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  1. First hand account and raw footage from Portland
  2. Ha, thanks but I'm not using this forum for growth anymore, only for vices mostly. And I shared too much personal information.. Its also hard to follow my path with so many conflicting different points of view here. I want to follow my intuition solely without anyone's opinion. Later!
  3. There has been a lot of division and fear in America and so things like this are people reacting to the build up of many issues, imo. It's this presidency. It's racism. It's Covid. It's a looming need to change our society that we are all procrastinating on. People feel disempowered. The man's death is symbolic of that .
  4. Sounds like spiritual narcissism mixed with sadism. The cure for it is absolute bluntness from the people in your environment until you feel a sense of dread for the idiocy of thinking you're anything remotely special at all. Really. That is the cure. And then when the mortification comes up, to process those emotions properly. You're very ordinary like most of us. In fact, wanting to be seen as special is one of the absolute most ordinary things there is in the world. Nothing you have mentioned suggests that you really grasp spiritual concepts in any significant way. If you genuinely connected to awareness in any real authentic way, you would be feeling those other people as well and not seeing them as threats. They would become a part of you. You want no one above you and no one to succeed? Then you're still at the bottom of the barrel, be humble. Be grateful when people overcome their problems because this means the world is healing.
  5. Judy garland- Paris is a lonely town, from the artistic masterpiece gay purr-ee
  6. Just updating this thread and also letting people know the kid Jadient, the burn victim was accepted into med school. Pretty incredible.
  7. @Preety_India @The observer Thank you both for your kind words I appreciate it.
  8. @The observer That could be why I have a disease is that I have no value. Who knows. Maybe I will be more valuable in my next life.
  9. @The observer I have health issues so I can't work and have no value to offer. I also wouldn't interact with people who viewed me as some sort of value machine.
  10. @DrewNows I'll stop putting people in boxes when you stop posting stage green hippy dippy stuff and we'll both start a revolution.
  11. I can see that. I had friends from high school that I kept for some time that we ended up not liking one another and growing apart. Many times people won't let someone go even if they don't like them because they like to play social games or don't want to seem cruel. And if you are kind or have something wrong with you often times friends will exploit you or treat you unequally. I keep a lot of acquaintances online though to fill my social needs. In an ideal world I would have a partner and then another couple or two as friends. I would prefer an extrovert who has their own social life so I can have some space pretty regularly to recharge. I wonder how people manage social circles? Seems so tedious and not much payout if half your circle dislikes you.
  12. @Preety_India I've noticed this as well. Eckhart Tolle on the other hand blinks like every other second.
  13. @modmyth I'm not sure, I remember a video about it and reading it somewhere else. I never got too into her work but did go through a period of not trusting her when a lot of the drama was happening due to being new to spiritual lingo- still am a neophyte - I remember reading about the plagiarism. Is there any way to know for sure? It seems like a lot of the insights must be very similar. I've had insights that were similar to other people's and even a spiritual path so similar sometimes I have to do double takes. I wouldn't mind if someone took ideas from me either, because after my old self is shed, whatever that identity created won't be attached anymore. That was something I was thinking about recently. Third person interpretation would be interesting to watch from a no self perspective, as if the ideas were then being cast out into the environment. God simply spreading itself. @Preety_India That has happened a few times with me before. Was it like you were seeing her higher self looking at you?
  14. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘