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  1. @trenton that’s great information. do you know where in the law I can see like how school is funded etc?
  2. @Emerald can you source that information?
  3. Is this factual or propaganda? Can anyone help clear this up for me? it states that education inequality claims fail to mention federal funding and that education per student has been about equal since 1972…. I have watched videos opposite of this too. Unfortunately my actual studying skills are not as great as my YouTube learning skills. Help
  4. You will be sorry. I will be gone.
  5. Can we think of a game that can be suggested to play when two codependents are mingling in an unhealthy way to get them to become aware of space?
  6. @Tyler Robinson what are your “compulsions”?
  7. Making playlists has been life-changing for me. I’ve always loved music. I suggest you give it a try. You can make a mixtape of your all time favorites or whatever you want. It’s fun.
  8. Never mind- I’ve just discovered the term “emotional flashbacks” that helps me make the distinction I needed to
  9. @Tyler Robinson right. But you are thinking about the time right? So you know what you are flashing back to? Like if I just have emotions stronger than the stimulus that is “causing” them, ya know-overreacting and kind of being confused by it and losing control… is that considered a “flashback” in clinical terms?
  10. ^^^ or social phobia? Or C-PTSD I am wondering how I can overcome what I would call a monster of a demon that is my anxiety I’ve identified with for years. It’s not me- But I don’t know how to talk myself down and to actually stay down. Experiences? Advice? “Knowledge”?
  11. @Tyler Robinson so you’re consciously thinking and remembering specific things. Is that right? and is that what the mean by flashbacks in “clinical” terms?