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  1. @mandyjw Thanks that was helpful! Considering getting a dream board now. I like the idea of manifesting my dreams and goals physically!
  2. @Fadl Where do I go from there? I should specify that I still have quiet a lot of stage red within me. I have a huge ego and now I'm trying to look for something bigger than me and my life. A figure I can trust. But I've also grown out of the phase in my life where I blindly trusted the church. So now I'm looking for help in something that is bigger than me. Something I can trust in. I wish there was a god who heard my prayers so that I could ask for forgiveness, and though people on this forum talk a lot of god I don't have any personal experience with it. I'm kind of steering away from the OP here 😂
  3. I should probably clarify that I'm just asking this because I feel very lonely, like I'm completely on my own, not being able to trust anyone including myself. It feels pretty shitty and I'm looking for something in this world that makes me feel loved and accepted and gives me a deeper sense of trust. So I basically just want to pray for the egos sake.
  4. TLTR: How does prayer work at later stages (green-yellow) I feel like there are certain benifits from praying. But I'm still skeptical as I only know the stage blue kinds of prayer. I think that stage blue prayer mostly works out of placebo (from my limited pov) and even if placebo DOES make them real, realizing that it's just placebo kind of takes away the power. Obviously, praying for a billion dollars won't make the money rain. I've been thinking about what is needed in order for a prayer to be realized. I'll talk about prayers from a kind of stage blue "praying to an external god" perspective since I don't know how prayers work for later stages. These are just observations from observing stage blue folks. It could be right or it could be wrong. I'd like to hear your tips and insights into this topic! Trusting in god. Doubting that the prayer works will decrease the chances of it becoming a reality. Doing the work. Let's say you pray for becoming rich and famous. It might work, but you have to REALLY want it though. Many people say and think that they want to be rich, yet they won't do anything for it, meaning that they don't actually want it. When you pray for something it has to come from a place of certainty. It means sacrificing the time and energy you've got. Praying doesn't mean that god will give you free handouts. Working towards the thing you want with dedication and dicilpine is part of the prayer (as kind of a sacrifice to god). If I pray for happines, but can't pursuit it with dedication, patience and discipline it just won't happen (at least it's very unlikely) Again, those are just the two main points I've observed from looking at successful people who are around stage blue (like Muhammad Ali for example) But I personally haven't realized god yet, and neither do I believe in a separate entity that will hear my prayers. I also lack a lot of the confidence I need whenever I do something. I am a really ambitious person, but I've failed so much in the past that I'm still traumatized. I still have doubts about everything I try and do. So even if i prayed I would have doubts about it. Sometimes I kind of pray to myself and I ask myself for help, but I still doubt that it will work. So how does one truly pray, from a more conscious perspective? And as a secondary question: How can one be confident the prayer working? Is it just about confidence period?
  5. I naturally remember a lot of dreams and have lucid dreams quiet regularly. This natural inclination towards being aware of my dreams literally explodes when I consistently meditate. Without meditation I usually remember 1 - 2 dreams a night and have like 1 - 2 lucid dreams within a 2 month period. WITH mediation however I'll remember 3 - 5 dreams a night (it's hard to say, there comes a point at which it becomes real difficult to distinguish one dream from another and it feels like they all merge into a single dream) and I'll have 1 - 3 lucid dreams a week!(Sometimes non at all, sometimes almost daily) And that's without doing reality checks. There is also all the non-dual inbetween states that I became aware of. But these are very rare and still confuse me a lot.
  6. @Dryas What's their religion? It really depends on how orthodox they and the culture that they've been raised in are. If they don't expect too much from you (like actively going to church each Sunday) then just pretend that you believe in their idea of a god. That shouldn't be a taxing thing to do. If they DO expect you to be religiously active then it might change things a bit. Nothing forces you to keep their best interests in mind except for your own heart. You know them best. If you think that they can't take it, don't even bother. But don't strain yourself trying to keep up a facade. It's all about their level of indoctrination and their level of love for you. Some families would reject a child that rejected their religion. Some would be hurt, yet accepting.
  7. Why though? Have you ever considered that you aren't being self-less at all? What if that's just an excuse? What if you are creating this emotional distance in order to avoid getting hurt/rejected/shamed yourself? What if it has been about you all along? That's only a suggestion I don't know you but I think that it might be a good point to contemplate upon. I honestly think that you owe your parents the truth (what exactly do you even mean by that?), or at least some of it. You don't have to bombard them with spirituality or non-duality. They don't have to know everything you do, but they should at least know what you are passionate about. Keep them posted on how you feel, what you are working on, etc. If they DO end up rejecting you, you can at least say that you've tried. If they can't accept you the way you are they honestly don't deserve you as cold as it sounds. But always remember: there a people out there who sit in jail for murder and their parents still love and emotionally support them, so wouldn't it be fair for you to be able to expect a simple acceptance in world view? But keep in mind: Even if they do end up accepting you, they will still try to change you. That's okay, just don't take it personal. Parents tend to do such things out of love and worry. Remember that your parents, as stage blue people tend to think, will probably believe that they are more conscious than you are and that they know what's best for you more than you do. That's okay. I'm just hypothizing here, you haven't told us much about the exact problem in your post. What exactly do you think will cause so much emotional distress if you tell them? If it's something that they are very radical with, like let's say homosexuality, then sure they might end up rejecting you. As much as it sucks, that's a risk you'll have to take. I've learned that lying, even for "good" reasons, usually does more harm than good. Don't forget to love YOURSELF and YOUR truth too! Other people, even your parents, are not the only ones that deserve to be loved. Just don't try to push your own truth and agenda onto them. Let them be religious stage blue ideologues. You can always help them grow afterwards.
  8. You've witnessed the devil bird, now prepare for the devil wasp! This wasp stings its prey with incredible precision directly into its brain, disabling the fight-or-flight reflexes. It then drags the cockroach into a small hole, lays its egg on top of the cockroach and seals the hole with small rocks and wooden chunks. The cockroach is then eaten alive from the inside out... Ouch... It's horrific yet intriguingly beautiful! Here are a few more mind controlling, parasitic lifeforms: Let's take a moment to appreciate not being one of those insects..
  9. Is it possible to (through certain spiritual practices) become aware of higher dimensions and their inhabitants, or how are you so certain? Have you yourself had any experiences in this field?
  10. God already spoke to us and this is what he had to say:
  11. Of course! I have many dreams like that. Keep in mind: Your sensory organs slowly decay as you grow older and older. You loose eyesight, hearing and so on. So whenever you look at an object your brain doesn't get to utilize it's full potential as the information it receives has been distorted by your eyes. But in a dream these limitations don't apply. You don't have bad eye sight in a dream! Your brain gets to use it's full potential when visualising the world. So it looks more real than real. A tip: Try eating your favorite food next time you become lucid, as this also applies to your sense of taste. I do it most of the time I become lucid. Lucid dreams are INCREDIBLE when it comes to shadow work and inner child integration work. Like you wouldn't even believe it! I think there was an older post where I explained it a bit, I'll see if I can find it. You can for example talk to your subconscious mind when you are lucid draming. Like have actual conversations and stuff. You can ask yourself questions and the answers and insights you'll receive will be mind blowing! See yourself as an accumulation of different "personalities" each with their own goals, needs and perspectives. I recommend this video all the time but it's just too spot on. Watch it and think about how this knowledge could be used in lucid dreams. Walk down the streets or whatever scene you're in and talk to the people you meet. Ask them for their names and about what aspect of you they represent. Ask them about their opinions, needs and feelings. This is an awesome technique as you get to have intimate conversations with yourself. You can also hug these people and show them some love. Let's say you are having a nightmare about being chased by some serial killer. That serial killer IS you! Or at least a representation of your psyche. He might for example be a manifestation of some social anxiety (that's what it was for me) Walk over to him and hug him. Show him love. How often do you get to give your fear a physical hug? Once you hug him he will dissolve into pure love! You will still need to work on your fear outside your dream but it will be have lasting positive effects on you! Lucid dreaming is actually great for treating conditions like PTSD. Just always remember: Everybody you meet in your dreams represents you! Even if you were to dream of, let's go with the worst case, the guy who sexually abused you in your childhood, you should still treat him lovingly as he is just a manifestation of your feelings regarding this person. Most people might either try to get away from him or hurt him once they become lucid, but that just means you are running from your shadow/attacking your shadow out of unacceptance of your emotions. Somebody once recommended me this video and I think that you might enjoy it! I'm actually not sure if that's possible in the classic sense. I've tried doing mindfulness meditation and I always end up forgetting that it was a dream. There are other techniques I've been working on. I am currently experimenting with the ways dreams can be utilized so if anybody has any techniques feel free to share them: Falling asleep consciously: Lay down, let the mind and body relax and try to fall asleep consciously. It's quiet hard, especially because entering sleep paralysis that way feels like you are having an actual stroke, are dying or being ripped out of your body, but managing to do so is very interesting. Lucid Observation: Become lucid but don't act upon the dream. Let the dream happen and just observe it! I, for example, had a dream a while ago where I was just flying around through a painted landscape. I was lucid but I didn't try to control the dream. I watched the dream play out. I didn't control where I was flying or what I was doing. I was just enjoying the dream and everything else was happening on it's own. It's very trippy because you are aware of how you are still in bed, having full on hallucinations. Taking a walk through the dreamscape: Pretty self-explanatory. Once you become lucid just take a stroll through the world and enjoy the visual beauty of the dream. Just observe stuff, look at a tree or a leaf, observe the details on the walls, take it all in! This technique has a very zen-esque vibe to it. It is DEEPLY relaxing and soothing.
  12. @Milos Uzelac Yeah I don't really trust the governments motivation on this one either. What you've described sounds plausible, but plausible doesn't mean true. The truth is: Nobody knows what these things are. Maybe someone does but there is so much bullshit out there that we can't really tell who is believable. Of course, the chances of it being the doing of humans are much higher, so many analytical people will downplay the significance of this phenomena using numbers, but chance and numbers aren't absolute. It still could be aliens, humans from the future or something else entirely. The only thing that we DO know is that it still would challange most peoples world view one way or the other, as it would mean that the U.S. is withholding advanced technology that could potentially revolutionize our ways of living.
  13. It's hard to convince most people with just a video. There is a video of some scientists talking about these videos, go watch it. I've seen a UFO with my own eyes, but I couldn't even belief my direct experience. I was always a rational stage orange kind of guy and seeing this thing challanged my world view. It challanged ME. I had seen the most stereotypical UFO you could imagine in the middle of the day flying through a clear blue sky and I STILL refused to believe it! I tried rationalizing it away. "Ohh it could have been anything" "Ohh I was just misinterpreting some rare phenomena" "Ohh it's more likely that my eyes fooled me" It took me a while to accept that I saw something that challanged my ego. And that was WITH direct experience! Now imagine only seein footage of an UFO. Personally, wouldn't rely on these videos. They are indeed very interesting but they don't give you enough perspectives to allow you to get a good picture of the situation. There is a Joe Rogan podcast with one of the pilots, you can get a more elaborate perspective there, but we don't really know how trustworthy his story is in the end as it's just a story. That's mostly why it didn't blow up yet. It's simply because it's not enough proof for people to reconsider their entire world view. ALSO keep in mind that it doesn't matter that the government calls these things UFOs (or UAP as they call them now) since UFO could mean anything that flies and can't be identified. It could be aliens, some government, some natural phenomena etc. This won't satisfy a rational and analytical mind. ALSO ALSO notice that this just goes for stage orange people. Stage blue people and their view of UFOs is a whole different story!
  14. I am talking about finding a common ground between thought and emotion. Sometimes I can observe a divide between those two. I've always been kind of an analytical and "rational" minded person, but I've been becoming more and more aware of the importance of intuition and emotion. I've been growing a lot lately simply because of one realization. I observed that there is a MASSIVE mind bias going on within myself. It's like "I" am the mind and the body is just a dumb object carrying the mind (as if the two were separate objects). I started giving more attention to my body and my emotions now, but it's still very tricky for me! Here is an example: Let's say I feel unloved. Now I might feel unloved, but my mind would immediately come up with reasons as to why this isn't true. "Oh but what about your family? They love you! And what about your friends? They love you too!" But it doesn't change anything about the fact that I still FEEL unloved. I always dismissed my emotions because I saw them as irrational and stupid. I've actually been observing this phenomena quiet a lot! An example of this is: Everybody knows that they should be themselves. Like, duh? How often have your heard somebody say: "You just gotta be yourself!" But how many people actually know HOW to be themselves? And that is the problem with me! I think that I know what I should behave like, but I don't know how to actually do it. I know that I SHOULD be grateful for what I have instead of feeling down because "Oh nobody loves me" even though there are enough people who love me, but I don't know HOW. And now, whenever I feel unloved, my mind goes "Oh but that's WRONG you are sooo WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG!", simply because it doesn't make sense, from a rational perspective. How do I transcend that? How do I accept myself and my emotional views (is that a thing?), without feeling stupid? How do I find a common ground between my analytical side and my emotional side? I've tried to talk to my mother about how lonely and depressed I feel, but she just did the same thing as my mind and she just dismissed it. She said: "Oh but I am here and your grandparents are here and your aunt is here and your friends are here, you are so privileged I had it way harder than you did and there are many people who had a harder time growing up than you did." And yes. It IS true! It really is, my mind tells me the same thing. But I STILL feel so fucking lonely. And I have many more emotional issues thanks to my that just won't stop bothering me, thanks to my PTSD, but it just doesn't make any fucking sense to me. Funny enough: I know that I should stop trying to think this through. You can't "think" and emotion through. I know that and it seems so irrational to me, but it STILL won't stop frustrating the hell out of me. This is exactly what I mean. It feels like this entire post is fucking stupid and doesn't make any sense at all, but yet this issue won't stop stressing me the fuck out. I hope yall can help me, peace!