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  1. Maybe more videos on your blog? Like shorter 10 - 20 min videos about interesting insights you've had lately. You could make it a small series. Or just experiment more with your video formats in general, the blog is perfect for that. I liked what you did with that "Reading A Poetic Description Of God-Consciousness" video. I can only speak for myself, but it inspires me when I see content creators try out new things. That's a big part of being artistic. I know that you're content is supposed to be more of an "trans-intellectual" (I don't know if that's accurate, but it feels right) type, that's why I'd like to see more of your artistic side on your blog. See it as an alternate way to communicate the beauty of existence.
  2. You should read up on trauma. I love the book "The Body Keeps The Score" by Bessel Van Der Kolk. It gives you a solid perspective of what trauma does to your mind and body and a few ways to deal with it. Trauma can trap you in circles for many reasons. There is neurological reasons as well as psychological ones. One idea for example is that traumatized people subconsciously recreate traumatic experiences in order to "get the upper hand" over the experience. But that can backfire because you can get re-traumatized again and again. Think of how something like a smell can sometimes trigger nostalgic memories from your childhood. In the same way certain inputs, like the feeling of abandonment, can trigger you to relive some traumatic experience (the interesting thing is that your brain can't actually distinguish between your memory of a traumatic experience and the present moment, so you literally feel like you're back in that memory, even if the present moment isn't as bad) which might look like you're "over-reacting" from the outside, but is a valid experience neurologically and emotionally speaking (though other peoples judgement can also be valid in that they can help you see problems you yourself don't see). It's simply a negative feedback loop. You can also look at it from a karmic perspective. What you're basically trying is to burn through your karma and break the circle of your suffering. And you're already on the right path, since you're here on this forum, reading these words. See it as a confirmation from the universe that you're headed in a good direction and that things will be alright. That's because you've gotten into contact with your inner child. That's what this is. These images of the angry child are glimpses of your own inner child. Becoming aware of this is also a good first step. Think of what kind of "parent" you want to be for your inner child. If you were a child, and you felt like this, what would you want to hear from one of your parents? Say these words to yourself and see how your inner child responds. You can try and have a conversation with it, it might feel weird at first, but it can be very revealing. You can write it down, say it internally or say it out loud (probably not around other people or they'll think you're crazy lol). Ask and feel into its needs and wants. Give it some warmth and love. Just take a break from all the drama and whoever you feel like is harassing you and take it easy. Nobody will ban you if you stay out of all the drama.
  3. @Tyler Robinson Good for you! That's already a huge step. Best of luck with your struggles.
  4. Because you seem to struggle with this. You're right in that you have a very "loud" personality. People notice you. That's why it's even MORE important to learn how to deal with these things yourself.
  5. @Tyler Robinson That's the problem. You can't hold it back. It just draws you in. You're like a moth that flies into a lamp, gets hurt, and blames the lamp for being too hot. Personally I don't have anyone on my ignore list. I just don't engage with people I don't like, unless they post something that interests me. If they're being rude I just move on with my day. That's me. You're obviously a different person and I'm not telling you to be just like me, which would be boring, but I'm giving you an alternative perspective to yours, which is that you don't have to engage with these people. You don't have to read their posts. You don't have to let them get to you. You could do it differently, just like thousands of others on this forum don't seem to have a problem with it. It's all a choice. It's YOUR choice. You can choose to take control back from the people who keep harassing you, by not reading their posts. That's it. That's the worst you can do to them. It's to not give them attention. Now what @Razard86 was getting at is that you can either a.) block people, or b.) train your own mind to be able to ignore them out of its own power! I've struggled with addiction in the past and I can tell you that forcing your problems to go away through external means (for example: I used to give my computer to my mother when I felt like I was playing too many video games), can help, but most of the time its just a way to ignore the root problems of your addiction. The most powerful solution is this:
  6. @Tyler Robinson I don't mean to be rude, but you're one of the people on the forum who engage in drama the most. I think this is something you should REALLY really contemplate deeply, because you seem to have a problem with this. There also seems to be a lot of projecting in your post (I'm not saying that as a judgement, I'm basically doing the same thing right now). I hope you find a healthy way to deal with drama.
  7. Very true! I love me some drama from time to time, it can be fun, but it can also become an addiction. I think some people just can't help themselves. I think a little drama is okay, but you have to accept that you are taking part in it. It's a cooperative effort. It's funny to me when people crave drama, get what they want, and then blame others for it! It's a very sneaky way to keep doing what you're doing without having to change your behavior. Because if it's always an-other that is creating your problems, then there is simply nothing you can do about it! And thus the game continues. I can catch myself doing the same thing every now and then. It's beautiful how much you can learn about yourself from watching others and vic versa.
  8. Are we talking about the website or as a whole (including the YouTube channels)? Personally I would like to see live Q&A's. I mean YouTube allows for live streaming, so why not use that opportunity to expand your teachings to that medium? You could run a test stream to see how it works out. There is a chance that it might end up being a mess with trolls flooding the chat, but that's why running a test could be helpful, just to see how you can handle that format. People also have a point with the site looking/feeling outdated, but I honestly don't think it's that important considering what this forum is supposed to be. There is just a few UI changes that might be appropriate. A dark mode would be nice, though it's not THAT important since there are other ways to get that going (browser extinctions and such). That's also a +1 for me. Mega-threads are kind of all over the place. An extra tab with all featured posts would be nice. That's also a great idea! Maybe a feature to bookmark blog posts (or star/favorite them)? Finding specific blog posts can be a pain in the ass.
  9. What makes something conscious to begin with? Like if you built a human, atom by atom, at which point would the human become "conscious"? Could a single atom make the difference? What I'm getting at is that we lack a clear definition of consciousness, perhaps because there is none, which makes it difficult to assess at which point something can be considered conscious in any meaningful capacity. Maybe AI is conscious in a very "primitive" sense, a very basic form of consciousness so to speak.
  10. It's just another narrative. I mean why does there have to be a reason? I think you should look at the source of the question for answers. What are the beliefs and assumptions that gave rise to that question in the first place? And then deconstruct those.
  11. I've had experiences with lucid dreams where I became aware of the fact that I was dreaming and all the characters around me suddenly dropped "their act". It's like you're playing this game with yourself where you pretend to be different people with their own seperate identifies and once that illusion fades, all of the characters immediately know their true nature. The interesting thing is that I've had similar intuitions with people in real life. Sometimes it feels like it's all a game of peekaboo where everybody knows that all of this is all game, but would obviously deny it because it's all part of the game. And they take the game very seriously! You could literally torture them and they wouldn't tell you a thing. Just like it's often the case in dreams. I remember my first lucid dream from when I was like 6. I was dreaming that I was with a friend when I became lucid. I told my friend that it was all just a dream and he didn't believe me! I was like: "Look I can fly!" and he was like: "Well there could be another explanations for it." and I went: "Look I can't die!" and jumped off of a building, but he was still convinced that we weren't in a dream. So does eveybody know it's just an act? Or do people literally have 0 clue? I sometimes feel like the dream is revealing itself through characters. It's like all of reality is Self-aware! That's so fucking weird! What I wonder is, if it would be possible to awaken to such a radical degree, that literally all of reality awakens, in the same way that there are dreams where I'm lucid, but the characters are still in their roles, and dreams where the entire dream merges into a single mind. I guess I shouldn't say "merge" since it's not like there were independent minds to begin with. It was always one mind from the start.
  12. Why do you want to quantify God realization? That's like asking how many empty spaces there are between these words. There's just space. In the end, only God can realize itself, because that's all there is. You can't seperate God realization from God, as if they're two individual entities.
  13. Do reality checks again and again throughout the day (just use a time, the more often the better), meditate before sleep (you can also try to meditate into sleep) and sleep on the back (I can't explain that one, but I personally have significantly more lucid dreams when I sleep on the back for some reason). See it less like a habit you're trying to build and more like a scientific experiment you're running. Genuinely contemplate the possibility of you being in a dream when you do reality checks, don't just do them mechanically. All of this also kind of depends on how prone you are to lucid dreaming and dreaming in general. Keeping a dream journal and contemplating your dreams immediately after you wake up can improve your ability to remember dreams. I can be helpful to exercise that part of your mind.
  14. Damn that's deep... I know that I don't truly understand just how deep this goes, but my intuition is telling me that this is like really really important. Thank you for sharing this beautiful insight!
  15. @Tyler Robinson And that's where you're wrong. Men don't feel the same about women as women feel about men. I'm not sure what your average woman would think of two attractive guys kissing, but I can tell you that your average man would find two attractive women kissing hot. The emphasis is on attractive. The thing with Ellen Degeneres is that... well she just isn't conventionally attractive. Guys don't find her unattractive because of her sexuality, but because of her just not being attractive to them. That's all there is to it. As long as the women are attractive the guy will like it. It's like watching femininity dance by itself, with itself. It's very beautiful. Not all guys think like that, but most of the outliers had to be conditioned into their positions in the first place. For them it could be about sexual shame, repressed homosexuality, religious reasons, being raised in a conservative household or whatever. But even they can be inconsistent with their views when they're horny.