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  1. Has a bit of a tingly feel to it. A sour aftertaste as you merge back to your ego. Funnily enough I denied this experience to someone else on this
  2. I’ve always been open to the idea that I was God when Leo said we are God. But always maintained that I didn’t know for sure. And that I would know when I know. Know that just happened to me whilst casually walking on a Thursday afternoon on a work day. It happened right now 7pm UK time. I’m writing this whilst it happens. I wrote this to my self on notes 15 minutes prior to my realisation. I told my self. Explained it to myself. Read below. God can’t want anything because it is all that there is. All that there is,is total. There is nothing outside of it because it is ALL that there is. This is how you should know that God is all loving. This means God is Nothing. Literally. God can’t be attached to to one ‘thing’ because to be attached means God loving and or preferring one thing over another thing. Nothing is no preference. Nothing becomes something because Nothing also has no preference for being it’s self. Then nothing became something because it couldn’t be attached to being nothing. Creating the split in reality. So God is nothing pretending to be something, this is how I realised I was Nothing being something. That I was God being Ego. The Ego is a lie. Lol when it happened it struck on me like lightening.
  3. Ignorance is bliss
  4. I seriously doubt you had that awakening and I am pretty sure you are deluding yourself.
  5. Watch the whole thing please, Kaveh Solhekol talks about stage orange american business men (course he doesn't know he's referring to spiral dynamics), talks how they might use left wing pr tactics to sell this and even on how it is necessary for government to intervene like Leo was referring to on his video why libertarian is nonsense
  6. I've heard Leo say this in a few of his videos, to what extent is this true? Aren't conservative and liberal highly relative terms? In 400 years lets say, when we are much more conscious, wouldn't conservatism preserve that society? However in contemporary politics, can you be a conservative and for instance, be at stage yellow spiral dynamics? I would like to hear you guys thoughts... When I was younger I was definitely influenced by Ben Shapiro, JP etc. What I have noticed is that since doing consciousness work I have definitely moved much further to the left.
  7. How long ago was it here? Perhaps in that time the conscious level of the forum has likely increased, so its effects could be much different from before. Perhaps we should vote on this issue. Lets have some democracy on the forum hahaha. Joking, Leo will never give up his power
  8. Exactly. Everyone has guns. so everyone is crazy, including you. What you said is such a fear-based opinion. The problem of police violence and mass shootings is more deeply nested in the gun culture of america that you yanks are yet to reflect on. You literally think its some God given right to own a gun. Stage Blue Thinking. You literally just shrugged of America having 45 mass shootings like its a normal thing that happens in the world.
  9. @Leo Gura No I haven't. I am not a police officer and do not have the need to train for 'gunfights'. They should have the training to clearly evaluate situations. I am not saying police should be perfect but Americas gun, violence and police problem is ridiculous.
  10. Not sure where else to go with this.. But I think Leo should develop a Like and perhaps a Like/Dislike feature for all our threads... There is a silent majority that dont participate in discussions and this could help get them more engaged. Also it will be easier to view the the most liked/agreed with viewpoints in the comment section, I think this could reinvent the forum possibly.
  11. @Forestluv Because Americans think the world revolves around them. America is one of the most corrupt places on earth. Just a much more sneaky form of corruption as opposed to some country in Africa. I promise if an American was to live in Europe for 5 years their worldview would radically change.
  12. Why was a 13 year old kid running around with a handgun? Do you not see the deeper problem. Why not tazer him? Why not confirm that he had a gun on him at the point of engagement? Americans are so stupid and ideological about guns it is laughable. This happens nowhere else in the world.
  13. @Leo Gura I dont think is this the point. No other developed country in the world has the policing problem that america has. There is a clear theme of gross misconduct by the police. You don't just get to assassinate children in the streets. Americans, included you Leo have come so accustomed to the brutality of the police that you don't even see this as a problem, you just shrugged off murder and managed to justify and rationalize it. There is no excuse for the way guns and police are handled in America - it is utterly appalling and the America needs to have a collective self reflection.
  14. This is quite a senior, aristocrat MP from the UK that had a silver spoon fed to him growing up. He epitomises stage blue thinking