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  1. Do you ever anticipate the fact that you can't be attached to forever, Eventually the holon that is will splinter within it making the host holon of it unsustainable? People will grow so from these sort of videos when done properly that we will integrate what you say with a bunch more high consciousness resources that there would so much more 'actualized' people on this forum that it would be in the advantage for as a holon to allow people to share/advertise their posts. Thus splintering it internally. I think there should be more democracy in how is ran in the future. But from your perspective because you have attached yourself to you have to defend it from having autonomy, If you were as conscious as you say you are you would've stopped making videos by now. I recently listened to leos episode 'collective ego', if you could tell. There's quote in the Quran, Mohamed said "There will come a time when there is nothing of Islam but its name". Can you draw a parallel with (I'm not drawing a comparison in what represents "Truth" here i am just merely pointing out the fact they are both collectie egos trying to sustain themselves) Eventually as a holon will become "larger" than you in a sense, and your attempt to control it will be unsustainable for your life as the ego 'Leo gura' At some point is either let grow and develop without lieutenant control over it and let it become its own thing of being a hub of high conscious resources 'actualized' people go on or you will have stop posting and go live your life. Or maybe i am deluded this is also possible but i just had that thought whilst listening to that 'collective ego' video. (One of his underrated episodes). It's kind of like eventually facebook is going to have to be a public utility. That sort of democratisation is inevitable to happen to I'm not saying it will happen now or tomorrow, but in perhaps 15/20 years it will be much different to how it is now or it would have died as an organisation. You ever thought about this? When you have finished with, what do you plan on doing? Do you plan on just living like a hippy? or perhaps start a family? or running for office (lol)? Eventually the time you dedicate to will multiply so intensively that it would ruin your life as an 'ego' to maintain the forum/channel/brand. But if you were conscious you would already know that, so perhaps your not that conscious. Just a food for thought. Or perhaps i'm the unconscious one, that too is also possible. You say people in one of your videos that people don't ask you deep enough questions, could you answer this one honestly? Just as a real life business question, or you can see it as a test of integrity to answer a question when a part of your owns ego survival is on the line. Or you can deny answering the question but if you deny that means answering the question honestly would've been threatening to your survival. You wouldn't be able to maintain yourself as some highly conscious god-realized guru that is more enlightened than Jesus. If you were that enlightened you wouldn't have the brand Maybe you will block this thread and kick me off the forum for asking this but doing so would reveal your not that conscious because if would allow it. You can make a million videos and reference a million developmental models but doing so will never lead to truth. It will just become another 'bible' in a sense. (Not that is comparable to the bible or vica-versa but they are both holons that point to 'consciousness' in a sense''. But if your claiming to lead to 'Truth' and your the 'teacher' and we are the students then you've deceived yourself. I think you should refrain from referring to yourself as a teacher in your videos, You should claim to be a 'messenger' or stop teaching, By calling yourself a 'teacher' you dipping your foot into the pool but not diving in. The possibility that I wasted 10 minutes of time writing this and done a massive projection is also possible. This idea was something that crossed my mind whilst going for a walk high listening to Leos podcast on spotify. That's all.
  2. Can this be moved to the politics section? Put it here by accident.
  3. Should there be at least some standards for people who get elected into office, as opposed to just the fact that they were elected? When I say standards I mean they should past standards or tests for integrity, honesty, systemic and strategic skills, compassion and empathy etc I believe that these things can be tested, I live in the UK and i am honestly so tired of seeing politicians with no integrity or a genuine fibre in their body being in office.
  4. @Leo Gura That's actually poor advice, often when newbies to fitness and diet 'cut out all carbs' they end up having the worst ego backlashes. I recommended cutting out all refined carbs, decrease portion size by 50% and go for a daily walk and you lose weight so easily.
  5. @billiesimon Exactly, if you are God you also have the ability to delude yourself through thinking it is possible to understand what you are. That could be the dynamic Leo is going through
  6. True, but if people did you would have a omInous reaction to it.
  7. For some context, I asked: If you recognise that there is Absolute Oneness how can you simultaneously hold the view that consciousness can become infinitely aware of itself? And Leo replied:
  8. @Leo Gura How do you know that? Did your mystery psychedelic you won't tell us about tell you that? How do you know that gave you a total awakening? How do you know there isn't a more powerful psychedelic on Jupiter that will make 5-meo DMT feel like weed in comparison? What if this psychedelic on Jupiter shows you that all of Earth's psychedelics are bullshit? You don't know. It is 'absolutely the case' you know it as a view. There will always be a more powerful Psychedelic, do you not see the issue of pursuing a 'more total awakening'. From the 100th time of having a total awakening, your awakening should be to eventually give up psychedelics, and awaken to the fact that it will be a never ending game. In your lifetime, the last total awakening you will have on a psychedelic will be the same difference in magnitude to any other total awakening, as you will still be infinitely away from a total awakening. As you could always have a more total awakening. So will still be in the same place you started.
  9. @Nahm Then why create the distinction between the ego and God? What is wrong with me praying to a Trump as if it was God? If Republicans declared Donald Trump as God and worshipped him you will call them deluded, but by your logic of no separation between the ego and God, Republicans will be just as right as your awakening to Absolute Oneness since you cannot draw a distinction between Trump and God
  10. Of course it is a thought, I said that the idea of 'your consciousness' is imaginary and occuring in the mind. However the consciousness within me is conscious of the fact that other egos are conscious in the same way my ego is. (I prefer attaching the ego to consciousness as opposed to the ego with consciousness, the ego can't have ownership of its consciousness - that would make the ego God.)
  11. @Leo Gura If you recognise that there is Absolute Oneness how can you simultaneously hold the view that consciousness can become infinitely aware of itself? Supposedly you cannot go beneath Absolute Oneness/God,as there is no distinction or otherness to come below - the below itself is it. Then how do you also hold the view that the you can awaken to God to an infinite degree? Whilst simultaneously saying that you are God. To say this means that there is more 'God' for God to discover. This means that God isn't omnipotent, one and a whole as there will be parts of itself it hasn't discovered.
  12. If reality is infinity and and we all are God, does that mean there are an infinite amount of Gods? (Before you get solipsistic on me and say there is only one God and I am him, if i was to burn you in gasoline it would be clear that there is a soul/consciousness that will feel that pain, You. Of course I imagine that to be. But it is undeniable that your consciousness is also conscious of the fact that the guy burning is conscious. If your more sure that you are God and the only thing that has ever existed over the fact that 'other' human beings aren't also conscious and aware in the same way you then your deluded and not awakened. Which one is more self evident from your perspective? As Leo said, consciousness can be conscious of itself to infinite degrees. If there are infinite amount of Gods, does that contradict the idea of one God? If Everything is infinity there must be infinite amount of Gods? But in one of Leos videos he said infinity is equal to zero. By that notion God will be Zero, not one. If anything infinity is equal to one. One is whole and infinity is whole. For instance 0.9 is not whole or complete if reality is one? The collapse between self and other creates one complete entity. Which is one thing. If there has only ever been one thing that was God, the idea of infinity can cant be be? This is complicated and language is of course limited when talking about infinity... I look forward to reading the way your consciousness interprets this...
  13. @StarfoxEpiphany You do not know what you are talking about.
  14. Hi All, I have recently picked up my meditation habit and recently meditated with appropriate mediation music and I enjoyed it. Is this something that is recomended or should I stick to non sound meditation? Replies will be much appreciated,
  15. @SamC Blue loves identity separation. Ego and Other. MY family or other. MY race. MY religion. Blue is so deluded on identity its crazy. But pre 1960 conditions were such that having a family was very fundamental to survival. the people in the past were very blue.