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  1. Apparently there is a "war on cars" now. This is stage orange using conservative values to sell propaganda to a blue audience.
  2. @Intraplanetary Oh no you misunderstood me. I was making a point about how music can reflect different values. I wasn't saying that this song represents stage turquoise per se, but that it's all about how you interpret it and that there are different ways of interpreting a song and that it's highly relative (the lyrics vs the song structure for example). I do think that Jacob has a holistic understanding of music and that he dabbles in stage turquoise perspectives from time to time (from what I've seen in his interviews), but that's not the point I was making.
  3. @Intraplanetary Care to elaborate? I see holism/interconnectedness/oneness as turquoise qualities.
  4. It kind of makes sense. Music can reflect certain values. But sometimes it isn't really that clear just through the music itself. Like here is a stage turquoise example: It's not the lyrics, nor the vibe itself that make this a stage turquoise song. Jacob Collier has a HIGHLY holistic understanding of music and harmony. However, if you don't know ANYTHING about music theory, it might be hard to see just how insane his level of understanding truly is. It might actually be quiet difficult to see how this reflects stage turquoise. (Even though this one is sort of clear, I mean just the way he made all of the hundreds of vocal lines come together to form a single living and breathing song in such a seamless manor is crazy!) But with other examples it's actually quiet easy. I don't think it's difficult to see the values being reflected in this song lol
  5. @ZzzleepingBear Maybe you're right. Maybe. I don't know how limited this "physical" reality is. Maybe it isn't as limited as people think it is. Maybe you can do so much more with it than you could ever realize. Simply saying that "it can't be done" doesn't really seem like a mindset that acknowledges all the potential reality holds. It sounds very reductive and dismissive. But I might be wrong it's not like I know what I'm talking about. I'm simply trying to keep the possibilities open.
  6. Our understanding of psychology is still very primitive and often lacks the big picture vision you need in order to apply it in a strategic way. I was specifically thinking about advice focusing on building a psychological foundation for this spiritual work that we do. I believe that it could really help lots of people. I know that there are enough good channels out there that already cover these sorts of topics, but I'd like to get a more holistic big picture perspective on the human psychology. Psychology is such a foundational topic, since most (if not all) people suffer from their own psychology, that it would be beneficial for us to receive a higher perspective on stuff like for example shadow work, because taking care of such things has the power to increase the quality of your life but also to prepare your mind for deeper areas of spirituality. It can be very difficult to navigate this area of life. Receiving a little bit of guidance, from somebody who has mapped the terrain to the extent Leo has, might end up clarifying lots of things for lots of people.
  7. @m0hsen I don't believe that it can, but I also don't believe that it can't. I just see people making dualities between the material and the spiritual and making it seem as if the material world is somehow different or separate or less than, thus questioning the conclusions they arrive at.
  8. Oh I misunderstood what you've meant. I thought you were saying that a computer can't be conscious at all, not that it couldn't reach that level of consciousness. However I still must disagree because I don't see any reason for it not to be possible. The future is too uncertain to be able to make a definitive statement. (Which means that it might as well not be possible at all, I just question the certainty people bring into this conversation)
  9. But my point is that people always say that everything is consciousness and everything is infinite love, so isn't a human building a robot infinity incarnating itself into a different form just like you making a child is consciousness incarnating itself into a new experience?
  10. Why do people always say that everything is consciousness, but deny the possibility that computers will one day be able to reflect consciousness? It's not like I would know much about it, but it just sounds like one big cope.
  11. 😂😂
  12. Just because it works for you doesn't mean that it works for everybody. It's ignorant to think so. Go and tell a homeless person that "capitalism works". Tell that all the veterans who became heroin addicts after they returned with PTSD that capitalism works. Tell all the billions of people in the world who're being exploited by neo-colonialism that "it works". It doesn't work for everyone equally. It's not the worst system we've ever had, I agree with that, but it can be WAAAAAY better. It's egoic to say that it works when it CLEARLY doesn't work for so many people. It's so funny that you're talking about "objectively" proven by "reality" when that's not the case. That's some S tier privilege. Socialists ideas have made capitalism much better. Just look at the earlier days of capitalism, when people were being fired because they've gotten sick once, where you had to work for an inhumane amount of hours, where you and your children would have to starve if you got injured at work and couldn't work anymore. There was so much wrong with that system, but the people rose up and made it a little bit better, but we're not there yet. And don't get me started on all the greedy lobbyists who're slowly destroying our earth. It's a corrupt and broken system that has destroyed the lives of so many people. I don't see any reason to "conserve" it as it is. I believe that we need to progress towards a better future. One of the things that has gotten us humans so far is our ability to adept to our environment. We need to keep adapting. I believe that conservatism plays a role within all of this, so I don't blame you for being a conservative, you just do your part, but I think that you're being willingly ignorant by saying that "capitalism work". The question of whether something works doesn't have any simple yes or no answers. It's a spectrum. Newtons laws of physics work, they help us build airplanes for example, but they are not "true", as it has been proven through Albert Einsteins theory of relativity. They are true enough for air planes, but not true enough for space travel. It's a spectrum. Capitalism is better than feudalism, but thinking that we've reached a system that is "good enough" isn't true. Yes, it's true for you, but it isn't true for all the people who're suffering because of the system. One quality that I've observed with conservatives, mainly because I've heard them talk about it a lot of times, not that progressives don't have it, is their consistency. Their view that when you fall, you should just get back up and keep going. That is true. This mindset can help you face the "unknown", as you'll fall a lot of times when you can't see where you're going. But the interesting thing is that they don't apply the same mentality to broader society. We're collectively facing the unknown. The unknown is scary. We will fail a lot of times. A lot of people still have to die. That's just how things are. But sitting still and just being contempt with how things are, or wanting to go back to how things were (which isn't really conservatism, but something I'd call regressivism) doesn't strike me as the same sort of mentality. I don't denounce conservatism as it has its role in society, but personally I'd rather focus on progressing towards a better future. I'd just like to know WHY you would like to conserve the way things are? What about this reality is so good that you can't just see it getting any better? And I'm not just asking you about your life, even if you get to enjoy your Starbucks coffee, but also about all the people who's lives are being destroyed by capitalism. You and I are getting a good deal, but what about all the people living in literal slums?
  13. Can you quantify the magnitude of your question?
  14. @Farnaby Oh yeah no I shouldn't have said most people. I've met countless people like that before but they're not too common. Maybe it's just the culture I grew up in, but I've met enough people who have a literal obsession with the idea of eating meat, always talk about meat and have this psychopathic ass look in their eyes when they talk about meat and always bring up how "humans are supposed to be dominating other life forms". It's mostly very religious folks actually, but there are also non-religious people I've met who fetishize meat in that way. But perhaps I'm just overly sensitive when it comes to the suffering of animals and that's why I perceive them as such twisted and psychopathic people. I think Leo was talking about a similar thing in one of his newer episodes, I think it was called under determination problem, where 1 word will never mean the same thing to 2 different people, because people conceptualizes of words differently. However, I never liked meat. I always hated it. Same with milk and eggs. So for me it doesn't have to do (at least in the past) with how I think about it, because I didn't like it before I had even thought about it once. I naturally don't like animal products, so it's kinda hard for me to relate to others that never had a problem with meat. That's what made me think about the possibility of it being something genetic. I also don't know about the spiritual aspect. I don't see any food being spiritual/unspiritual, simply because I wouldn't know the difference. Meat could be the most spiritual food there is as far as I know. Though I won't deny the possibility that some food are just better for spiritual purposes than others. Lots of spiritual schools and practices put importance on having the right diet. Again I wouldn't be able to tell if there is some truth to it or if they're simply full of shit, so I don't really have an opinion on that.