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  1. Does this question exist? Or these words for that matter? To say that there is a question, or anyTHING really, already assumes that there is more to this than this, (this just meaning existence itself) if that makes sense. So what is this? Is this a word? Is this a human typing something on a laptop? Is it nothing, is it everything, is it both, neither? What the hell is this? When I say that there is an object inside a room, I'm basically, in that moment, limiting this to being "an" "object" "inside" "a" "room" and "not" "something" "else". I don't know how that makes any sense, but it intuitively makes sense to me somehow. To say that there is anything happening here, like someone writing down a question, or someone reading that question, is to say that there is more to this than... well just this. It becomes this + whatever is happening. As if there was this extra layer of separation added onto reality. But what separates Truth from separation? When people talk about separation, they talk about it as if it was some kind of curtain veiling Truth. It being other than Truth. But how can there be anything other than Truth? How can there be a Truth+? Like did God get high and just went "Yo Imma totally drop a DLC like right now"? When I think of oneness, I think about the absence of separation, but reality is already one, isn't it? So is trying to move away from separation, like there is a you that exists independently of it, in its separate little bubble (kind of ironic), ever the way? How do you approach separation from a more holistic angle? An angle which encompasses it in the spiritual journey?
  2. @Yimpa much love!
  3. These issues can stem from identity. If you identify with being a very empathetic person, that identity usually also comes with a judgement of the people on the opposite spectrum, in that case unemphatic people who torture animals and rape and kill and so on. In the same way, the more you identify as being an intelligent person, the more stupidity might piss you off. I think there are two main reasons for why others piss us off (as far as I'm aware at least): a). They have something, that we feel we lack. So if you're very insecure and you see an overly confident person, that confident person could trigger your feelings of lacking confidence and so they would make you mad. b.) They have something, that we hate in ourselves. So if you're very selfish, but you hate your own selfishness, you might project that feeling of self-hatred on other people. I doubt that you're envious of their stupidity, so I'd focus on the second option if that resonates with you. The bottom line is that you're projecting your own feelings onto stupid people. The source of your lack of acceptance, obviously lies within you. You won't find an answer outside of yourself. It's your own projection, so focus on what it is that you're projecting. What is it that gets triggered when you see stupidity? Is it frustration? Is it a feeling of powerlessness (like does being cut off make you feel like you lack the control you'd like to have)? it can be a lot of things honestly, it's for you to find out. Anger usually emerges from pain, frustration, feelings of being overwhelmed, powerless and unloved. By pointing our finger at other people we project the source of these emotions out on them. That is what anger is all about. You see a thing you don't like, anger makes you want to take action and get rid of that thing (in it's most essential form). So accepting their stupidity is not about the people you're trying to accept per se. So you're not going to stare at a stupid person and try really really hard to accept them. Remain mindful during periods of anger, and actually trace the anger back to it's source. What is it that you're blaming that person for? What emotions and subconscious beliefs do they trigger? Situations where you get angry/triggered are great opportunity to take a look inside yourself. So you just want to apply awareness to what is going on inside yourself (on an emotional level, not what your thoughts are saying, because they will most likely try to blame everyone and everything) while you're angry. That is difficult while you're actually angry, but if you manage to push through that wall of anger, you will find the source of that anger. A healthier solution for these emotions is... to just cry them out. But you have to work towards that. Your body might not want to open up to you right away and reveal what's really going on internally. So start with the most basic step. Accept your difficulties to accept the stupidity in people. Accept where you're currently at. Accept your difficulties dealing with these emotions outside of getting angry with others. Then go: "Interesting, I wonder what all of that is?!". Be curious. Investigate. Observe. Experience. Stay with the anger, and don't let your mind bombard you with stories about your anger. FEEL it! That's my general perspective. Hope it helps.
  4. @Nilsi Fair enough lmao
  5. I'd like to hear what got you guys into that world view and what made you grow out of it @Thought Art @Nilsi
  6. Yeah that makes me wonder: If there were two entirely separate infinities, would they be identical? I mean infinity is infinite, so anything that one infinity would be capable of, any other infinity should also be capable of, so I guess in the end they're still one, because both are infinity?
  7. @Yimpa I figured, that I can't understand it with my finite mind. Only Being can recognize Being, so something similar probably also goes for infinity eh?
  8. I've got a question about infinity. When we think of a circle with an infinite radius, it doesn't really make sense to say that the circle has an outside, as you couldn't fit it even on an infinite piece of paper. I could obviously imagine a circle, that seems finite to whoever is observing, but which really has an infinite space separating the outer line from the center point. That was the kind of thing I was thinking about, an infinite consciousness, which has an outside (which can't be known from within), but is still infinite. But I guess that when you say "infinite" you're talking about a much much deeper level of infinity, of which this "thought experiment" or whatever you'd want to call it is just a part of. So I understand where you're coming from, but I just haven't awoken to infinity, so I guess I'll have to figure it out myself. Why I was asking this question is, because I was wondering if there could be a level of existence, which no being has ever awoken to, because they've only ever awoken to their own Being. But even if there is such a level, I have to discover that for myself (if it can be discovered).
  9. @NoSelfSelf Possibly, yes. But could there be a larger reality, which has no effect on this eveythingness, in which other everything's could exist?
  10. Obviously, anything I could be conscious of is consciousness. And I'm open to the idea that consciousness is totally and absolutely sovereign and self-governing, so I'm not asking about an external reality per se, meaning a reality that has an affect on consciousness from outside of consciousness, but rather if there could, purely theoretically, be a reality totally separate from our reality, which doesn't interact with this reality in any way shape or form. A separate reality or consciousness or whatever you'd call it. Are you open to the existence of such a separate reality, since you'd might never be able to verify it through direct experience? I mean it doesn't invalidate enlightenment as you could still understand this consciousness perfectly well. Could you ever truly invalidate this? I mean you could move beyond this idea and let it go, and it might cease to exist. And absolute Truth could still be absolutely True within this consciousness, as nothing else could affect this consciousness except for itself, making the existence of anything else meaningless. And it seems meaningless, but it's just such an interesting thought. Imagine another Being going through all of this and our Beings will never be consciousness of each other. I'm just interested in your opinions about this, I'm not looking for a definitive answer, as I don't even understand this consciousness yet. All I know is that these ideas are a subset of whatever this is. So there may be a definitive and fool proof answer for this question. I'm very much open to that possibility.
  11. Thoughts and ego are also just Love, but more like waves of love within Love. And this Love is so Loving that it also may allow the ego to be and for time and space to creep back in. But Love has finally recognized itself as Love and that will shed a new light on the ego (A light of LÖVE).
  12. Understanding = Love Love = Understanding
  13. Love IS NOW! Now is LOVE! IT'S SO FUCKING SIMPLE IT DOESN'T EVEN HAV TO MAKE SENSE HAHAHA! I mean why would it need to, it's LOVE!! And if "you" think that "you" don't get it, that's LOVE! "Fuck Love!"? That's LOVE! LOVE THE LOVE WITH ITSELF! Give it a taste of it's own medicine. Give it a right hook of LOVE. Okay so now I'm just fucking around, but it's so beautifully simple!