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  1. “Trans” people can live just like anybody else does. I don’t think they need anything more. They are protected from violence and sexual harassment just like we are. They have the ability to work and make a living… how the hell is this one of the biggest issues for many liberals?
  2. Pew research from 2021 claimed 1.6 million. Does that mean anything to you?
  3. Where is the science behind trans?
  4. Don’t trans people already have enough rights? and why can’t parents teach their kids about sex when they feel comfortable?
  5. Y’all don’t think a wall and other measures would discourage at least some of the countlesss illegals trying to cross? It would stop those with children at the very least which would probably end up being millions.. right?
  6. There is no wall in much of the southern border…. And many people who aren’t supposed to pass through are coming through. Common sense says there should be a wall there. Why shouldn’t we build one?
  7. I agree. We should be focusing on basic family values, math and science, English, maybe Spanish, basic history etc.
  8. Are they getting more curious because of their environment?
  9. Aren’t Trans people protected from violence like the rest of us? why are we debating about teaching kids what trans is? This is honestly outrageous from the perspective of the right.
  10. I don’t understand the big debate around Trans people and Trans kids… why is it such a big deal that they have equal access to everything? I understand that this is a “sd stage green” issue but I was hoping someone would explore the logic of this issue with me. is it just to troll the right?
  11. Russia doesn’t get to set boundaries or get taken seriously. And now we can see their true face again. They are scum and now they are going to crumble.
  12. I’d be more concerned with your depression. Is there a major career, lifestyle, or social-life change that God is asking you to make?
  13. If you are looking for friends- look for your life purpose/careerpath or go to church. If you are looking for a good woman- go to church. If you are looking for a fuck- go ahead, party…
  14. A bear? She couldn’t even take Bahkmut in eight months!!! Russia is going to hell! Nobody can match the awesome power of the United States. The Ukrainians were trained by our National Gaurd and now Taiwan is receiving the same trouble. China is shaking.
  15. What are you looking the change specifically? Or what are you looking to obtain specifically?