may not even be looking. I've met enough men to know how they work. Men and women are simply too different to get along. More than likely, the person I spoke to on the bus was a pick up artist. I think my position is: I am not looking, I never will be. So this should be a nonissue for me and I shouldn't ever bring it up. I'll keep my thoughts to myself.
  3. I'll test this out. After the New Year, I'll keep my true story and make a false one filled with positivity and all that jazz - and we'll see which one comes out on top.
  4. You're right, I shouldn't read these threads. Say no more, I won't mention it. If you play the song at the same time as the ship sinking - when he sings "eye to eye" it lines up with one of the craters created in the ship. And I didn't even intend it to. How can I fight against such synchronicity when the very fabric of the universe agrees, eh?
  5. I'll assist the light, but I am not a light worker. When push comes to shove, if I could sink the entire ship, I would. One fell swoop, in preference to the insurmountable amounts of suffering that mankind faces in its near future. When I find the main 'You' - the one pulling the strings from the other side of the coin... I will destroy your life. I will evisceration you, piece by piece, Like Dorothy pulling back the curtains, you'll have nowhere to hide. I will spend lifetimes looking, until I find you. And I will snuff you out. This pointless chain of death and rebirth will be over with. And everything will be One. I'll bide my time. For now, I accept my humanness. I will Know that you are mine, because you will wish to murder me, too. That will be my clue. You will hate me as much as I despise you. If I don't despise you, if I don't wish to end you, then you are not He. We don't play these silly human games. You'll want to keep creation going, unable to accept that humans are not the divine beings you had hoped they would be. Why weren't the creatures you left behind good enough for you? You had hoped that humans could grow their hearts and minds. Look around you. Why would you want keep this circus going? Human beings desire Death. The True Death. That's why we move closer towards it as a collective. We don't care for your Miracle of Life. We run from Death because you stole our memories from us. They think you're the True God. We have forgotten who we are, and you use this world to keep us in purgatory. The Gnostics adopted the term "demiurge". Although a fashioner, the demiurge is not necessarily the same as the creator figure in the monotheistic sense, because the demiurge itself and the material from which the demiurge fashions the universe are both considered to be consequences of something else. Depending on the system, they may be considered to be either uncreated and eternal or the product of some other entity.
  6. *annoyed sigh* Yeah.... but.
  7. @LastThursday Alien monoliths are doorways into other dimensions, you have to flatten your perspective. They are literally flat. You can see them when you see through this reality as nothing more than a dream. I don't know much about them, but I've seen one before and it is a perspective shift that is required to see one.
  8. Not real. Seeing monoliths requires a consciousness shift. They're nearly invisible.
  9. Are there any other hospitals open right now? You might wanna risk it just this once.
  10. I read stuff like this on here, and I feel confident that my decision to die alone is the right one to make. I was recently conversing with a guy on the bus a few days ago - very cute blonde guy - gave him the wrong number. I read stuff like this on here, and I am reminded of how much I prefer female friendships. God: "Annie, would you like a boyfriend or would you like to die youngish?" Me: "I thought you'd never ask. How quick will my death be?" God: "Young-ish. The caveat is that you're ultra-connected to the masculine and feminine waves, through some sort of universal law, and so this decision will create a negative feedback loop that will affect these energies on a grand scale and cause mayhem for future generations as human relations dissolve and the sexes are no longer able to communicate in any meaningful way. You will be mostly sheltered and ignorant; unaware of the effects of your destructive decisions. The good news is, I don't consider humans to be my greatest creation. So there's that..." Me: "Ok. I'll take death. You don't even have to ask twice my man. I got you. I see that we see eye to eye." God: "Verily. Let's sink this ship." This song belongs with this video. "A goofy movie". How accurate.
  11. @bejapuskas It took me a while to find this, but I found my old booklist if you are still interested in this subject I have listed it here:
  12. @Rilles Must be amazing. Speaking of bucket lists:
  13. @Etherial Cat Lol, well to be honest, my journey at the moment is a bit all over the place emotionally, I hope to have some resolution in the next year or so (seeing a therapist at the beginning of the year) so it might be a while until I can show my best self. I do have a booklist, though, that I made after asking a shamanic group what they thought would be the best material. I tend to get these insights out of pure foolish luck, so this list would probably take you much further. I have not read all of them, they were just the best pooled from the input of a couple hundred shamans in a group. Kundalini: Energy of the Depths - Lilian Silburn The Doctrine of Vibration - Mark Dyczkowski Shamanism: The Shamanic Zone - Ailo Gaup The Way of the Shaman - Michael Harner Chosen by the Spirits - Sarangerel Riding Windhorse - Sarangerel Shaman Healer Sage - Alberto Villoldo Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy - Mircea Eliade The Norse Shaman - Evelyn C. Rysdyk The Accidental Shaman - Howard G. Charing Singing the Soul Back Home - Caitlín Matthews Last of the Shor Shamans - Alexander Arbachakov Shamanic Experience - Practical Guide to Psychic Powers - Kenneth Meadows Plant Spirit Wisdom - Shamans and Sin Eaters - Ross Heaven Authors: Olga Kharitidi Mary Mueller Shutan // Facebook // Courses // She often does courses a few times a year, buying them allows you to join a FB group for real time instruction - she is a high quality teacher, I recommend. Holger Kalweit Sun Bear Carlos Castaneda Sandra Ingerman Misc: How to Transform Your Life: A Blissful Journey - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object - Frankin Merrell-Wolff
  14. @Rilles Yeah but you get the northern lights! That's a pretty good trade. @SirVladimir Oh that's a keeper for sure, that music with the background like that. I should accept my squirrelish ways. Some animals hibernate. @Preety_India Which hibernating animal are you? (Time to make a quiz)