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  1. @Megan Alecia Whatever helps you sleep at night.
  2. @Megan Alecia Or like farting or getting a boner.
  3. @mandyjw Knowing how to properly fuck a girl is like knowing how to play an instrument ?
  4. @Megan Alecia I’m perfect, that’s my point.
  5. Either a) use a carrot to fuck her or b) do stretching exercices to enlarge your penis.I heard it takes time but it works.Good luck on your penis journey! https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/penis-stretching#how-it-works
  6. Everything is perfect even if it’s not.
  7. That’s why I have sex with my guitar everyday.Kidding.I have sex with my guitar every night...
  8. Trump supporter spotted.
  9. Plot twist: aliens actually came to kidnap Leo and are looking for him.
  10. To me doing that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Blue.Green can be spiritual without the dogmatic components of religion.If praying, in whatever form (Christian, Muslim, etc), makes you feel some sort of spiritual connection while knowing that this religion is not the absolute truth then it’s more Green cause you’re not praying out of duty to go to heaven like a Blue person would but to feel love, peace and shit like that.The motivation is not the same.
  11. I'm too lazy for doing this shit... Gongrats tho.
  12. @intotheblack I recommend it to get freaky in bed ?