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  1. I haven't finished the LP course I don't know. Initial thoughts something like personal development in the form of WWOOF hosting or something and maybe "having a woman" could actually multiply if I'm man enough for her and she has vision, not just some underdeveloped chick.
  2. Is having a girlfriend that believes in or has a very similar life purpose completely fantasy land? Give it to me straight leo lol
  3. When can we expect advanced health and diet/medicine videos? @Leo Gura
  4. Lol brotha… it’s an authentic desire trust me. Forget about it though. I came back to forgiveness.. hope I can stay here and be more here. This was cry for help, thanks for being there. Hope you all get better too.
  5. Too empathetic means ability to be influenced by another source. I want to become completely detached and able to destroy etc.25 Hawaii
  6. I am thinking of becoming detached from sensations of suffering and empathy to other beings and training capacity to be swift, violent, and vicious little by little. I figure if I can build up tolerance very slowly with these videos, i barely have tolerance now, I'm too empathetic. And if I take 5-meo too and train fighting, killing chickens for my friend who sells chickens etc. then my red will be stronger than the average mother fucker.
  7. Good idea? anyone tried?
  8. oh. so when you mentioned integrating the development of them in sd purple vid(?) and I think another video it was just theoretically and you haven't experienced any of them? I'm surprised by you saying you don't, I assumed you would since you said those words in a video before
  9. HI @Leo Gura when can we expect some psychic ability videos? And if you feel it's needed too can we get a new and improved feminine/masculine video with some advice and insights etc.?
  10. feel like the most practical use of spiral dynamics model is to more easily see how the world actually is perfect and Beautiful...fuck man
  11. @Evil Raccoon way different bro because green is still a tier one stage meaning it follows an ideology dogmatically, yellow is way more relativistic and imagine turquoise is something even beyond that
  12. Only until what your ignoring starts to effect your life negatively
  13. I was thinking last night LP can be a career that is serving any stage and it's agenda as long as the individual is embodying love and promoting the healthy aspects of all stages. The fact that SD is just a model has come back to me and it feels so much less relevant than just being a loving and present being. Is it more important to pursue no-mind than to bother thinking about a model once we have a firm grasp on it? When I see a healthy or "beautiful" version of a color it makes me realize how lovable and centered around love they all are. And I think that unhealthy versus healthy aspects are arising from no love versus love. So it feels like the model has just become irrelevant because there's just no time in the present moment, living my life to think about SD rather than merge with whatever consciousness that is around me while being subconsciously aware of the spiral and knowing that I'm living for love and progression... Just give it up until it's relevant I guess; kinda made a thought form out of SD, went a little crazy over it haha