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  1. The intentions might be good, but I don't see how you would keep these teachings from devolving into blind religion, just like has happened in the past with different, presumably enlightened sages and teachers. One person gives their knowledge to the next and they pass it on again and eventually you end up with people believing all sorts of religious stories about heaven and hell, God being a judgmental asshole, and jesus christ being the sole personification of God, but NOBODY else!
  2. Thanks for believing in me. I really appreciate it. However joining me now is our AI correspondent ChatGPT. ChatGPT what do you think about this talk of paradox and all the AI slander?
  3. When I was a child I had a lucid dream where I was with a friend. Once I became lucid I was trying to tell my friend how we were both in a dream, but he was like "I don't think so". I climbed up a building and jumped down without dying. I said "See? Just a dream!" and he still insisted on it not being the case. I jumped in front of a car and didn't get harmed. I said "I can't die! It's just a dream!", he was still skeptical and said that this wasn't a dream. I started flying around and said "How can this not be a dream?" to which he said "Well there could be a logical explanation for all of this." (he was a very scientific and materialistic person). Oh the foreshadowing...
  4. I assume that I exist. That's an assumption. I'm not saying that I don't exist, but rather that I can't say anything about that "I" that is "existing". What does it mean to "exist" as "a" "self"? That's the running assumption. There is me, the human, existing as a separate self, or rather all the thoughts referring to "me the separate self". But how is that "me" any realer than a character in a book or a movie? How am I any realer than Luke Skywalker? Because I have "my own internal experience"? That seems like a rather arbitrary line to make. The character of Luke might not have an "internal experience", but he has still had a real world influence. Maybe he doesn't have the same relationship to existence as a physical person, but why does it matter if his "existence" has actual consequences in the "real" world? He has probably inspired a lot of children, people dress like him and swing around toy light sabers, he probably made people cry and feel all sorts of emotions. So how can "I" claim to "exist" any more than "that"? Maybe that's where non-duality comes in, in that you collapse the duality between "self" and "other" to arrive back at "existence" (Joke is you never arrived because you've never left). True Existence. But that's also an assumption. That there is a true existence as opposed to a false existence. What if there merely is Existence and it is whatever it is? That seems like the simplest answer. Ironically this would answer everything and nothing alike. There still appears to be a human searching for answers, who simultaneously wants to end his seeking. I want to stop seeking, but I'm fucking addicted to that shit. It's like you're punching yourself and you want to stop punching yourself so you keep punching yourself some more in order to eventually arrive at a point where you can stop punching yourself. You're trying to stop the questions with questions.
  5. Okay alright where do I start this? I actually don't know where to start. There are so many things to say and think about. There is so much to explore and so much to see. So many different possible experiences. Yet I am not experiencing what I want to be experiencing. I am experiencing so many problems that I don't want be to experiencing. Maybe I am experiencing them because I have to experience them? I don't know and couldn't tell, but that isn't important. The most important thing is that I am scared of the experience of having to take responsibility. Responsibility for myself and those around me. Responsibility for these problems that I am facing. Think about it. These problems aren't unique to my being. They aren't confined to the "me". "My" problems keep affecting others and "their" problems keep affecting me. Maybe these are problems of the collective consciousness and I just keep "channeling" them unconsciously. Like a mirror that' reflects an image. I am reflecting the world back to itself. And that takes it back to the topic of responsibility. I should start taking responsibility for the things I reflect back into the world. I can be reflecting negative things or positive things. I can be reflecting lower levels of consciousness or higher levels of consciousness. Just like the eightfold path: It's probably time that I start reflecting positive things out into the world. I have a lot of negative habits but they can change. I can start developing positive habits that improve life for me, but also the world around me. That's the thought that feels the best. Creating a positive world. It doesn't matter if it's a realistic goal or not. What matters is that I start taking responsibility for myself. If I want to change the world I have to change myself first. I have to reflect a good image back into the world. Hope doesn't die unless we let it. If you can carry hope within yourself, you can also carry that hope into the hearts of others. It's like you're carrying a torch on. If 1 person can affect 2 people, 2 people can affect 4 people. And if 4 People can affect 8 people, 8 people can affect 16 people! I hope that I can carry it into the heart of at least 1 person. Because then my hope will live on. And maybe that can be a step towards creating the world that I'd like to see. Even if it's just a nano step. I might be scared of this responsibility, but that's fine. There are so many ways to deal with this fear and I'm sure that I'll find one of them (if not more).
  6. "What I know is that I don't know" That's something I've heard often, but do I actually UNDERSTAND what that means? What is "not knowing"? What is "ignorance"? What's True? Not just apparently true, but TRUE! I appear to not know that. I appear to be ignorant. A small little stupid monkey on a spinning rock. But this is just what appears to be true. Even though it appears to be true, it doesn't change the fact that I still don't seem to know. When people say "I know that I don't know" they seek security in that knowing. But what is it like to actually not know? Imagine not even knowing that you don't know? Is that even possible? I mean can God truly "not know" something, or is does God "know" at all times? You could obviously say that I am God being a human that doesn't know, but is that even true or is it just a game that I'm playing for my own entertainment? Am I just acting right now? I'm a real good actor if I am. I've managed to convince even myself of my act. And when I'm talking about myself I'm talking about you too! Unless you can see though this act. Shout out to you!
  7. Why call the absolute anything but absolute is what I'm wondering. Are you talking about absolute love, or is this "alien love" a facet/dimension of the absolute. What confuses me is how "alien love" relates to "absolute love". Is it one and the same? Why change the language (especially when the language is going to be insufficient in communicating this aspect of reality one way or the other)
  8. When you say that I am God and I just chose to forget it, so that I could experience what it's like not to be God, then what is that forgetting? How is that being done? Does God create through forgetting? I mean I should already be everything. I am a squirrel, but I must not know what it's like to be a squirrel in order to know what it's like to be a human, because how could a human know what it's like to be a squirrel? Ironically one of the paths to this seems to be to forget all of the human stuff. Removing old beliefs and making space for actual understanding. But that seems to be just the ground work of what you are pointing towards. Any input is appreciated.
  9. Yeah I've asked the same question (roughly) before and I didn't get any answers. I could figure some things out for myself, but it's a slow process. Just sit down with these apparent sensations/energies and see where it gets you. You shouldn't rely on other peoples advice too much, because it should be seen as a kind of science, where you just sit down and see what actually happens. What happens if you focus on this point for 5 minutes? 15? 30? 1 hour? What happens if you focus on it while you're in bed trying to fall asleep? Nothing might happen, something might happen, I don't know. You're own direct experience is an infinite gold mine of understanding. Ask it.
  10. When I try to locate my thinking process it directs me to something you might call the crown shakra. I'm hesitant to call it that, but for me it doesn't just feel like it's happening where the brain would be, but it rather feels like a small energetic flame/tornado that is dancing on top of my head. So somehow there is an energetic connection or tunnel between the apparent inside of my mind and an apparent outside. But don't ask me what that means. I have no clue. All I know is that that point is the easiest point of mediation (at least for me) to get into a state of no-mind.
  11. I watched an episode of SpongeBob on shrooms and it was the funniest shit ever. I'm convinced that they didn't make this shit for children, but for stoners and psychonauts.
  12. This moment is infinitely fast! No delay at all! It's right here, right now. It's unfolding at an infinite rate, though you can't even call it an unfolding because it's happening so fast that there is no form to it. And yet there is a form to this formlessness. It doesn't make any sense at all! And it doesn't have to for it doesn't serve your tiny little human mind. You think that a human could ever OWN MIND? For themselves? A cosmic joke! What's observing the world through "my" eyes is exactly what's observing it from "your" eyes as well, the joke being that there is no "my eyes, your eyes". There is only I! HAHAHA It's so ingenious! I just wanted to let this rant out into the world. Call it a fart of consciousness.
  13. Recognize your own language. Humanity IS hard to love? Is that some fundamental quality of existence itself? Is humanity inherently difficult to love? Try to be more conscious in how you talk about these things to others, but even more importantly to yourself. Instead of saying humanity is difficult to love you could say "It feels so difficult to love humanity". This way you acknowledge the difficulty that you perceive in loving others, but you also acknowledge that this perceived difficulty is just that: A perception. A feeling. A subjective experience that you're having right now. That doesn't mean that this feeling is wrong, just that it could be subject to change. This will create a little opening for love to blossom. This is usually easier to realize when you're not stuck in that experience right now. Sometimes I get depressed and during that depressive episode it can seem difficult to be open towards other possibilities. So I might have thoughts like "life sucks". Right now I'm aware of how that's a subjective experience I have when I'm depressed, but acknowledging this when I'm actually going through a depressive episode feels incredibly painful and difficult to do. So the first step is to notice the language you use when talking to yourself, the second step is to contemplate more inclusive/loving ways of putting these issues into words and the third step is to remain aware of how you talk to yourself and choosing more loving language while you're actually going through these experiences and emotions. That's just what I would do. Use this if it resonates.
  14. Thanks I'll have a look at it! It's funny how little humans have changed. Just replace Hitler and the Jews with any two groups of people that hate each other and you basically end up in the same conundrum. You have progressives making videos on Andrew Tate debates, roasting him for getting "utterly destroyed" in the debate, while conservatives will make a video on the same debate and say that Andrew Tate "totally dominated" the other participants. It's an interesting game to observe. I actually just found out that there is a version available to the public online.
  15. I'm actually interested in reading the book, because I want to find out more about the psychology of someone like Hitler. The human mind taken to it's extremes is something that I'm curious about, since there is a lot you can learn from observing extremes. Hitlers mind must've been a pretty extreme environment so I'd just like to have an insight into how such a mind works. But I'm not sure if that book is really going to give me a coherent insight into the workings of his mind, or if it's just going to a bunch of mad rambling. Maybe it's going to be interesting either way? Have any of you read that book? Did it help you get a better understanding of Hitler. I'm talking about understanding in relation to his psychology, not his political views per se (though both honestly probably go hand in hand).
  16. I've been accessing such things recently. I cried a lot and got a lot of trauma out of my system. I felt utterly miserable, but my awareness felt like a warm blanket of love that was wrapped tightly around me, so it was okay to feel that way. I felt suicidal thoughts and I felt like it was okay. I even called a friend and talked to them about these thoughts and cried myself out to her, which is something that I would've never done even just 2 years ago. What I did was just to start talking myself more consciously and paying close attention to my thoughts. At a certain point I enter this state of flow where words just move through me. It doesn't feel like I'm accessing knowledge from my human mind, but like I'm tapping into some river of deeper understanding, where the knowing is just flowing through my very being. That was actually an interesting discovery to make. It feels like some form of meditation. The way I start is by sitting down and simply understanding. I sit down and ask myself "How would I feel if I understood everything?". Then I sit with this feeling and after a while I actually move deeper into this understanding. Then I just listen to the words that arise from this understanding. I honestly don't know what any of this is, or means, or where it will take "me", but it has been an interesting transformation nonetheless. Glad to see it being mirrored back to me through this post!
  17. What is the experience of such distinctions and assumptions?
  18. Wouldn't reading third party biographies defeat the purpose of the book as a more direct path to his mind? @RebornConsciousness Where are you from? I'm asking because I want to know which language you read it in. I live in Germany so I could read it in it's original language, but I'm not sure how much of a difference that would make in terms of coherence. That's interesting. Did you gather that from reading the book? A lot of times propaganda can happen on a subconscious level too, in the sense that someone can come to a certain belief and then pass that belief on to other people who then keep passing it on to the next generation and so on. At a certain point people are simply holding these beliefs without even knowing who they really got it from originally. So I see that also playing a big part in his psyche.
  19. @Bazooka Jesus Weed hahah
  20. @Israfil @Yimpa The party has just started!
  21. @Razard86 Plz do not laugh. This is serious!
  22. Plz Leo Gura delete all the posts on this forum because they're ALL my accounts. I just want them to disappear. Plz
  23. Used it in the past, saw myself getting addicted to it, immediately dropped it and never used it again. It's really dangerous. But I'm thankful for the value it added to my life. It makes you more confident, not like in a drunk confident kind of sense (which is that your senses are so numbed out that you aren't really conscious of what you're doing), but actually and authentically confident. Sometimes in the past I'd get drunk and do things I ended up regretting, because I wasn't actually confident, but just numbed out, but I've never felt any retrospective embarrassment from anything I did on coke. So it helped me see that I do have confidence present within me, but unlike other people who get stuck using cocaine I also saw the dangers and pitfalls of the drug and that there were other natural ways to attain that level of confidence and energy.
  24. It feels like the line between it being creepy and it being hot is very thin. The other day I saw another guy say something along the lines of "I like to see you shake it baby" to a woman walking by. I thought that she would in no way find that hot, but she actually turned around to him and laughed. That was actually quiet an interesting insight. Fast forward a week or so and I'm at this club. I drank just enough alcohol to be in this beautiful state of flow. I'm dancing and talking to people and having a fun time. I notice this woman eyeing me from time to time. I was just making eye contact with her a few times (I didn't approach her because I'm trying to focus on the basics right now, which is to learn how to make proper eye contact which is what I was doing that at the night club). At one point she walks past me and I'm like (in a funny accent) "Damn you look so beautiful". She completely ignored that and didn't seem to be interested in my remark. As I look after her I notice that she's got a beautiful ass! So I did what I would've never done in a sober state, because I wouldn't have thought that it could work and would've felt like a weirdo instead, which is to just say what I thought in that moment out loud. I said (in the same funny accent): "But god damn your ass makes you even more beautiful!", to which she (and her friend) actually reacted by turning around and giggling. She said: "Hehe thank you!" and her face lit up. Like she actually liked that? The hell? I think it worked because I was just saying my thoughts out loud without expecting anything back in return. It was just a very authentic moment for me. Later that night I saw another woman dancing. As I walked past her I just tried a similar thing, which was to smile and tell her that her body was really hot (which it was). She also liked that! She smiled at me, looked me up and down and said that mine was hot too! I probably could've initiated something right then and there, but I didn't really feel in the mood for that, so I smiled said: "Thanks" and kept going on. This was such an eye opening experience, because it showed me that there actually IS a right time and place to make remarks such as this. But that's the point. I was in a night club and there already is sexual energy (and alcohol) in the air. I also feel like I was smooth and chill enough to not have it be creepy. If I had been very tense and serious (like if I hadn't done the funny accent) it might not have had the same effect. I was just totally feeling my energy. Now that brings me back to the first part. The guy who made a remark about a random woman walking down the street. I feel like it's easy to do this in a socially uncalibrated way where you just make the woman feel uncomfortable and creeped out by your vibe. So how do you manage to toe this line? I feel like these were some of the most powerful responses I've gotten from giving women random compliments, and it felt very freeing because it came from such an authentic place. It just felt good for me and the women. And that's what I want, because being able to make them feel good makes me feel good. But I realize that you can't do this to any woman at any time in any place. The vibes have to be right. So how do you know when it's appropriate to do so and when it's not? Does it just happen with experience? Do you have to burn yourself a couple of times before you can get it right? I don't want a woman to start making a scene (which would be understandable if I did it in an uncalibrated way).