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  1. Has anyone on this forum been introduced to this notion of Biopolitics coined and developed my Michal Foucault? He has some very profound views on how the relationship between the state and citizen. Foucault defines bio power as “Bio-Power by this I mean a number of phenomena that seem to be quite significant, namely, the set of mechanisms through which the basic biological features of the human species become the object of political strategy, of a general strategy of power” I would like to hear some viewpoints on those who have an understanding of Biopolitics and help me understand the relevance of this notion of Biopolitics, in particular in relation to COVID-19
  2. @Leo Gura How do you research / prepare for one of your videos? Are there any sources in particular that you use? Or is it just knowledge that you have built over time? Or is it more self-inquiry and contemplation that you use? I would like to reach a stage where I am able to talk/lecture on topics such as this, obviously a lot of what you discuss is your own insights, but I'm specifically asking about the research process you do before doing a video, essentially if I am able to do this research myself I not only would understand a topic better however I will have much more alternatives to reaching knowledge as opposed to just your videos. I have brought your book list, but would like to know more about your research process in particular.. If anyone else can comment please do.
  3. @Till Lol I think this is why @Leo Gura really deleted the video. If you remember before this video being released, everyone was demanding and asking for a new video, I think Leo done this just to tease people who were so demanding of his content. He will re-release it eventually
  4. @shiva99 I used to quite a bit. Not anymore these days, something I should start again really. I think I just need a brain reset, it may be time to do some mushrooms.
  5. @Leo Gura What do you mean by 'A replacement career for Gambling'? I have a quite a decent career to be honest, with quite a stage green company. I am also a philosophy student part time, and earn roughly £30,000 a year after tax at 22. But dont have any savings due to my gambling problem. I have put in the necessary steps to stop gambling such as self exclusion, contacting my bank to decline gambling transactions and currently in gambling therapy. I actually think I earn too much money to be responsible with it. The way gambling is effecting my finances, self worth and mental health is preventing me from dating. I do want to date, Right now I am broke af, and have so little self worth right now that dating/approaching girls isn't a possibility for me, When I am confident I actually am quite good with talking to girls but rn lol I wouldn't even know what to say...
  6. @SeaMonster Most certainly caused by loneliness. Gambling just filled that 'whole' I think. The ups, the downs. The wins, the Losses. The thrill, the feeling of regret, the feeling of joy. The fantasizing of what I would do If I won a bunch of money, the comeback from being down. The rollercoaster of emotions is what I think I was/am drawn to.
  7. @mw711 'Would you pitch it as ‘constant cycle of misery’ or ‘invigorating process of redemption.’ This changed my perspective, In like this.
  8. @Leo Gura Would you go on his show if he asked you?
  9. I feel like I am in a constant cycle of misery, then hope, then despair. The cycle seems to be repeating forever. I feel like I have so much potential, but I am always getting in my way of achieving it. I am an attractive young man with good genetics but seem to be lacking in self worth, and that I am not good enough just as I am. I tell myself I will start dating when I get a car or when I get X. But my vicious gambling cycle prevents me from achieving the material aims I feel I need to start dating. I know I can be relatively successful in the dating market without any material things such as a car or my own place but I want to be in a financially secure position before I start dating. I want to present myself to be the best way possible before I start dating, I feel as if relationships and dating should be for people who have their life together. Right now, what is causing a lot of my negative emotion is the lack of connection not only with females, but even with people generally. I have a relatively okay relationship with my family, but I feel as if the deeply misunderstand me, heck, I dont even understand myself. I also am quite a 'lone wolf' and introverted so I dont really have many friends, and plus the 'friends' that I do have are wasting their lives to so just connecting with them will be worse for me. My vicious gambling cycle is preventing me from achieving my material aims. thus preventing me from expressing myself In the way I want to, which is preventing my from dating in the way I want to. I some how keep falling over the same hurdles I promised myself I wouldn't fall over again. I have tried gambling therapy, normal therapy, read self help books but nothing seems to help. I dont feel suicidal or anything but the suffering is a lot. I just lack the feeling of stability and the feeling of being grounded, I feel like I am always fighting with reality, even though I know that you can never win a fight against reality. I just want to feel connected, stable and at peace, why is it so hard?
  10. @AdroseAkise Leave the him, he is going through a lot right now..
  11. @How to be wise No it isn't.
  12. @How to be wise No it doesn't.
  13. I think Leo and this forum should refrain from telling people that they are God. I think its misleading and counter-productive for personal development and spirituality. To become awakened, to become Great like Jesus or Muhammed. To reach your full human potential as a Human is to recognise yourself as a Deputy to God, as a Vicegerent to God. It is to become a deputy to your source, God. You do not have Greatness on to yourself, Greatness always has to be given to that which you are not. The reason Jesus etc were so great is because they recognised this and embodied this. We all can embody this because the source is present within us all, but you are not this source. You didn't create yourself, to claim that you are God, is to claim that you are your own Creator which is pure devilry. It is to claim that you are a Light giving Light to itself. You are a Light but God is the Light of Lights. You are a King but God is the King of Kings. God is the Source of all creation, if you are reading this then you are a creation not the Source. The source is what we know to be God and you aren't that. The source however is present in you and you will never not be refrained access from it so long as you live but to make the claim that you are God is technically incorrect. You do not have Greatness on to yourself, Greatness always has to be given to that which you are not. Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, or any other mystic never referred to themselves to be God or the Source. God is/includes the Source, to say You=God is to take away from God. You saying that you are God what you are actually doing is Limiting what God is. If you are really God, then why dont you ask people to refer to you as God? It would be the Truth no? To say you are God is just as inaccurate to say that you are the ego or flesh.
  14. @Leo Gura haha you lost your weed virginity lol. Smoke some weed by yourself and go for a walk in the park and contemplate, youll like it