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  1. Sometimes I will notice numbers like 11:11 or 2:22, 3:33 more often, but I try not to pay too much attention to them, because it seems like the universe gives out puzzle pieces whenever it chooses, and many times I'm not even aware of them until retrospectively, so focusing on the number and its meaning seems to take me a step backwards.
  2. Who cares?
  3. Earlier today when I was reading through a thread, I was imaging some folks were having this conversation while singing in Gregorian chants to the tune of The Sound of Silence. There's a bit of sarcasm hidden in there. "I can't wait to land me an alien girlfrieeeend!" 🎵 Hello darkness, my old friend "You just want that third tiiiiit" 🎵 I've come to talk with you again "...and I'd fast-forward to the paaaart with the alieeeen with the three breasts" 🎵 Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping "Once you go alien you never go sapien. . ." 🎵 And the vision that was planted in my brain "That's totally true... It's three-breasted aliens or nothing for meee." 🎵 Still remains.... within the sound of sileeeence And the sign said, "The words of the prophets Are written on the subway walls And tenement halls"...
  4. I have a life threatening disease that effects my heart. When working through the fears of death, I have had profound experiences. On days when I feel really weak and sick, when my feet and hands turn blue; dizzy; I feel less like complaining and more like getting my affairs in order so that those around me will be more comfortable. The jump doesn't last, but it does offer puzzle pieces that allow me to move up slowly on the scale. My whole reason for spirituality is so that I can die consciously, this soul created this body as a "sacrificial child", so that it can move up at a quicker pace. To die slowly enough to learn a lesson but quickly enough so that it isn't forgotten.
  5. @Thewritersunion For sure, some days more than others, but always there at some level.
  6. True story, this guy here is getting his channel pushed into obscurity because what he talks about is too abstract for the mainstream. He mentions that censorship here, and offers some solutions for people.
  7. The first step is to make sure that you are genuinely interested in finding out the answer to your question before asking. Time and time again I see people on this forum who are being spoon fed the answers they seek but are either too stupid or too lazy to see what is in front of them. The first step to asking a good question is to make sure you really want to know, and aren't just using the mechanism of question asking to waste another's time. So wait for the moment you are fully ready for whatever answer you will receive.
  8. My intuition says differently, and it right about 70 percent of the time.