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  1. @InsecureAnon For you in particular, I'd say get some good friends. It seems like you're in your head too often. Get out as much as possible and hangout with other people. If you can't do that, start creating some art using those emotions. Learn some new skills. The only way you're going to get out of this is to realize there's more to you than your height. You think it's them, but you wouldn't feel this insecure if you didn't believe it too.
  2. @eaaaeaeae I've heard of that happening on psychedelics. Were you on a psychedelic or completely sober? What kinds of thoughts were they?
  3. @taotemu Yes. Be careful with 5-MEO. You can actually die on it from asphyxiation if you don't know what you're doing or take too much.
  4. @Chris_Esoteric I definitely recommend doing tournaments though. Even if it's a hobby, they're so much fun, and even though it's physically combative, there's a lot of comradary. Great way to meet new people and make connections.
  5. @Chris_Esoteric If you do, you need to think up a few backup plans. If it doesn't work out and you have nothing to fall back on it's going to cause a lot of misery. Make sure you know when to stop pursuing. If you want to do something this ambitious, you need to take a really honest look at yourself to see where you're at skill-wise. If you start pursuing a career, they're not going to wait for you to get good at it. 3 years in a martial art is practically nothing. If you compete in a ranked-by-belt system, it would make sense. I'm sorry, but unless you're a prodigy that can beat the people with dozens of years of experience in your own school, you already missed that train.
  6. @flowboy Makes me think. I wonder if "miracles" happen as a result of focusing awareness on something generally outside of the human perspective. We developed 5 senses arbitrarily to what was needed for survival, but I think it's possible and highly probable that other things are happening all around us that we don't have a firm connection with. Sometimes, maybe you can accidentely tap into it unconsciously, but since the mind doesn't necessarily have the capacity to understand what it's experiencing, it comes out strange. This creates a "glitch-in-the-matrix". The matrix being your normative state of being.
  7. @BipolarGrowth I understand that. Just trying to communicate the general idea behind the term. I recommend reading some of the stories people have told about it on reddit. There's some wacky stuff that goes on sometimes lol. I just can't figure out why consciousness can have a certain flow and then suddenly be jerked in an entirely different direction so dramatically. Sometimes weird neurological problems cause this, but that's still within, let's say, the "normal" flow of reality as we understand it. It's clear to me now that things can just go haywire almost without any reason at all. Super weird.
  8. I'm just curious what y'all think about these stories. I'm not sure what to make of them. If you have any to share, please do!
  9. @wildflower Don't mistake the problem of ego with a problem of being. The foundational nature of being a living creature is suffering, however, being extends "beyond" that. Don't assume creatures without the ability to self-identify don't have a self either. They certainly want to live, and that says something. Sensory pleasure only becomes a problem if that's all one looks for in a pursuit to relieve pain/have a good life, but what exactly is the difference between sensory pleasure other types of pleasure? I'm sure you take pleasure in learning and talking with others, and you do because you're here. You would not do anything if you did not take pleasure in it in some way. Reality takes pleasure in itself to the infinite-degree. Enjoy life and what it has to offer. God certainly does
  10. @Someone here A perception. That's it lol
  11. @Husseinisdoingfine Yes, it's basic psychology. You can measure personality traits (the big 5 is a good example) to some degree, but there are no personality "types" that can be measured to the degree Myers-Briggs attempts to. If you really pay attention to how you act yourself out, you'll notice indiscrepancies in your behavior. You'll act and say things one way at work and then contradict that behavior when at home. Most people are not cohesively structured as an "individual", although, you can be by becoming the conscious observer of the way you present the many facets of yourself and correcting contradictions for the sake of what you really believe. This is how you achieve real authenticity, and trust me, when you get to that point, you won't need a personality test to ground the ego. You'll know who you are.
  12. @Leo Gura Maybe explain the feelings with which language is birthed? Throughout my contemplation, I've noticed that there is a specific feeling for every thought and word. To give you an example, as a musician, I swear music is an underdeveloped language. It's a language beyond words that only uses notes and patterns to communicate emotion not so dissimilar to what words do. Just something to entertain.
  13. Trust me, it's not random in the least bit lol. What seems random to the human mind is not to higher intellegence. To the infinite mind, infinity is not random. It is absolute.
  14. @electroBeam Your mind can only work with what its got and experienced. A better way to look at those experiences is that, in your heart, you believed those things already but didn't know it. When it comes to specific information about finite things, psychedelics will not help you. Seems backwards, but that's the name of the game.