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  1. It depends on how random is defined. We know that "random" in the context of a coin flip isn't actually not truly random. It just appears random to us because our minds can't grasp all of the factors that go into the flipping of the coin. If we said "random" as in truly random, where mutations just appeared out of nowhere, then that's an entirely different story. I don't think you're really critiquing the theory of evolution as much as you're critiquing the epistemology of materialism. You can have evolution in an intelligent universe. So evolution doesn't really deny the universe being intelligent, materialism does. You could criticize Darwin for being a materialist, but that doesn't mean that he was full of crap. His made some good observations.
  2. I'm German and I think German sounds very rough. Like look at how the 'A', 'E', 'O', 'U' and 'I' are pronounced. Germans pronounce them with a very flat tone, while other languages such as English or Spanish round them out more. I write music and I find it difficult to write smooth sounding lyrics in German while it's quiet easy in English. I hope you can hear what I mean.
  3. One could ask you the same question. Why do you care if people care? Why are you so sensitive about people being sensitive? This topic seems to trigger something in you and instead of doing what everybody does, which is to project these emotions onto others, you should sit down and confront these feelings yourself. They're yours after all. Own them and stop trying to blame others for your emotions.
  4. @JoeVolcano So is this whole journey is irrelevant in awakening? Why then do spiritual teachers create all of these practices and emphasize certain "truthful" ways of living?
  5. @Leo Gura Maybe I'm just an enlightened master playing the role of an unenlightened fool. No but for real, is unconsciousness an illusion that has to be let go of in order to attain enlightenment, or is it more like a feature of consciousness. Like does unconsciousness need to happen in order for awakening to happen? Also why does it seem like enlightenment is bound to time "I'm not enlightened right now, but maybe I'll be if I take 10g of mushrooms next Friday." These are just some perceptions and ideas I'm trying to deconstruct.
  6. The problem with enlightenment is that it's undefinable since all definition is just a small part of it. At least that's my perception of it from things others have said and reference experiences of mystical states that I had. And that's the problem. There is this perceived duality of enlightened/unenlightened. I have certain assumptions about what enlightenment means. There is the belief that this right here isn't enlightenment unfolding because I am not feeling oneness, love, nothingness, infinity and am not behaving selflessly, spontaneously, effortlessly and mindfully. But these are just my ideas of enlightenment. These are just things I project onto reality. I think that reality isn't perfect so this couldn't be perfection right now. And since this isn't perfection I am not enlightened. But that's just a perception. There is the perception of a future in which "I" will "become" "enlightened" and that this moment isn't "it" because there is this checklist of criteria that aren't being met. There are so many implicit assumptions hidden within my investigation of reality, that it feels really difficult to navigate it all. So what's up with that? How do you work towards enlightenment when you don't even know what enlightenment is? What even is the motivation of it all? I guess there are a lot of egoic reasons for me, but there is also this deeper curiosity for reality. There is this longing for... something. I don't know where that desire is pointing to. So am I really not enlightened, or is unconsciousness just a belief that could be let go of? I can't answer this question because I don't know what enlightenment means. I tried to let go of "unconsciousness", but I didn't get too deep with it. Maybe I need to try again on psychedelics.
  7. Thanks I'll have a look at all the recommendations.
  8. For example: Sometimes when I'm depressed I get the feeling that I'm simply stuck in the perspective of a depressed person and that I could be experiencing a different perspective on life right now, which would radically shift my outlook on things. But seeing this intellectually is different from experiencing the actual shift. So when I find myself stuck in a certain perspective, how do I start manifesting a shift right then and there? I could probably make a list of other perspectives, but I feel like that might just be more intellectualization which would keep me from experiencing the actual energetic shift that is required in order to truly assume that other perspective.
  9. @Mulky Wait I actually know that dude on the right. He used to do piano tutorials on YouTube. Interesting how that's what he does now. Thanks for the video.
  10. Maybe that's true. Personally I believe that there is some value in inspecting perspectives different from yours in order to better understand a thing. Again I don't want to learn HOW to learn. I want to learn more about the different perspectives people have on learning so that I can maybe expand my mind a little and generate a few new insights.
  11. Being aware of your emotions is already a good step. Let it all out. Don't feel stupid for feeling the way you do. You wouldn't call a child stupid for feeling emotions. You would give it a hug and be fully present with its suffering. So don't treat yourself any different. Sit down and be with these feelings. It's okay if it feels like too much to handle. Just sit with that. And especially if you judge yourself, be present with that judgement and don't judge yourself for judging yourself! Feel the emotions running through your body, observe where you are feeling the sensation and "hug" it with your presence and awareness. This is an important step towards developing self-love. See these feelings as an invitation by the universe to work on the relationship you have with yourself and your emotions.
  12. The search function on this site is limited due to server limitations. If you want to get around that you can just type on whatever search engine you're using (I think it should work for most if not all search engines). Putting "" at the beginning will limit search results to this site only. I thought I'd share this with y'all because it's a more comfortable way to search stuff on this site.
  13. I'm just interested in the systems behind learning. I don't want a perfect model that will show me how to learn like a master. I just want to expand my mind on the different ways learning can be approached, which is something models are great for in my opinion.
  14. How do you know that he's real and that you aren't just "imagining" him thinking that he has his own POV? Not making any statements about what's true, simply pointing out that that's also an option. Watch his video on actuality where he kind of talks about your problem.
  15. That's very true. After all Hitler could only come into power because the democratic system in Germany was very flawed and allowed him as an individual to seize full control over the country. Even today there are enough grey areas, loop-holes and exploits within the system to make fascism a real threat. I wonder if it's even possible to design a system that's resistant towards fascist ideas, or if that's just something that will come naturally as we evolve.