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  1. @Byun Sean Haha you reckon?
  2. @Leo Gura I sense a bit of envy/jealousy/hostility from you towards JBP. If he wasn't as popular as he is I dont think you would be as critical of him as you are. He isn't perfect, he has his blind spots and his shadow is baked into some of his works - but so is yours Leo :).
  3. JBP has his new book, BEYOND ORDER, will any one be giving this a read? Also I didnt read his book 12 rules for life but i am currently reading maps of meaning, how was 12 rules for those that read it????
  4. Really impressed with sam harris on this one, seems like were seeing some growth in him.
  5. Has anyone ever tried, or has an opinion on meditating whilst high? Is this a good idea or does it defeat the purpose? Any thoughts?...
  6. @Nahm I love you more. thanks for this.
  7. @Nahm What part haha? I Still believe that we humans do have fractional, limited autonomy over our lives. The idea that there is a self, that can improve their existence is what this whole forum is based upon. Everyone here acts as if a self does exist. "Reality" is a dream, however whilst we are in the dream, there is a self that can be improved and a self that has limited free will. What does self-actualizing mean, if there is no self to actualize???
  8. @Someone here By you telling my to do a action, you imply that i have the will to do such action.
  9. @The0Self How do you know that a snake doesn't experience meaning at all? Are you looking through the eyes of a snake or a human? What is the difference, were humans not once snakes? When did humans develop the concept of meaning? 100 million years ago when we diverged from snakes? If not, when? When we became monkeys? Does a monkey experience meaning? If not, why not? If they do, why dont snakes? Is meaning something thats out there in the world, or something that humans made up? Meaning is after all different from everyone, how do you know that a snakes meaning is such that it has no meaning? Even if they didn't have meaning, the snake is still an ego because it has recognized itself as different from his environment and seeks to preserve itsself. Which is the fundamental nature of what an ego is.
  10. @The0Self Of course the snake has an ego, if it didn't it would literally eat itself instead of trying to eat you. Moreover, it wouldn't even try to eat anything because there would be no "you" to maintain. The snake is a "you" because its separated itself from its surroundings. Lmao you lot dont get this do you...
  11. @The Lucid Dreamer See my point. everyone acts as if there is a "you", so im not gonna accept that you genuinely believe that there is no "you" when you act as a self everyday. If you really belived there was no "you", "you" would literally not drink, eat or sleep. As there would be no "you" to maintain. You literally wouldnt be arguing against me if there was no "you" lol
  12. @The0Self ok Mr"The0Self", what "you" is is just an identity, so "you" have built your identity of have "0 Self", which funny enough is an identity lmao. Everyone on this forum copies leo by saying that there is no "you" but live your whole life as if there was a "you" Again, im going to take what you act rather than what you say.
  13. @Shin Haha well "you" do care because if "you" truly believed that there was no "you", you would realise that "you" are "me" and "you" wouldn't be arguing with "me" and defending "your" position so much lol
  14. @Byun Sean Look im not sure you understand what I am saying. In the wild, when humans saw lions/snakes, and we received the emotion of fear. It is instinctive to respond in the fight or flight mode. If you wanted to find out what caused that fear and were it came from (the same way in which you wanna do with thoughts), you have such will to do so,but it would result in the possible death from that very snake/lion. God imposes the limit of not knowing where thoughts come from on on you (or on himself technically), so it can better his (your) survival. From the snakes perspective, doesn't matter why he is hungry, the snake doesn't think why it it hungry just that it is hungry - it just responds on such emotion, resulting in its attempt to eat you. If the snake truly realized that the emotion of hunger came out of nowhere and there was no meaning to it - it would literally be the end of his life. So what I am saying is that God imposes that thoughts / emotions come from nowhere for your on good/survival.