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  1. If we create reality by what we focus on, if we are focusing on this evil pedophelia cabal, are we manifesting that evil into the world or are we shining light on the evil that already exists?
  2. @lmfao I think exaggeration of karma is a good way of thinking about it. I have always felt we too the terms too literal. I believe we create heaven or hell with every decision we make in real time, the “end OF time” would fit into that pretty well, if time doesn’t exist, we can’t go anywhere when it ends, we can only create it in the moment. Perhaps when humanit realizes that time does not exist, it creates such chaos to where the voice becomes much more obvious. We will have the choice to become nihilistic and creat he’ll for ourselves or choose heaven ??‍♂️
  3. Could the “end times” be an incorrect translation of the “end of time” as in humanity learns that time is a figment of our memory and imagination?
  4. I’ve only ever done pickup once on mushrooms and if you have experience with them they could be very beneficial, you see right through what people are saying. All micro expressions are amplified
  5. I have been spending time in nature doing pretty extreme orienteering with my girlfriend while Practicing psychedelics for a couple years now. The insights into evolutionary psychology are undeniable. When you are in raw nature and your life is on the line at times, pickup fundamentals have a whole new meaning. Pickup skills are survival skills at their core
  6. There will be some kind of reset, the battle is over who decides what that looks like
  7. Regarding my locked post, Yellow does not imply any inherent morality. There is good and evil within every level of the spiral. If you think yellow is “better” or pure, you don’t understand SD and are certainly below yellow ??‍♂️ The ego changes as it goes up levels, it doesn’t truly dissolve
  8. Trump is a systems thinker on par with any other, I think he is a stage yellow ??‍♂️ Might trigger some of you but I also don’t think that yellow implies any kind of moral judgement, I also don’t think trump is immoral, just sayin ?
  9. @Leo Gura wouldn’t destruction of the entire planet and society be infinite love? If death is infinite love? But then we will get bored with infinite love and start the whole spiral over ??‍♂️
  10. We all know that the spiral doesn’t go any higher because we don’t know what higher civilizations look like, perhaps it’s because they destroy themselves and restart the process. Eric Weinstein has an idea I’m his theory of everything that I think might be related. He uses the Hopf Fibration to explain some concepts that are way over my head but the pattern it makes is a spiral that cycles back around in itself. Do you think the spiral restarts and that’s why we don’t know what’s above it? Perhaps each time it restarts it goes up another level before cycling back around?
  11. I have a stubborn ego problem that I haven’t been able to squash. My business partner and I make a great combo and have very complimentary skills, I couldn’t really ask for a better partner. The only issue that keeps coming up is that he is older and more established than me so people always assume that it is his business and that I am an employee. He used to be my boss and I left to start my business and was able to talk him into joining me 3 years later. I did all the work to build the business but knew it would benefit from his involvement. I made some decisions that involved putting my ego aside like giving him the sales end of things that really trigger my ego now. I know this is all pathetic ego BS but I can’t help myself, sometimes my little bastard of an ego tries convincing me to burn the whole thing to the ground or walk away and start my own thing all over again, I sometimes catch myself having similarly self destructive thoughts that I find are related to this. I find it hard sometimes to take pride in the company when I don’t get the pride myself. This all makes me feel very weak, I can usually squash this type of thing quite easily but this ones a doozy
  12. @Matt23 interesting! Is the book worth reading? My cabinetry business is a refacing company so we are very green, I estimate the business has kept about half a million lbs of wood out of the landfill over the last 5 years @LfcCharlie4 haha I agree! No frutatian solar cafes for me!
  13. I think any business can be done consciously. I own a cabinet company and putting the customer first and and actually treating them with love is a radical idea. Every other cabinet shop I know of has an adversarial relationship with their clients. You can put them first above profit and still make money.
  14. @JustThinkingAloud @Average Investor thanks guys, good advice, setting up an LLC sounds like the best method
  15. @JustThinkingAloud for easy math, let’s say the purchase price of the home is 300,000 and the renovation cost is 30,000. 2 of the people co-sign on a mortgage and each invest 10,000 for the Reno’s. Would you still split the income by 3? Perhaps the two splitting the mortgage should get a little extra for taking in the risk?