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  1. @AdroseAkise Leave the him, he is going through a lot right now..
  2. @How to be wise No it isn't.
  3. @How to be wise No it doesn't.
  4. I think Leo and this forum should refrain from telling people that they are God. I think its misleading and counter-productive for personal development and spirituality. To become awakened, to become Great like Jesus or Muhammed. To reach your full human potential as a Human is to recognise yourself as a Deputy to God, as a Vicegerent to God. It is to become a deputy to your source, God. You do not have Greatness on to yourself, Greatness always has to be given to that which you are not. The reason Jesus etc were so great is because they recognised this and embodied this. We all can embody this because the source is present within us all, but you are not this source. You didn't create yourself, to claim that you are God, is to claim that you are your own Creator which is pure devilry. It is to claim that you are a Light giving Light to itself. You are a Light but God is the Light of Lights. You are a King but God is the King of Kings. God is the Source of all creation, if you are reading this then you are a creation not the Source. The source is what we know to be God and you aren't that. The source however is present in you and you will never not be refrained access from it so long as you live but to make the claim that you are God is technically incorrect. You do not have Greatness on to yourself, Greatness always has to be given to that which you are not. Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, or any other mystic never referred to themselves to be God or the Source. God is/includes the Source, to say You=God is to take away from God. You saying that you are God what you are actually doing is Limiting what God is. If you are really God, then why dont you ask people to refer to you as God? It would be the Truth no? To say you are God is just as inaccurate to say that you are the ego or flesh.
  5. @Leo Gura haha you lost your weed virginity lol. Smoke some weed by yourself and go for a walk in the park and contemplate, youll like it
  6. How did you become aware of yourself?
  7. hahahhahaha 'occult spiritual science'
  8. What if science changed its 'materialist paradigm', I am asking if science could ever develop to a stage where these things are possibl
  9. Lemme rephrase, do you think it is possible for science/humans to create a self aware entity? Other than our own offspring of course.
  10. Do you think it is possible to create artificial/synthetic consciousness? If you think it isn't possible, why not? When I say 'Synthetic Consciousness' I mean artificially create it in a lab. Can science ever advance this far? And if it cant, what us so special about consciousness? Leo says everything is consciousness including a rock, but science can create a rock if it wanted to, but why is it so difficult to create a conscious being?
  11. Jordan Peterson reappeared on the UK Political Discussion Show 'Question Time' recently. (See full video below) Watching Leos 'Making Sense of Jordan Peterson' really revealed a lot about JP and it is evident in this video, I recommend you watch the whole video.
  12. Love Rumi. My favourite quote of his, "I searched for God but only found myself, I searched for myself but only found God "- Rumi
  13. I am really just having fun and playing around, don’t take things too seriously. Serious cult like dynamics going on here...
  14. its only different because you think its different