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  1. @Striving for more He made a comment about our mutual surroundings and tasks. Approach as if you were just being friendly.... and if it goes well, ask for the number
  2. Someone approached me the other day and asked for my number. They maintained distance and had a mask. Just be smart about it. Have confidence and read what they’re comfortable with. I declined because I’m dating someone, but they did it very well. Made small talk first, rather than be creepy, Left and then came back as to not miss the chance lol I think they thought my “I have a boyfriend” was an excuse... so they tried to show me their face to make sure that wasn’t why I was declining. Maybe wait to show your face until they say yes to the number. You can send them pictures of your face first before they decide to risk it.
  3. Sometimes I feel like the synchronicities of my romance endeavors are a test. What kind of test? Who knows ? But a test none the less. Lol *looks in mirror intently with questioning eyes* Most recent: Went on two AMAZING lil’ dates with a guy. They were wonderful. It made dating feel easy and incredibly fun (He even had a crow tattoo (one person on here may find that funny)) The dates Always ended a little abruptly, but never out of the ordinary. Even got some kisses. Then.....there were some weird texts from him that were really self deprecating and he randomly started pushing me away. Turns out he has multiple personalities. Me to me: Serious talk. Out of ALL the dates I could have accepted during a pandemic why dis tho? *I have previously been married/cheated on *I have previously dated a millionaire, bi-polar, alcohol who got aggressive towards me Past life Karma? ???‍♀️ On a side note: TBH. I don’t know what the difference between a single personality and multiple personalities is (besides the book definition) Just sending as much love as I can to all interactions I have with him Something I’ve leaned in the brief interactions: I have grown a lot and I am better at knowing what I’m willing to accept and where to set my boundaries
  4. Be in the moment, let go, have confidence, and have fun.
  5. I had laparoscopic surgery on the 14th. I was under anesthesia for about an hour. Luckily no complications (I guess being a young female who doesn’t smoke can be high risk for anesthesia. Who knew.) I don’t remember anything while under. The last thing I remember is my surgeon holding my hand to comfort me (it was really sweet), me thinking whatever happens, happens, and then I was OUT. I barely remember waking up or where I was when awake. The fact that a liquid inserted into your veins can cause your mind to ignore a knife being cut through your skin is remarkable. My surgeon was poking my sensitive insides for 40 minutes and I didn’t notice pain until later. Da fuck is that ? I am reflecting on where I was during the process. My body was strapped against a bed in a surgery room... but my mind was.... How is being under anesthesia different from being asleep, or alive, or dead, or meditating, or tripping, or now? It isn’t, and yet it is. I feel like when I was under I entered the same state of before birth and after death. Just there, Always there....but not connected to the memory.
  6. Can someone explain Leo’s comment to me?
  7. @Leo Gura I don’t understand your response.
  8. @hamedsf I don’t get the correlation
  9. Do any of you go to therapy? How do you/said you navigate choosing a therapist who will understand stuff on this forum?
  10. @Aaron p Where is it? I thought I knew where it was, but then when I went looking couldn’t find it.
  11. I couldn’t locate the main thread for memes, but here ya go:
  12. I am 28 years old. I had to move back in with my parents due to an upcoming surgery/ I had to quit my job to get on healthcare to afford the surgery The environment is okay sometimes, but it is also extremely toxic (I have talked about it before on here) Tonight my mom screamed up close in my face....and I think she would have hit me if I didn’t tell her I would report her if she touched me. She poke pushed me, but stopped after I spoke up. I don’t feel comfortable posting on my social media platforms to find somewhere else to go. I was wondering if y’all had any resources. I am at a loss and I am nervous to be in this type of environment for recovery. Thank you
  13. @Onemanwolfpac Your dtf or unmatch mantra is also why I don’t feel AT ALL bad for using dating apps to get IG followers. To be fair. I don’t push them to follow me. I just post my tag in my bio and they just add me (match or no match) And When swiping I only like people who I may genuinely be interested in.
  14. Theatre is something I hold very close to my heart. It is a world of discovery , creativity, and being. Not only is Hamilton a beautiful production and just... damn... but it.... As actors... you become something you typically are not, and that change is visualized in real time. You dive into it fully. Actions, reactions.... And yet you also know the moment is just being on stage IN THE MOMENT. And then... poof.... no more physical.... The play ends. Only the energy reaction is left to ripple into infinity. Life is no different. The script may be written and the show may be cast. Simply choose how your character reacts. Theatre is Lit ? It is on Disney Plus BTW
  15. I mainly use dating apps to get more Instagram followers ?... However, someone’s opening line was them asking me about my favorite novels/books ? Brilliant. I actually decided to respond. AND I got to ask for recommendations back, which allows me to see what they’re about. Plus, if they looked at my recommendations at all... they can get a glimpse of what I’m about ✨ Wanted to share. ?