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  1. I am 28 years old. I had to move back in with my parents due to an upcoming surgery/ I had to quit my job to get on healthcare to afford the surgery The environment is okay sometimes, but it is also extremely toxic (I have talked about it before on here) Tonight my mom screamed up close in my face....and I think she would have hit me if I didn’t tell her I would report her if she touched me. She poke pushed me, but stopped after I spoke up. I don’t feel comfortable posting on my social media platforms to find somewhere else to go. I was wondering if y’all had any resources. I am at a loss and I am nervous to be in this type of environment for recovery. Thank you
  2. @Onemanwolfpac Your dtf or unmatch mantra is also why I don’t feel AT ALL bad for using dating apps to get IG followers. To be fair. I don’t push them to follow me. I just post my tag in my bio and they just add me (match or no match) And When swiping I only like people who I may genuinely be interested in.
  3. Theatre is something I hold very close to my heart. It is a world of discovery , creativity, and being. Not only is Hamilton a beautiful production and just... damn... but it.... As actors... you become something you typically are not, and that change is visualized in real time. You dive into it fully. Actions, reactions.... And yet you also know the moment is just being on stage IN THE MOMENT. And then... poof.... no more physical.... The play ends. Only the energy reaction is left to ripple into infinity. Life is no different. The script may be written and the show may be cast. Simply choose how your character reacts. Theatre is Lit 🔥 It is on Disney Plus BTW
  4. I mainly use dating apps to get more Instagram followers 😅... However, someone’s opening line was them asking me about my favorite novels/books 😍 Brilliant. I actually decided to respond. AND I got to ask for recommendations back, which allows me to see what they’re about. Plus, if they looked at my recommendations at all... they can get a glimpse of what I’m about ✨ Wanted to share. 🙃
  5. @mandyjw lol : light brite. Love it ❤️
  6. I do these heart chakra meditations through YouTube and sound clips. I just pick random ones...but sometimes they put me in a state where.... when I close my eyes.... The patterns are INTENSE AF... and truly just incredible I have to double check to make sure I didn’t take anything 😅 Think: psychedelic mandala patterns Anyone else get this sober?
  7. @Iksander 🙏 And well wishes to your surgery.
  8. I guess that a lot of people don’t remember the dreams when under (as told by a nurse) Also it is surreal that you don’t consciously remember anything they did to you. Just a really deep nap. Also, the nurse told me that a lot of younger women (I’m 28, but look about 23ish) cry after coming out of it, so she was surprised I was so giddy. Side note. Tried to google anesthesia relations to psychedelics and it led me to a random article about the oracle of Delos (Greece) I have actually been to Delos, but didn’t know about the oracle until now. Fumes supposedly came out of cracks in the environment and gave her the ability to predict things via Apollo. She was woke AF. I want to look into it more. I feel like maybe oracles were just hella enlightened folk.
  9. Anesthesia update: Slept like a baby and dreamt I was at a rave (I have never been to a rave 😂) Had a song stuck in my head when I woke up that I didn’t recognize. Didn’t get a chance to write them down, and don’t remember them now. Missed wisdom! I will bring a notebook with me next time. Lol
  10. I go under for a procedure tomorrow and then again on the 14th. I have been under once when I had my wisdom teeth out. I am curious to explore the state more and my reactions after. What have your experiences been? Where is consciousness?
  11. @Leo Gura Thank you for the clarification. And just, thank you 🙏
  12. @Carl-Richard I honestly don’t know if he is, and even if he is, I personally don’t find it funny (I know I allow myself to have this reaction, but I also think recognizing the reaction is part of the process) Joking that he wouldn’t want to be around most females (sexually or not) implies a lot about his attitude towards females. Also, the fact that you find it funny implies a lot about your attitude towards females as well. I admit that I don’t know his or your true intentions towards females; Though I am technically you, (so maybe I do.. Oof...😅) I don’t have recollection of your thoughts etc.) Just... please be more considerate It is hard enough being taken seriously as a female spiritualist on her enlightenment journey, let alone add In someone who is well respected in the community trying to degrade your potential substance.
  13. @Carl-Richard 100 percent about the phrasing, not about who he is or isn’t attracted to.
  14. @Leo Gura Your energy towards women is outright negative. Women are brilliant and beautiful and much, much more. (Not just .1 percent of them) By founding this site (and by how society has formed its structural hierarchy characteristics) your words Inherently have have more impact. Own your power. Stop encouraging your masculine following to treat and talk about women negatively. Positivity is power. Imagine changing The subject in your comment to ANY other gender or race and see how truly generalized and incredibly uniformed you sound. Check yourself.
  15. @FredFred I have never actually done acid, but I feel like micro-dosing it would be a great start for me ✨